Nitrogen, time of planting and spacing trial


Gatooma Research Station, Department of Research and Specialist Services, Rhodesia Rhodesia, Department of Research and Specialist Services, Gatooma Research Station Annual report for the year October 1971 to September 1972: 9-12

Accession: 000146303

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In irrigated trials at (a) Gatooma, with cotton cv. Albar given 60-120 kg N/ha and at (b) Panmure, with cv. Del Cerro given 50-200 kg N/ha, each sown on 21 Oct., 11 Nov. or 2 Dec. at within-row spacings of 0.15, 0.23 or 0.3 m, seed cotton yields were highest in Nov.-sown plots, 3.16 and 4.31 t/ha at (a) and (b), respectively. Yields at (a) were significantly affected by sowing date only, but at (b), in addition to the effects of sowing date, N application induced a linear response and within-row spacing a quadratic response in yield.