On the discovery of the intermediate hosts of the nematode Subulura suctoria (Molin, 1860) Railliet et Henry, 1912

Sultanov, M.A.; Kabilov, T.

Doklady Akademii Nauk Uzbekskoi SSR 3: 63-64


Accession: 000151731

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Subulura suctoria is a nematode parasite of domestic fowls and other birds. Its intermediate hosts in the Soviet Union have not hitherto been reported, although elsewhere 15 species of Coleoptera, Blattaria, Dermaptera and Orthoptera have been incriminated. In 1967, larvae of S. suctoria were found in 4 of 505 examples of Adesmia lehmanni biseriata Rttr. (A. biseriata) and 1 of 81 examples of A. lehmanni septemcostata Rttr. (A. septemcostata) collected in the Namangan region of Uzbekistan (Soviet Union). In 1966-71, they were found in 2 of 123 examples of A. jugalis gracilenta Rttr. (A. gracilenta) and 282 of 577 examples of Blaps oblonga Kraatz collected in the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan. Most of the larvae were encapsulated. Notes are given on their appearance and distribution in the tissues of the beetle. Larvae that were fed to chicks 2-3 weeks old caused massive infections 56 days later.