Opinions of farmers and farmers' wives in Salland and Twente on their occupation and farms

Linden, P. van der

Bedrijfsontwikkeling 5(6): 493-496


Accession: 000153402

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A survey in 1971 among 280 farmers in Salland and Twente, Netherlands, showed that the most unsatisfactory aspect of farming for most of those questioned (49 per cent.) was being tied to the job, followed by low income (30 per cent.), little free time (21 per cent.), high risks (18 per cent.) and irregular work (11 per cent.). Some 57 per cent. of farmers but only 52 per cent. of their wives were satisfied with their income; 58 per cent. of farmers were dissatisfied as regards free time. 74 per cent. said they would not change their occupation under any circumstances, however. 44 per cent. planned to expand their dairy herds, but mostly by only 5-9 cows. The findings are compared with thoose of a similar survey in Friesland.