Part-time and spare-time farming in Westphalia-Lippe. Results of a representative inquiry in 1971

Ott, R.; Klein, J.

Die Zu und Nebenerwerbslandwirtschaft in Westfalen Lippe Ergebnisse der Reprasentativerhebung 1971: 119


Accession: 000156010

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The study is based on a questionnaire to 1,200 part-time and spare-time farmers with over 5 ha. agricultural land in 1971 who also took part in a socio-economic farm survey in 1969/70. Some 120 farms of less than 5 ha. are included for comparison. The aim is to show the changes that have occurred in the 2 years in the farms and what intentions the farmers, their family members, and particularly their heirs have about the professional and employment situation and prospects of agriculture. The main section deals with the present position of the spare-time and part-time farms (structure, income, family, non-agricultural activities), future intentions of farmers and successors about farm changes, and data and farm experience since 1969. The average farm income was DM 6500, though there were very considerable regional differences. Too high labour inputs combined with too low hourly earnings caused bad farm organization.