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Chapter 159

Persistence of Azodrin residues on and in Valencia oranges and in laboratory-processed citrus pulp cattle feed

Westlake, W.E.; Gunther, F.A.; Jeppson, L.R.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 18(5): 864-865


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8561
PMID: 5474246
DOI: 10.1021/jf60171a008
Accession: 000158810

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Residues of the new pesticide monocrotophos (Azodrin), were determined in California on and in Valencia oranges and in citrus pulp cattle feed prepared from the treated fruit. The residue half-life for the high- and low-volume treatments (10 lb in 2000 US gal/acre or 1 lb in 100 US gal/acre) was 13 and 16 days, respectively. Washing the fruit 12 days after treatment had little effect on the residue, indicating rapid penetration of the insecticide into the rind. Residues did not survive processing into citrus pulp cattle feed. The high-volume treatment resulted in traces of persisting residues in the edible portion of the fruit.

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