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Chapter 161

Phosphorus nutrition of beef cattle. 1. Effect of supplementation on liveweight of steers and digestibilty of diet

Cohen, R.D.H.

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 12(58): 455-459


Accession: 000160137

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1. The effect of P supplement on liveweight and digestibility of the diet was studied in 2 experiments with beef bullocks at Grafton, New South Wales. In one experiment, 3 groups of 15 grazed a pasture deficient in P and N throughout the year and were given no supplement or 35 or 70 g P each week for 12 months. The P supplements did not affect liveweight. In the second experiment, 5 pairs of bullocks were fed individually on a P-deficient diet to which urea, molasses and minerals were added.

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