Section 1
Chapter 161

Phosphorus nutrition of beef cattle. 3. Effect of supplementation on the phosphorus content of blood and on the phosphorus and calcium contents of hair and bone of grazing steers

Cohen, R.D.H.

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 13(65): 625-629


DOI: 10.1071/ea9730625
Accession: 000160139

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For part 2 see NAR 44, 1313. 3. The effect of supplement of 35 or 70 g P/week on the Ca and P contents of bone and hair was studied in bullocks grazing carpet grass (Axonopus affinis) pasture of low P content in New South Wales. The supplements did not affect plasma inorganic P. P in hair was not affected by dietary P or season. Ca in hair was not influenced by pasture Ca but was most in summer and least in winter.

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