Planting date of potatoes as a main crop in the Olsztyn province. 2. Effect of different planting dates on potato yield, size and quality

Paprocki, S.; Kondratowicz, J.

Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych 99(3): 139-147


Accession: 000162906

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In field trials in 1967-70 potatoes cv. Epoka, Fita, Flisak, Uran and Wyszoborski were planted (a) at the time of sowing summer cereals, (b) 15 days after (a), or (c) 15 days after (b). Tuber yields for Epoka (33.7-34.2 t/ha) and Flisak (33.5-34.6 t) were similar for all planting dates. Fita gave maximum yields in (a) and (b) (37.5 and 39.5 t tuber/ha), compared with 35.3 t in (c). Uran yielded 37.2, 37.6 and 32.9 t tubers/ha in (a), (b) and (c), respectively, and Wyszoborski yielded 35.8 t/ha in (a) compared with 33.2 t in (b) and 29.9 t in (c). Data on the DM, starch and protein contents of tubers are presented.