Section 1
Chapter 173

Proposals for a directive about farming in mountain areas and other disadvantaged areas


Vorschlag einer Richtlinie uber die Landwirtschaft in Berggebieten und in bestimmten anderen benachteiligten Gebieten: 28


Accession: 000172095

The following assistance is proposed for particularly disadvantaged farming regions: (1) compensation payment for farms over 3 ha. of between DM74 and 185 per ha. or per large animal unit, on undertaking to continue farming for a further 5 years; (2) relaxing of the conditions for receiving support as a farm capable of development (directive 72/159/EEC) through (a) higher help with investment, (b) allowing for non-farming income up to 50 per cent. of total income, (c) including the compensation payment in the calculated income in the farm development programme. The criteria for delineating these special assistance areas are; (1) possession of adequate infrastructure (roads, water, power); (2) average farm income up to 2/3 of the national farm income; (3) predominantely extensive livestock areas; (4) thinly populated with a trend to further depopulation.

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