Section 1
Chapter 184

Results and prospects of some models of herbaceous cropping systems. Rotations and specialized cropping

Lanza, F.

Annali dell' Istituto Sperimentale Agronomico 2(2): 299-312


Accession: 000183911

The effects of the introduction of new cropping systems are discussed. A fodder rotation of oats and sorghum yielded 13 t green matter and 3.7 t DM/ha. On the lowland Molza farm, new and application of fertilizers increased lucerne yields to a maximum of 20 t/ha with L202, while maize hybrids yielded 10 t fodder/ha and sorghum 15 t/ha. A rotation of Italian ryegrass followed by maize yielded up to 20 t green matter/ha.

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