Results of experiments on the use of herbicides in lucerne seed production

Szczepaniak, M.; Mezynski, L.

Nowe Rolnictwo 23(17): 7-8


Accession: 000184353

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With application of herbicides in the autumn, seed yields of lucerne ranged from 566 g/100 m2 with 4 kg Gesatop 50 /ha to 1084 g with 6 kg Kerb Mix-B/ha. With spring application of herbicides, seed yields ranged from 525 g/100 m2 with 4 kg simazine/ha to 1289 g with 4 kg Etazin A-2591/ha. Seed yields were 871-834 g/100 m2 in the unsprayed controls. Data on germination rates and hard seededness are also presented.