Section 1
Chapter 190

Seeding rate, time of sowing and fertilizers for subterranean clover seed production

Quinlivan, B.J.; Devitt, A.C.; Francis, C.M.

Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture and Animal Husbandry 13(65): 681-684


DOI: 10.1071/ea9730681
Accession: 000189847

In 2 trials in 1969-70 on a sandy soil in Western Australia, seed production of subterranean clover when sown as a commercial crop was greatly influenced by rate and date of sowing and rate of applied P. Early (Apr.) sowing, high P rates up to 600 kg/ha and high sowing rates up to 24 kg/seed/ha all increased seed set, but the main effect was that of early sowing. Time of sowing interacted with P rates, the time of sowing differences being only fully expressed at high P rates.

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