Seedling reactions of corn hybrids to Helminthosporium leaf spot

Hooker, A.L.

Plant Disease Reporter 58(11): 975-977


Accession: 000189894

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Data are presented for 87 hybrids on the reaction to inoculation with H. (Cochliobolus) carbonum, or isolates resembling it. Reaction was assessed in terms of lesion size. Small lesions were generally dominant, especially in hybrids derived from the inbreds H95, Mo12 and R177. Some three-way or double-cross hybrids showed a mixed reaction, suggesting genetic segregation. Some hybrids possessed the gene Ht for resistance to Trichometasphaeria turcica, but this did not appear to influence reaction to C. carbonum. Single-cross hybrids tested in reciprocal combinations reacted similarly, indicating no cytoplasmic influence. Data obtained for lesion sizes showed that 87 maize hybrids in the seedling stage varied in reaction to inoculation with an H. sp. [RPP 53, 139, 3944]. Small lesion size of inbred parents tended to be dominant to large lesion size in hybrids. Some 3 way or double cross hybrids were mixed for disease reaction.