Seedling resistance of oat assortment to oat crown rust . II. Reaction to the second group of physiologic races identified in Czechoslovakia

Sebesta, J.

Vedecke Prace Vyzkumnych Ustavu Rostlinne Vyroby v Praze Ruzyni 17: 181-188


Accession: 000189896

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Cultures of races 201, 203/216, 214?, 229 and 265 were used to screen 130 varieties. Dodge, Garland and Minnesota Oat Selection 643114 were resistant to all. The resistance to races 229 and 201, found in Rodney, Bage Sel. 364 Klein and Buck 152, is conditioned by a different gene from that governing resistance to race 229 in Garry and some related varieties. The Czechoslovak race 203/216 appeared to be different from the race 216 studied by Futrell and Rivers.