Sequence comparison of human pituitary growth hormone, human chorionic somatomammotropin, and ovine pituitary growth and lactogenic hormones

Bewley, T.A.; Dixon, J.S.; Li, C.H.

International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research 4(4): 281-287


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8377
PMID: 4675454
Accession: 000191161

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A comparison of the primary structure of human pituitary growth hormone, human chorionic somatomammotrophin, ovine pituitary lactogenic hormone and ovine pituitary growth hormone indicated that all 4 molecules have evolved from a common ancestor. Ovine pituitary lactogenic hormone appears to have diverged from the other 3 proteins, and to have evolved independently over a relatively long period of time. Cross comparisons, intended to detect the presence of compact and mutually exclusive sequence segments that might be specifically correlated with the 2 types of biological activities of these hormones, were unsuccessful.