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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 195

Chapter 195 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kondo, E.S.; Huntley, G.D., 1973:
Smaller European elm bark beetle found in Ottawa

Thomas, J.B., 1971:
Smaller European elm bark beetle found in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Jibi Dima, S.A., 1974:
Smallholder farm development through intermediate technology: preliminary results

Collier, W.; Suhud, T.W., 1972:
Smallholder rubber production and marketing (in Indonesia)

Barlow, C., 1972:
Smallholder rubber: a comment

Jaworski, E., 1973:
Smallholders' prime costs involved in the sale of agricultural produce

Anonymous, 1973:
Smallholdings of the coconut triangle. A case study of the husbandry of 245 smallholdings (below 10 acres) in Colombo, Kurunegala and Puttalam districts

Baxby, D., 1972:
Smallpox-like viruses from camels in Iran

Gilmer, W.D., 1974:
Smallwood harvesting, debarking, and chipping

Stark, R.W.; Cobb, R.W.J., 1969:
Smog injury, root diseases and bark beetle damage in ponderosa pine

Norum, R.A., 1974:
Smoke column height related to fire intensity

Farrow, C.S., 1975:
Smoke inhalation in the dog: current concepts of pathophysiology and management

Horii, J., 1974:
Smoked cuttlefish

Beasley, J.D., 1969:
Smoking and oral moniliasis

Anderson, R.C.; Gibson, J.A., 1974:
Smoking mixture

Garvey, A.J.; Bosse, R.; Seltzer, C.C., 1974:
Smoking, weight change, and age: a longitudinal analysis

Hugon, J.S.; Maestracci, D.; Menard, D., 1972:
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum proliferation in mouse enterocytes induced by fructose feeding

Nielsen, V.H., 1972:
Smooth-textured yoghurts. Processing methods that remove granules with minimum damage to the firmness of the product

Kimball, B.A., 1974:
Smoothing data with Fourier transformations

Shpalte, E.P., 1971:
Smoothing series of ring widths in dendrochronological investigations

Kumar, A., 1973:
Smuggling in Ghana: its magnitude and economic effects

Lauden, L.L., 1972:
Smut disease now in Hawaii

Byther, R.S.; Steiner, G.W.; Ladd, S.L.; Heinz, D.J., 1973:
Smut disease of sugarcane in Hawaii

Netto, J.P, da S.L., 1972:
Smut in the State of Rio de Janeiro

James, G.L., 1972:
Smut incidence in variety trials

Lyman, V.E.; Drozdovskaya, L.S., 1972:
Smut on spring adonis

Yamaleev, A.M., 1973:
Smut resistance in forms of the species T. dicoccum Schrank. and T. persicum Vav

James, G.L., 1973:
Smut spore germination on sugarcane internode surfaces

Currey, W.L.; Mislevy, P., 1974:
Smutgrass control in Florida

Johnson, B.J., 1975:
Smutgrass control with herbicides in turfgrasses

Watson, L., 1972:
Smuts on grasses: some general implications of the incidence of Ustilaginales on the genera of Gramineae

Ragozzino, A., 1973:
Smyrnium olusatrum L. (fam. Apiaceae) a natural host of cucumber mosaic virus

Friedland, G.W.; Rush, W.A.; Hill, A.J., 1972:
Smythe's "inspissated milk" syndrome

Ratkowska, J., 1972:
Sn and Zn determination in fish products

Malek, E.A., 1972:
Snail ecology and man-made habitats

Sturrock, R.F.; Barnish, G.; Upatham, E.S., 1974:
Snail findings from an experimental mollusciciding programme to control Schistosoma mansoni transmission on St. Lucia

Graber, M.; Daynes, P., 1974:
Snail hosts of human and animal trematodes in Ethiopia

Wright, C.A., 1974:
Snail susceptibility or trematode infectivity

Berrie, A.D., 1973:
Snails, schistosomes and systematics: some problems concerning the genus Bulinus

Simoons, F.J., 1974:
Snails, yoghurt, and lactose intolerance

Kuehn, G., 1974:
Snake basics

Fitzgerald, W.E., 1975:
Snakebite in the horse

Tompkins, D.R.; Sistrunk, W.A.; Horton, R.D., 1972:
Snap bean yields and quality as influenced by high plant populations

Harman, G.E.; Heit, C.E.; Pfleger, F.L.; Braverman, S.W., 1973:
Snapdragon seed blight - a serious problem caused by seedborne fungi

Adams, D.G.; Urdahl, W.A., 1972:
Snapdragon stem tip breakage as related to stem lignification and flower color

Gary, H.L., 1974:
Snow accumulation and snowmelt as influenced by a small clearing in a Lodgepole Pine forest

Meiman, J.R., 1970:
Snow accumulation related to elevation, aspect, and forest canopy

Cheripanov, M.; Mazhuga, A.; Kovtunov, V., 1973:
Snow accumulation with combine

Ryker, R.A.; Dahlgreen, A.K.; Morby, F.E.; Johnson, D.L., 1974:
Snow cache temperatures suitable for storage of conifer nursery stock

Vedernikov, N.M.; Ignat' eva, N.S., 1974:
Snow cast of spruce in nurseries in the middle Volga region

Gill, D., 1974:
Snow damage to boreal mixedwood stands in northern Alberta

Neary, D.G.; Day, M.W.; Schneider, G., 1974:
Snow damage to branches of young Red Pine stands related to plantation density

Jeffrey, W.W., 1970:
Snow hydrology in the forest environment

Hoover, M.D., 1971:
Snow interception and redistribution in the forest

Smith, J.D., 1972:
Snow mold of turfgrass in Saskatchewan in 1971

Evans, G.E., 1973:
Snow mould investigations

Ager, B., 1972:
Snow-depth data for the planning of logging operations

Saulmon, R.W., 1973:
Snowdrift management can increase water-harvesting yields

Federer, C.A.; Leonard, C.E., 1971:
Snowmelt in hardwood forests

Schultz, R.W., 1973:
Snowmelt lysimeters perform well in cold temperatures in central Colorado

Golding, D.L., 1973:
Snowpack calibration on Marmot Creek to detect changes in accumulation pattern after forest-cover manipulation

Ravenholt, A., 1974:
"So many makes for malnutrition": food and population in the Philippines

Fossel, A., 1973:
So-called cement honey

Thornton, H., 1974:
So-called scalding-water lungs in slaughtered pigs

Sen, A.K.; Dadarwal, K.R.; Rao, N.S.S., 1972:
Soak seeds in water to avoid seed coat toxins and produce more pulses

Roos, E.E.; Pollock, B.M., 1971:
Soaking injury in lima beans

Fahmy, R., 1974:
Soaking jute seeds in different concentrations of gibberellic acid, 2,4-D and colchicine and its effect on germination and organic compounds formed in the seedlings

Kurdikeri, C.B., 1974:
Soaking of castor in water promotes germination

Verma, V.S., 1974:
Soapwort leaf curl virus

Paulet, G.; Mestres, G.; Cronenberger, L., 1974:
Soapy taste in foods: effects of the lipase of white pepper

Lericollais, A., 1972:
Sob; a geographical study of a serer area in Senegal

Horakova, E., 1974:
Social analysis in the planning of social developments of agricultural enterprises

Ponikiewski, A., 1973:
Social and agrarian relations in Moroccan agriculture

Poppinga, H.O., 1972:
Social and agricultural development in the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam - a review

Merriam, A.P., 1974:
Social and cultural change in a rural Zairian village

Vandenbergh, J.G.; Drickamer, L.C.; Colby, D.R., 1972:
Social and dietary factors in the sexual maturation of female mice

Redinha, J., 1974:
Social and economic aspects of Quioca life

Michna, K., 1972:
Social and economic changes and their influence on the development of (Polish) agricultural production

Lagutin, N., 1975:
Social and economic consequences of specialization and concentration of agricultural production

Berry, W.T., 1974:
Social and economic implications of nutrition surveys and other epidemiological evidence

Nikiforov, L., 1975:
Social and economic problems of industrialization of agricultural production

Simus, P.I., 1973:
Social and economic problems of kolkhoz development

Kozlov, N.T., 1974:
Social and economic problems of the agriculture of the Moscow district

Panov, M., 1970:
Social and economic transformations of rural areas in Macedonia

Meier, S., 1974:
Social and ethical aims in agricultural policy

Borer, M.A., 1972:
Social and ethical value considerations in agricultural policy

Bradley, L.F.; Beaulieu, A., 1973:
Social and geographical aspects of agricultural land use in Prince Edward Island. A case study of the O'Leary area

Grinstead, M.J.; Green, B.L.; Redfern, J.M., 1974:
Social and labor adjustment of rural black Americans in the Mississippi Delta: a case study of Madison, Ark

Jones, A.D., 1974:
Social and psychological factors in teaching farming

Hoben, A., 1972:
Social anthropology and development planning - a case study in Ethiopian land reform policy

Frawley, J., 1973:
Social aspects of creamery rationalisation

Kovalcik, K.; Drienka, J.; Szabova, G., 1972:
Social behaviour of Slovakian Pied and German Black Pied cows

Losonczi, A., 1972:
Social change and changing life style

Harvey, M.E., 1971:
Social change and ethnic migration in Sierra Leone

Anonymous, 1973 :
Social change and social policy

Kandiyoti, D., 1975:
Social change and social stratification in a Turkish village

Berry, B.J.L., 1972:
Social change as a spatial process

Kiray, M.B., 1974:
Social change in Cukurona: a comparison of four villages

Marschall, K.B. de; Torrico Angulo, J., 1971:
Social change in the Upper Cochabamba Valley since 1952

Olsen, N.J., 1975:
Social class and rural urban patterning of socialization in Taiwan

Schwarzweller, H.K.; Lyson, T.A., 1974:
Social class, parental interest and the educational plans of American and Norwegian rural youth

Balan, J., 1970:
Social classes in a rural non-indigenous municipality of Mexico

Cranney, J., 1973:
Social conditions necessary for the production of meat from dairy cows

Buxton, B.M.; Hammond, J.W., 1974:
Social cost of alternative dairy price support levels

Biondolillo, A.L., 1973:
Social cost of production instability in the grape-vine industry: Argentina

Buxton, B.M.; Hammond, J.W., 1973:
Social cost of the dairy price support program

Gillett, S.D., 1973:
Social determinants of aggregation behaviour in adults of the desert locust

King, D.Y., 1974:
Social development in Indonesia: a macro analysis

Anonymous, 1973:
Social development in the rural environment

Maturan, E.G., 1972:
Social dimensions of rural development

Lowry, D.C.; Abplanalp, H., 1972:
Social dominance difference, given limited access to common food, between hens selected and unselected for increased egg production

Blockey, M.A.; Lade, A.D., 1974:
Social dominance relationships among young bulls in a test of rate of weight gain after weaning

Goering, J.M., 1972:
Social effects and limitations of development planning: the case of Indonesia and Singapore

Kawamoto, A., 1973:
Social effects of agricultural investments

Planck, U., 1973:
Social effects of the economic growth and structural change in agriculture

Milligan, S.R., 1974:
Social environment and ovulation in the vole, Microtus agrestis

Strobel, M.G., 1972:
Social facilitation of operant behavior in satiated rats

Wood, M.T., 1975:
Social grooming patterns of dairy cattle

Podoski, K., 1975:
Social infrastructure of the countryside - the state, and the problems of future development

Blum, M.S.; Brand, J.M., 1972:
Social insect pheromones: their chemistry and function

Simonenko, G.S., 1974:
Social insurance for collective farmers

Hortnagl, G., 1973:
Social insurance for the peasant population from the example of the Tirol

Gaikwad, V.R.; Tripathi, B.L., 1974:
Social interaction and communication in an Indian village

Whatson, T.S.; Smart, J.L.; Dobbing, J., 1974:
Social interactions among adult male rats after early undernutrition

Bremner, K.J., 1975:
Social interactions among dairy cows during herd formation in spring

Siegel, H.S.; Latimer, J.W., 1975:
Social interactions and antibody titres in young male chickens (Gallus domesticus)

Ozankaya, O., 1973:
Social life in four Anatolian villages

Filipovic Moskovljevic, V., 1972:
Social minimum required for particular functions of worker bees (Apis mellifica L.)

Rupp, K., 1973:
Social mobility and the settlement structure

Rotblat, H.J., 1975:
Social organization and development in an Iranian provincial bazaar

Troisi, J., 1974:
Social organization of a Santal village. Expanding socio-economic frontiers

Michener, C.D., 1970:
Social parasites among African allodapine bees (Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae, Ceratinini)

Horakova, E., 1974:
Social planning and differences in the social characteristics of work, working conditions, and the working environment

Jiricka, M., 1974:
Social planning at agricultural enterprises

Cernavin, N.S., 1973:
Social planning in collective and state farms

Weitz, R., 1972:
Social planning in rural regional development: the Israeli experience

Michels, R., 1974:
Social policy measures as means towards agricultural structural policy

Copans, J.; Couty, P.; Roch, J.; Rocheteau, G., 1972:
Social position and economic change in Senegal: I: economic theory and practice of labour among the Mourides

Nadel, S.S.; Sipos, A.; Kleinsorge, J.; Schilling, H.; Muller, G.; Nuhs, H.G., 1974:
Social processes in capitalist agriculture

Planck, U., 1974:
Social progress is not automatic. The future of agriculture from the point of view of rural sociologists

Kolte, N.V., 1973:
Social psychological correlates of farm mechanisation

Gabr, H., 1973:
Social rank of cows in loose-housed groups and its effects on behaviour and production characteristics

Reinhardt, V., 1973:
Social rank order and milking order in cows

Friend, T.H.; Polan, C.E., 1974:
Social rank, feeding behaviour, and free stall utilization by dairy cattle

Gabr, H., 1973:
Social ranking of cows in a covered yard and its effect on behaviour and production characters

Ayer, H.W.; Schuh, G.E., 1974:
Social rates of return and other aspects of agricultural research: the case of cotton research in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lopata, H.Z., 1972:
Social relations of widows in urbanizing societies

Anonymous, 1972:
Social sciences: a second level course. Decision making in Britain III. Parts 1-6 Agriculture

Mathew, T.I., 1973:
Social security for the rural population. A study of some social services in selected rural areas of India

Everaet, H., 1972:
Social situation of the farmers wife: her participation in the work of the farm

Moxley, R.L., 1973:
Social solidarity, ethnic rigidity, and differentiation in Latin American communities

Charmes, J., 1972:
Social stratification and extension on the high plateaux of Malagasy

Ferrando, M.G., 1975:
Social stratification in the agricultural sector of Spain: a sociological study of census data

Hillery, G.A.Jr, 1972:
Social structure and resistance to change

Kolosi, T., 1974:
Social structure of a co-operative farm in Budapest

Brar, J.S.; Conklin, F.S., 1973:
Social subsidies, environmental pollution, and utilization of agricultural wastes: an Oregon example

Warren, R.D.; Rogers, D.L.; Evers, F.T., 1975:
Social system goals in cooperatives

Biswas, D.K.; Craig, J.V., 1971:
Social tension indexes and egg production traits in chickens

Salmon, M., 1973:
Social value, economic influence and future projects, as viewed by the farmers themselves. Meeting of the Information and Public Relations Working Party, Avignon, 4 January 1973

Cook, W.T.; Siegel, P.B., 1974:
Social variables and divergent selection for mating behaviour of male chickens (Gallus domesticus)

Smolic Krkovic, N.; Milinkovic, D.; Visinski, A., 1972:
Social welfare and the needs of old people in Croatian rural districts

Larmin, O.V.; Moiseyenko, V.M.; Khorev, B.S., 1972:
Social-demographic aspects of urbanization in the USSR

Nechkin, G.N., 1973:
Social-economic and political transformation in Iraq

Borer, M., 1972:
Social-ethical value considerations in agricultural policy

Ruppert, K., 1973:
Social-geographic problems of Southern Europe. Aspects of regionally differentiated development processes

Miller, R.F., 1974:
Socialism and agricultural cooperation. The Soviet and Yugoslav cases

Parish, W.L., 1975:
Socialism and the Chinese peasant family

Cliffe, L.; Saul, J.S., 1973:
Socialism in Tanzania. Vol.2 Policies

Crosland, A., 1974:
Socialism, land and equality

Wadekin, K.E., 1974:
Socialist agrarian policy in Eastern Europe. I. From Marx to the collectivization

Schweizer, H., 1972:
Socialist agrarian theory and agricultural policy in China and the Soviet Union: a model for developing countries?

Kielstra, N.; Noske, B., 1974:
Socialist experiment in Algeria; the way towards worker participation in socialized enterprises

Somlev, P.; Tsenkov, T., 1974:
Socialist industrialization - a strong factor for national progress

Sosinow, A., 1975:
Socialist integration of agricultural sciences in action

Volkering, F., 1972:
Socialist intensification as a form of extended socialist reproduction

Efimov, V.P., 1975:
Socialist intensification, methods, factors, effectiveness, (the example of agriculture)

Nikl, J., 1973:
Socialist ownership and the value equivalence in agriculture

Anonymous, 1972:
Society for the Study of Fertility meeting (continued)

Anonymous, 1974:
Society of Dairy Technology residential course on butter, 9th-13th September 1974, Somerset School of Agriculture, Cannington, Somerset

Richards, E., 1973:
Society of dairy technology study tour of northern Italy

Khademadam, N.; Bergmann, H., 1973:
Socio economic differentiation as a result of land reform in Iran

Hartmann, A., 1973:
Socio-economic and agro-technical aspects of the Indonesian Green Revolution

Kostov, I., 1974:
Socio-economic and everyday cultural changes in the village

Nyholm, K.; Schaumburg Muller, H.; Westergaad, K., 1974:
Socio-economic aspects of dairy development - report from the Bangalore milk-shed area

Meyer, J.F., 1975:
Socio-economic aspects of industrialization in a rural problem area

Milhailovic, K., 1972:
Socio-economic aspects of interregional migration in Yugoslavia

Hasansulama, M., 1973:
Socio-economic background and problems of agro-technical development work in the Indonesian Bandung region

Wallace, D.B., 1972:
Socio-economic change in agriculture: the challenge to education and advice

Lokos, L., 1973:
Socio-economic changes in the Szuha Valley (Hungary)

Hudson, J.F.; Stovall, C.L., 1974:
Socio-economic characteristics of Cotile recreation area users

Struzek, B., 1973:
Socio-economic content of peasant workers alliance at the present stage of developing socialism in Poland

Guerin, M., 1972:
Socio-economic effects of sisal plantations in the Mandrare valley on the peasant environment

Schowkatfard, F.D.; Fardi, M., 1972:
Socio-economic effects of the agricultural corporation in Iran: case study of a village in the province of Fars

Kolbusz, F., 1974:
Socio-economic evolution of the character of peasant farming

Glatzl, S., 1975:
Socio-economic extension. Thoughts on organization and methods

Hedrick, S.K.; Colyer, D.K., 1972:
Socio-economic factors affecting beef production in West Virginia

Ganewatta, P., 1974:
Socio-economic factors in rural indebtedness. A case study in tract 2 Kagama Kattiyawewa special project, North Central Province

Mantovani, A.; Restani, R., 1974:
Socio-economic impact of parasitic diseases of animals in Italy

Refahiyat, H., 1972:
Socio-economic importance of agro-industrial combine projects in developing countries, the case of a cane sugar project in Iran

Dejneko, G.F.; Stepunov, A.S.; Epstejn, L.E., 1972:
Socio-economic planning in the sovkhoz

Blanckenburg, P. von, 1974:
Socio-economic polarization or differentiation due to individual performance. The question of the beneficiaries of the seed/fertilizer technology in densely populated developing countries

Blanckenburg, P. von, 1974:
Socio-economic polarization vs. differentiation based on achievement. Who benefits from the seed-fertilizer technology in densely populated developing countries?

Makarova, I.; Nefedov, P., 1975:
Socio-economic problems in the Kostroma countryside

Struzek, B., 1973:
Socio-economic problems in the columns of Wies Wspolczesna

Kolesov, V., 1973:
Socio-economic role of co-operation in developing countries

Koi, B., 1973:
Socio-economic situation of specialized co-operatives

Singh, K.N.; Shankaraiah, C., 1973:
Socio-economic status and its influence on communication in a progressive and traditional village

Kathkura, M., 1974:
Socio-economic structure of a Bedouin settlement. A case study of Bashur, Saudi Arabia

Guilhon, A., 1970:
Socio-economic study as a basis for development of industrial crops in the Tamatave plain

Takahashi, M., 1973:
Socio-economic study of group organization of Japanese agriculture

Calero, R.; Pringle, G.E.; Muler, L.; Vargas, D.; Llorens, A.A.; Serra, G.; Rodriguez de Zapata, L.; Gonzalez, E.; Espinet, G.R., 1974:
Socio-economic study of the family farm programme set up under Title VI of the land law

Sikorska, A., 1974:
Socio-occupational position of rural youth

Rao, C.H.H., 1974:
Socio-political factors and agricultural policies

Djugudju, L., 1974:
Socio-political life in the traditional Hema chiefdoms of Bulega

Alekseev, J., 1974:
Socio-psychological methods of organizing labour collectives

Lijfering, J.H.W., 1974:
Socio-structural changes in relation to rural out-migration

Chen, P.C., 1972:
Sociocultural influences on vitamin A deficiency in a rural Malay community

Anonymous, 1971:
Socioeconomic development in dual economies: the example of Zambia

Gasson, R., 1974 :
Socioeconomic status and orientation to work: the case of farmers

Wan, T.T.H.; Tarver, J.D., 1972:
Socioeconomic status, migration and mobility

Savoskul, S.S., 1972:
Socioethnic aspects of the intellectual culture of the rural population of the Tatar ASSR

Prokic, D., 1974:
Sociological aspects of locating industry in rural areas

Crocioni, A., 1970:
Sociological behaviour and productivity of mixed pasture

Burian, A., 1972:
Sociological concepts regarding the problems of various features of the organizational structures of (Czechoslovak) unified agricultural co-operatives

Heffernan, W.D., 1972:
Sociological dimensions of agricultural structures in the United States

Szijjarto, A., 1973:
Sociological investigations in the Zalavar co-operative farms

Galeski, B., 1972:
Sociological investigations of the diffusion of production innovations in agriculture

Heidtmann, W., 1972:
Sociological problems of agriculture and forestry in heavily populated areas

Wiorogorska, G.; Kowalczyk, B., 1974:
Sociological problems of farming

Saluda, B., 1973:
Sociological problems of state farms

Farkas, K., 1974:
Sociological survey of all the little villages of county Baranya

Cépède, M., 1975:
Sociology and nutrition

Chowdhury, A., 1973:
Sociology in Bangladesh: the need for empirical research

Boisseau, P., 1974:
Sociology of the oil stain: innovations and social relationships in the process of modernization of French agriculture

Furstenberg, F., 1974:
Sociology. Principal questions and basic concepts

Rogers, D.L., 1974:
Sociometric analysis of interrorganizational relations: application of theory and measurement

Lowe, K.F., 1974:
Sod seeding siratro into native pastures - 2 years after

Reinert, J.A., 1973:
Sod webworm control in Florida turfgrass

Scheibner, R.A.; Gregory, W.; Raney, H., 1971:
Sod webworms and their control

Allen, R.J.Jr, 1970:
Sod-seeded sorghum on the organic soils of South Florida

McClellan, W.L.; Hoffman, L.D., 1974:
Sod-seeding of legumes appears to be promising

Servant, J.; Chohan, T., 1971:
Sodic soils of the Camargue. Seasonal variations in the salinity of soils and groundwater. Preliminary results

Treherne, J.E.; Buchan, P.B.; Bennett, R.R., 1975:
Sodium activity of insect blood: physiological significance and relevance to the design of physiological saline

Argauer, R.J.; Webb, R.E., 1974:
Sodium alginates as adjuvants in spray application of pest management chemicals

Martin, J.P.; Haider, K.; Saiz Jimenez, C., 1974:
Sodium amalgam reductive degradation of fungal and model phenolic polymers, soil humic acids, and simple phenolic compounds

Calahan, J.S.J.; Joham, H.E., 1974:
Sodium and calcium interactions in the salt tolerance of cotton

Hurwitz, S.; Cohen, I.; Bar, A.; Minkov, U., 1974:
Sodium and chloride requirements of the 7-9-week-old broiler

Hurwitz, S.; Cohen, I.; Bar, A.; Bornstein, S., 1973:
Sodium and chloride requirements of the chick: relationship to acid-base balance

Giddings, R.F.; Argenzio, R.A.; Stevens, C.E., 1974:
Sodium and chloride transport across the equine cecal mucosa

Pappas, P.W.; Read, C.P., 1972:
Sodium and glucose fluxes across the brush border of a flatworm (Calliobothrium verticillatum, Cestoda)

Bennett, R.R.; Buchan, P.B.; Treherne, J.E., 1975:
Sodium and lithium movements and axonal function in cockroach nerve cords

Mengel, K.; Pfluger, R., 1972:
Sodium and magnesium contents of different ryegrass varieties in relation to temperature and air humidity

Caldwell, D.R.; Keeney, M.; Barton, J.S.; Kelley, J.F., 1973:
Sodium and other inorganic growth requirements of bacteroides amylophilus

Simic Penezic, S.; Simic, B.S.; Stefanovic, S.; Rastic, M.; Miljkovic, G.; Vucenovic, M.; Ucek, J.; Protic, D.; Korac, M.; Savin, S.; Anojcic, B., 1972:
Sodium and potassium balance in patients with chronic renal insufficiency on low-protein diets with more or less sucrose

Mikkilineni, S.R.; Rousseau, J.E.; Hall, R.C.; Frier, H.I.; Eaton, H.D., 1973:
Sodium and potassium concentration of brain and dura mater in chronic hypovitaminosis A of calves

Kersten, L.; Weisse, H.; Hafner, E.; Braunlich, H., 1972:
Sodium and potassium concentrations in serum, kidney and muscle tissue in rats of different ages and the effects of loading with a 0.9% solution of NaCl and simultaneous administration of diuretics

Coulter, D.B.; Small, L.L., 1973:
Sodium and potassium concentrations of erythrocytes from perinatal, immature, and adult dogs

Tamate, R.; Ohtaka, F., 1973:
Sodium and potassium content in pork

Vishnyakov, S.I., 1973:
Sodium and potassium contents of cell organelles in Simmental cows

Morre, J.; Franck, M., 1974:
Sodium and potassium in foods

Hall, R.C.; Rousseau, J.E.; Gorgacz, E.J.; Eaton, H.D., 1973:
Sodium and potassium in supraspinatus muscle from hypervitaminotic A Holstein calves

Badawi, H.K., 1972:
Sodium and potassium in the edible portions of thirty fish species

Paulsen, K.; Kroger, H.D., 1972:
Sodium and potassium ion concentration in whole saliva of infants and adults

Beck, I.T.; Dinda, P.K., 1973:
Sodium and water transport across the jejunum of fasted rats

Jalowiec, J.E.; Stricker, E.M., 1973:
Sodium appetite in adrenalectomized rats following dietary sodium deprivation

Kumar, V.; Singh, V.P., 1973:
Sodium as a substitute for potassium in barley crop

Suarez Hernandez, A.; Hanway, J.J., 1975:
Sodium availability in nonalkali soils

Swales, J.D.; Thurston, H.; Queiroz, F.P.; Medina, A., 1972:
Sodium balance during the development of experimental hypertension

Greenwald, L., 1972:
Sodium balance in amphibians from different habitats

Wood, C.M.; Randall, D.J., 1973 :
Sodium balance in the rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) during extended exercise

Palmer, G.M., 1973:
Sodium caseinate-containing product and method for manufacturing

Bindslev, N.; Skadhauge, E., 1971:
Sodium chloride absorption and solute-linked water flow across the epithelium of the coprodeum and large intestine in the normal and dehydrated fowl (Gallus domesticus). In vivo perfusion studies

Rocha, A.S.; Kokko, J.P., 1973:
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