Section 1
Chapter 199

Some results of pollination and seed production in lucerne

Ciurdarescu, G.

Analele Universitatii Bucuresti, Biologie Animala 21: 69-72


Accession: 000198331

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Field experiments conducted at several research stations in Rumania showed that Apis mellifera was a poor pollinator of lucerne, tripping only 3.4-9.3% of the flowers visited. The best pollinators recorded were Eucera clypeata which tripped 100%, and some Andrena species which tripped 70-98.5%. Apis was the most dominant genus of Apoidea, forming 54.6-99.6% of the foraging bee population. The most dominant wild bees were Halictus, 21.9-38.5%, and Eucera, 15-28%.A.S.

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