Some results of provenance plantings of Pinus sylvestris and P. sosnowskyi

Mandzhavidze, D.V.

Vopr Introduktsii Rast i Zelen Str va (6 (75)): 100-105


Accession: 000198332

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Plantations were established in Soviet Georgia at 800-850 m alt. in 1948 and 1951 with seed of P. sylvestris from the Archangel, Leningrad, and Pskov regions, and with seed of P. sosnowskyi from altitudes of 250-280, 800-850 and 1600-1700 m in Georgia. Details are given of growth rate, needle weight, cone size, etc., and the systematic position of P. sosnowskyi is discussed. It is concluded that P. sosnowskyi should be regarded as a subspecies of P. sylvestris.