Studies on artificial polyploid forest trees XI. On morphological characteristics, seed fertility and variation of isoperoxidase patterns in colchitetraploid Pinus banksiana

Kim, C.S.; Lee, S.K.

Research Report of the Institute of Forest Genetics, Korea 10: 79-87


Accession: 000203903

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[Cf. FA 35, 62] Describes some distinguishing characteristics, relative to the diploid, of 14-year-old tetraploid trees grown in Korea: tracheid diameters were more variable and the mean value was somewhat higher; the width and thickness of the central cylinder of the needles was significantly greater, and the needles had very few resin canals; and the cones were larger and heavier. Isoperoxidase patterns were not significantly different. The seeds were infertile. Figures and tables have English captions.