Studies on bacterial blight of sesamum (Sesamum orientale L.) caused by Xanthomonas sesami Sabet & Dowson

Chand, J.N.; Mandloi, S.C.; Kulkarni, S.N.

Bulletin of the Indian Phytopathological Society 6: 19-23


ISSN/ISBN: 0537-2410
Accession: 000203924

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Symptoms were more severe on young than on old leaves and late sowing (July) resulted in plants remaining stunted due to the disease whereas growth was good after June sowing. Bacteria multiplied rapidly in the leaves until the 3rd day when their number was max. but they were X 10 more numerous in young than in old leaves. Seed treatment with ceresan wet and streptocycline considerably reduced primary infection but 24 days after sowing all plants were infected, indicating a very rapid secondary spread.