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Chapter 205

Studies on deep-freezing of boar semen. IX. Combined use of glycerol and DMSO for the preservation of boar spermatozoa at -79 deg C

Bamba, K.; Iida, I.; Kojima, Y.

Japanese Journal of Animal Reproduction 18(1): 34-36


Accession: 000204305

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In boar semen diluted in a honey-yolk diluent, the effect of the addition of glycerol or dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) alone, or both of these combined, on motility and survival of spermatozoa following storage in pellets for 24 h at -79 deg C was studied. Final glycerol or DMSO levels in the diluted semen were 0, 1, 2 and 4% (v/v). Results are tabulated. Best results were obtained with 2% glycerol alone (motility 42%, survival 59%). (For Pt.

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