Studies on infection and appearance of symptoms of tobacco plant with tobacco mosaic virus. II. Effect of soil temperature on infection and muliplication of tobacco mosaic virus

Ohkawa, Y.; Tomaru, K.

Bulletin of the Hatano Tobacco Experiment Station 73: 333-339


Accession: 000204829

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Plants (cv. Bright Yellow) were inoculated with TMV ordinary strain (OM) 7-10 days after transplanting to plots with soil temps. of 15 deg , 25 deg , and 35 deg C; air temp. 25 deg in each case. Symptoms appeared earlier at the highest soil temp. but there was sometimes recovery from symptoms in later developed leaves. The fresh wt. stem and leaf ratios with those of uninoculated plants were 1.13, 1.23 and 1.49 for 35 deg , 25 deg and 15 deg , respectively. Assays of extracted juice showed that infectivity was higher at 35 deg in the early infection stage but 26 days after inoculation the infectivity at each temp. was similar. Plants at the highest temp. showed higher antigenic values and were more susceptible to a TMV necrotic str. These results are relevant to the situation where higher soil temps. arise in a plastic film mulching system.