Section 1
Chapter 205

Studies on irradiated form of Ascaris suum - effect of various doses of gamma-rays on the migrating A. suum juveniles in mice

Gaur, S.N.S.; Dutt, S.C.

Indian Veterinary Journal 52(6): 474-477


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-6479
Accession: 000204886

Ascaris suum larvae recovered from the liver of mice one day after injection with gamma -irradiated eggs (100 to 250 kR, Co60) measured 219 to 234 mu m. Those from control mice infected with non-irradiated eggs measured 251 mu m. On days 2 to 10 after infection, larvae (from irradiated eggs) in the liver measured 241 to 274 mu m and in the lungs measured 255 to 285 mu m. In control mice the corresponding measurements were 252 to 415 mu m and 455 to 988 mu m. Larvae developing from irradiated eggs were weak and showed sluggish movements.

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