Studies on silage-making. 20. Chemical composition of rice plants at different growth stages and feeding value of rice plant silage and rice plant hay

Uchida, S.; Sutoh, H.; Imai, S.

Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University 40: 35-44


Accession: 000205686

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20. During the development of rice contents of crude fibre, lignin and silica were high, and contents of crude protein and soluble carbohydrate were low compared with grass. Yields of DM and crude protein/10 ares were 850 and 81 kg at heading stage, 996 and 83 at flowering stage, 1225 and 94 at dough ripe stage and 1473 and 104 kg at the yellow ripe stage. Digestibility of DM estimated by an artificial rumen technique was 46, 43, 44 and 54%, respectively. Silage from plants at the heading stage had pH 4.77, DM 24.8, lactic acid 0.40, acetic acid 1.06 and butyric acid 0.55%. The score by Flieg's method was 7. From a digestion trial with goats, digestibilities of organic matter, crude protein, N-free extract and crude fibre were 52.3, 53.6, 41.9 and 63.3%, respectively; digestible crude protein and TDN in DM were 5.0 and 45.0%. Corresponding values for rice were 56.3, 52.9, 55.6, 59.6, 6.1 and 48.6%. Silage and hay from the same plants had similar feeding values.