Section 1
Chapter 207

Studies on the cell wall constituents of forage. 5. The relationship between the contents of the cell wall constituents and the growth period of Italian ryegrass in the first, second and third growth

Abe, A.; Wake, H.; Horii, S.

Bulletin of the National Institute of Animal Industry 26: 25-30


Accession: 000206349

The changes in content of cell-wall constitutes were measured during 60 days of the 1st growth and during 30 days of 1st and 2nd regrowths of Italian ryegrass. The rate of increase of the lignin + silica content was greatest in the 1st regrowth and least in the 2nd regrowth. The content of lignin + silica was highest in the 2nd regrowth. The content of non-crystallized material increased during each growth period.

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