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Chapter 207

Studies on the chemical composition and feeding value of forage crops. 16. A comparison of the nutritive value of Bermuda grass, Bahia grass, cocksfoot and tall fescue

Miaki, T.; Matsui, E.; Wada, N.

Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University 42: 47-53


Accession: 000206378

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In trials at the Okayama Prefectural Dairy Experiment Station (lat. 35 deg 3' N., long. 134 deg 0' E., 135 m altitude, mean annual temperature 12.6 deg C) in 1964-8, the yield and persistence of the tropical species Bermuda grass and Bahia grass equalled those of the temperate species cocksfoot and tall fescue. In 1968-9, samples of each grass were taken at intervals from Apr.-Oct. and used for determination of nutritive value, digestibility and intake (with rabbits). Bermuda grass contained more CP, true protein, crude fat, ash, Ca, P and K than Bahia grass but less NFE, CF, lignin and Mg.

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