Studies on the various factors affecting the quality of grass silage. 2. Effects of growth stage on silage quality, digestibility and nutrient intake

Takano, N.; Yamashita, Y.

Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science 16(1): 22-28


ISSN/ISBN: 0447-5933
Accession: 000209007

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First growth of a cocksfoot/Ladino clover mixture was harvested on (a) 7 June, (b) 21 June, (c) 5 July and (d) 19 July 1966 (at the boot stage, heading, flowering and seed-set, respectively) and ensiled without preservative. TDN yields of the resultant silage were (a) 1.46, (b) 2.16, (c) 1.86 and (d) 1.42 t/ha and corresponding pH values were 4.47, 3.99, 3.92 and 5.01. Herbage DM yields were highest at (b), but CP contents were highest at (a). Daily TDN intake values were (a) 6.3 kg/head, (b) 6.2 kg, (c) 4.5 kg and (d) 2.9 kg. It was concluded that the period from heading to flowering was suitable for cutting for ensilage. F.en s. [For Part 1 see HbA 40, 1852].