Section 1
Chapter 216

Temik effects on poinsettia: production of cuttings by stock plants, rooting of cuttings, and quality of marketable plants

Sink, K.C.Jr

Michigan Florist 519: 6, 33


Accession: 000215053

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No phytotoxic symptoms and no adverse effects on (1) growth of stock plants or (2) the number, rooting, growth and flowering of cuttings were observed when Temik 10G (aldicarb) granules were applied to container-grown mother plants of the poinsettia cvs. Improved Mikkel Rochford and White Annette Hegg. The granules were spread over the soil surface at 0.125 teaspoon/4-gal container and subsequently on 3 July and 6 August at 0.25 teaspoon/container.

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