Section 1
Chapter 216

Testing Tordon

Mordovets, A.A.; Chernyshev, I.D.; Nazarenko, G.I.; Golovin, V.V.

Kukuruza 19(4): 31-32


Accession: 000215619

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Intensive harrowing, standard herbicides and earthing up control most weeds in maize except Russian knapweed for which 3 hand weedings are required. Trials were carried out in 1966-70 on solonetsic chestnut soils in an arid climate. The infestation of C. repens was 17-37 shoots/m2. Tordon 22K at 0.3-1.5 kg a.i./ha was applied at the 3- to 5-leaf stage of maize for silage; 1 kg/ha kept plots nearly weed-free until harvest and increased the fresh wt. yield by 80%.

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