Section 1
Chapter 220

The biology of the mealy plum aphid, Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy) in Egypt (Hemiptera-Homoptera:Aphididae)

E.K.dy, E.A.; Hassan, M.S.; Attia, A.A.

Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d'Egypte 54: 529-540


ISSN/ISBN: 0081-0983
Accession: 000219326

Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffr.) appears to be the most important pest of peach and apricot in Egypt. Its bionomics were studied in the field at Dokki in 1965-66 on its alternative food-plant Phragmites communis. There were 42 generations during the year. Development was most rapid (six days for a complete generation) in June-July at an average of about 26-28 deg C and 45-63% R.H.) and slowest (15 days for a complete generation) in January at about 12 deg C and 64% R.H.

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