The biology of the pathogen of crown rust of oats, Puccinia coronata Corda var. avenae Fraser & Led. in Lithuania (1. The dynamics of the development of rust)

Namayunas, B.P.

Lietuvos TSR Mokslu Akademijos Darbai, C 4: 75-85


Accession: 000219330

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Teliospores germinate during late Apr. and early May. Aecidial formation in the leaves of Rhamnus cathartica and R. frangula begins in c. mid May and lasts until early June. The 1st uredia appear in June. In some years urediospore formation lasts 27-38 days. At an av. temp. of 12.6 deg C (max. 15.5 deg , min. 8.5 deg ) the duration of urediospore formation is 11 days, and at an av. of 18.3 deg (max. 22 deg , min. 14.2 deg ) 8 days.