Section 1
Chapter 226

The effect of freeze-drying and roller-drying on the composition of dried skim-milk, sweet whey and sour whey with particular reference to amino acids

Lantzsch, H.J.; Schneider, W.

Landwirtschaftliche Forschung 24(2): 212-216


Accession: 000225660

The compositions of roller-dried and freeze-dried skim-milk, sweet whey and neutralized sour whey, all originating in the same batch of milk, were compared. Roller drying rendered the already low fat content of all these products less accessible to fatty solvents, lowered the lysine content of the skim-milk, sweet whey and sour whey powders by 16%, 46% and 53% respectively and the histidine content of the dried wheys by 20% and 27% respectively.

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