The effect of nitrogen on the productivity and composition of Rhodes grass (var. Katamborn) grown under irrigated arid zone conditions

Farnworth, J.; Ruxton, I.B.

Publication Joint Agricultural Research and Development Project, University College of North Wales and Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Saudi Arabia 37: 15


Accession: 000226978

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Rhodes grass undersown in forage maize under irrigated conditions in Saudi Arabia showed a linear response to N when assessed over 16 cuts in 21 months. N applied monthly at 75 kg N/ha gave 71 t DM/ha over the experimental period. N rates did not affect CP, CF, ash and total available carbohydrate (TAC) levels, mean values on a DM basis for the experimental period being 10.9% CP, 31.5% CF, 14.8% ash and 5.8% TAC. Rhodes grass was persistent and weed-free, and its potential as a perennial forage under arid zone irrigated conditions is discussed.