The effect of soil nitrogen on the absorption of nitrogen by tobacco plants from kuroboku soil. 1. The effects of soil conditions on the absorption of nitrogen by tobacco plants and the residual effect of fertilizer applied to a preceding barley crop

Matsunuma, T.; Uno, Y.

Bulletin of the Utsunomiya Tobacco Experiment Station 10: 139-150


Accession: 000228007

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In pot experiments in which tobacco plants were grown for 30 days at soil temperatures of 10, 20 or 30 deg C, N uptake was highest at 30 deg ; the amounts of soil-N absorbed were 10.9, 9.5, 11 and 8.3 mg/100 g soil in soil treated with (a) chloropicrin + f.y.m., (b) chloropicrin, (c) f.y.m., or (d) in untreated soil, respectively. In field experiments mulching and f.y.m. markedly increased N uptake during the early growth stages. F.en s.