Section 1
Chapter 230

The effect of various pruning methods and of chemical growth retardation on yield , fruit quality and disease incidence of apple varieties during full bearing in the Hofchen long-term trial

Hilkenbaumer, F.; Kolbe, W.

Erwerbsobstbau 14(11): 161-167


Accession: 000229150

The effect was tested during full-bearing years of various degrees of pruning on trees trained as spindles and espalier crowns and of aminozide, 3400 p.p.m. at 2 to 3 weeks post-flowering, with James Grieve, Cox's Orange Pippin, Jonathan and Golden Delicious on M.4. The highest average yields with all pruning methods for 9- to 13-year-old trees were with Golden Delicious (93.5 kg/tree) and James Grieve (83.4 kg); Jonathan and Cox's Orange Pippin had decidedly lower yields.

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