The effect tobacco vein-banding mosaic virus (TVMV) infection on phosphorus metabolism. I. The relationship of phosphorus nutrition to necrotic lesions induced by TVMV and the effect of TVMV infection on uptake and translocation of phosphorus

Chen, W.Y.

Plant Protection Bulletin (Taiwan) 15(3): 97-105


ISSN/ISBN: 0577-750X
Accession: 000229375

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Under conditions of low P extensive lesions of TVMV formed when the mean night temp. was < 17 deg C and normal growth of tobacco plants occurred. The rates of P uptake 4-15 days after inoculation were higher in infected than in healthy plants. The total, inorganic and organic phosphates in diseased plants during the period of max. virus multiplication were higher than in healthy plants. Translocation of P to the upper parts of the plant was not retarded in infected plants, which had a higher P content in all leaf positions than healthy plants.