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Chapter 234

The helminth parasites of the sheathbill, Chionis alba (Gmelin) , and the diving petrels, Pelecanoides georgicus (Murphy and Harper) and P. urinatrix (Gmelin) , at Bird Island, South Georgia

Williams, I.C.; Jones, N.V.; Payne, M.J.; Ellis, C.

Journal of Helminthology 48(3): 195-197


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-149X
PMID: 4430827
DOI: 10.1017/s0022149x00022835
Accession: 000233225

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Twelve Chionis alba, 12 Pelecanoides georgicus and 5 P. urinatrix collected from Bird Island, South Georgia, Antarctica, were examined for helminths. 11 C. alba were found to harbour Gymnophallus deliciosus, Notocotylus chionis, Paramonostomum signiensis, Lateriporus australis and Corynosoma hammani. Pelecanoides georgicus and P. urinatrix each harboured Tetrabothrius sp. and Stegophorus heardi, the first record of Tetrabothrius from P. georgicus and of S. heardi from P. urinatrix.

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