The indebtedness of peasant farms: the example of Lublin voivodship

Ogrodnik, S.

Zadluzenie gospodarstw chlopskich na przykladzie wojewodztwa: 316


Accession: 000234278

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The problems of credit and indebtedness are discussed in relation to the income situation of private farms in Poland. The first chapter evaluates agricultural credit and the indebtness of Polish agriculture during the inter-war period and after. The second chapter is devoted to sources of money incomes of peasant farms. The growing role of finance from outside agriculture is emphasized, to indicate the margin of income over costs. This margin remains on the farms to provide for consumption and capital accumulation. In the third chapter the level and structure of production expenditure and farm charges are analyzed. The systematic growth of money expenditure for production purposes and payment of credits is determined. In the last chapter the financial indebtedness of the countryside is discussed. This indebtedness is the consequence of credits being granted more rapidly than they are being repaid. The possibilities of repayments by peasant farmers are examined.