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Chapter 235

The influence of different breeds of exotic sires on the gestation length of Hariana cows

Tomar, S.S.; Arora, K.L.

Indian Veterinary Journal 49(6): 572-577


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-6479
Accession: 000234707

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From a study of 446 pregnancies terminating in single births of normal calves, it was found that the gestation period of Haryana cows carrying purebred calves (290.5 plus or minus 0.4 days) was significantly shortened by 3.4, 8.4 and 9.4 days when the cows were bred to Swiss Brown, Holstein-Friesian and Danish Red bulls resp. Calves from Swiss Brown matings were carried significantly longer than calves from the other 2 types of mating. In the case of Haryana and Holstein-FriesianXHaryana calves, males were carried significantly longer than females (by 3.7 and 3.2 days resp.).

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