The influence of loose housing in barns with cubicles on production and roughage intake of dairy cows

Brandsma, S.

Research Report, Research Institute for Animal Breeding ' Schoonoord' (1): 34-41


Accession: 000235032

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18 pairs of identical twins of the Dutch Black pied and Meuse-Rhine-Yssel breeds were compared over several years in different types of housing. Two types of loose housing with cubicles (a closed, uninsulated barn and an open barn) and a conventional stanchion barn were used from 1 Nov. to 1 May. Compared with cows in a stanchion barn, cows in the closed barn with cubicles produced, on average, 3.7% more milk and 4.9% more fat, and cows in an open barn with cubicles produced 3.2% more milk and 3.7% more fat. Bad and/or very cold weather had no significant effect on daily milk yield from cows in open barns.