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The influence of organic fertilization and liming on vegetable yields (onion, cucumber, cabbage) at different levels of mineral fertilization

Acta Horticulturae (29): 279-281

The influence of organic fertilization and liming on vegetable yields (onion, cucumber, cabbage) at different levels of mineral fertilization

Basal dressings of sphagnum peat or brown coal, each at 100 m3/ha, were applied once as the organic manures, and CaCO3 at 1 - 2 t/ha was applied annually. Plots with the organic manures received (a) 200 kg N + 200 kg P2O5 + 200 kg K2O/ha, and these rates were (b) doubled and (c) trebled. The highest cabbage, onion and cucumber yields were obtained in (b), (a) and (a), respectively. In (c) soil salinity was observed.

Accession: 000235181

Related references

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