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Chapter 236

The influence of the compass direction on the basic density of Norway Spruce (Picea abies L.) and its importance for sampling for estimating the genetic value of plus trees

Olesen, P.O.

Forest Tree Improvement, Arboretet, Hoersholm 6: 58


Accession: 000235613

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Analyses of stem discs taken at b.h. from 26 sheltered trees in a 56-year-old, selectively felled stand, showed that the basic density varied significantly between trees and within trees, being generally highest on the S. side and lowest on the N. side. Increment cores from 24 ramets in a 28-year-old clone of P. abies were also examined, and showed that the difference in basic density persisted in a range of height classes (from 5 to 70% of total tree height) but was greatest at b.h.

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