The keeping quality of roses. III. The influence of some commercial flower preservative solutions on the vase life of roses

Clausen, G.; Kristensen, K.

Tidsskrift for Planteavl 78(5): 666-670


Accession: 000236596

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In September, October, April and May flowers of the rose cvs Baccara, Red Garnette and Zorina were cut when 6 petals were open and held in solutions of 5 commercial flower preservatives or in tap water (control) at an air temperature of 19-24 deg C. The vase life was measured until wilting point was reached. The preparations Krislite and Substral Buket Frisk extended the vase life to the greatest extent in all cvs and seasons. Zorina flowers responded most to preservative solutions, the other 2 cvs being naturally longer lasting. [For part II see HcA 42, 8133.].