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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 238

Chapter 238 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Podlucsanyi, T., 1974:
The livestock insurance system of large-scale farms

Joubert, D.M., 1975:
The livestock situation in southern Africa: a study in perspective

Archer, T.F.; Menzie, E.L.; Martin, W.E., 1974:
The livestock-feed balance for Arizona with projections to 1982

Edlin, H.L., 1958:
The living forest

Seifert, J., 1971:
The living space of bacteria in soil

Gyor, J., 1973:
The load capacity of plastic tunnels

Pahlitzsch, G.; Puttkammer, K., 1972:
The loading of band-saw blades : stresses and strength limits

Kulyukin, A.N.; Makarenko, L.N., 1975:
The local application of magnesium ammonium phosphate to hydroponically grown tomatoes

Schleiermacher, E.; Schmidt, W., 1973:
The local control of mammalian spermatogenesis

Becker, K.W.; Meyer, B., 1973:
The local distribution of C in the soil and changes in the C content of the topsoil with time - the effects of sampling, preparation and analytical procedure on the determinations

Mensik, J.; Franz, J.; Pospisil, Z.; Krejci, J., 1971:
The local role of antibodies in the protection of calves and piglets against viral respiratory infections

Lujic, R., 1960:
The local temperature factor and its role in the distribution of vegetation

Plise, E., 1972:
The localisation of red spider mite (Panonychus ulmi) in the crowns of apple trees

O.S.llivan, J.; Mathison, G.E., 1971:
The localization and secretion of a proteolytic enzyme complex by the dermatophytic fungus Microsporum canis

Cappellini, P.; Nicotra, A., 1972:
The localization of 14C-labelled chlorocholine chloride in pear plants

Ezerzha, A.A.; Kulikov, B.N.; Mochalkin, A.I.; Popov, L.N., 1971:
The localization of 2,4-D and its metabolites in the cell organelles of plants

Greig, A., 1972:
The localization of African swine fever virus in the tick Ornithodoros moubata porcinus

Halliwell, R.E., 1973:
The localization of IgE in canine skin: an immunofluorescent study

Kirikoi, Y.T.; Sokolov, O.A., 1974:
The localization of anabolism and the possibility of the conversion of organic acids into carbohydrates during grape ripening

Soegaard, B., 1974:
The localization of eceriferum loci in barley. III. Three point tests of genes on chromosome 1 in barley

Beckman, C.H.; Elgersma, D.M.; MacHardy, W.E., 1972:
The localization of fusarial infections in the vascular tissue of single-dominant-gene resistant tomatoes

Kosner, J.; Bares, I.; Kubistova, S., 1974:
The localization of genes for certain ear characters of the spring wheat Zlatka by monosomic analysis

Birkinshaw, M.; Falconer, I.R., 1972:
The localization of prolactin labelled with radioactive iodine in rabbit mammary tissue

Orion, D.; Bronner, R., 1973:
The localization of starch, amylase and invertase in Meloidogyne javanica galls

Gerstner, E., 1974:
The localization of the flavin enzyme D-hydroxynitrile-lyase in seeds of the Prunoideae

Geelen, J.A., 1972:
The localization of vitamin A in the pregnant rat by means of fluorescence microscopy

Barlow, K.K.; Simmonds, D.H.; Kenrick, K.G., 1973:
The localization of water-soluble proteins in the wheat endosperm as revealed by fluorescent antibody techniques

Jamrich, V., 1972:
The localization, accumulation and binding of fluorine from industrial fumes in the tissues of organs of Pinus sylvestris

Chatel, D.L.; Greenwood, R.M., 1973:
The location and distribution in soil of rhizobia under senesced annual legume pastures

Page, E.R., 1975:
The location and persistence of ammonia (aqueous, anhydrous and anhydrous + 'N-serve') injected into a sandy loam soil, as shown by changes in concentrations of ammonium and nitrate ions

Coman, B.J.; Rickard, M.D., 1975:
The location of Taenia pisiformis, Taenia ovis and Taenia hydatigena in the gut of the dog and its effect on net environmental contamination with ova

Hermsen, J.G.; Ramanna, M.S.; Vogel, J., 1973:
The location of a recessive gene for chlorophyll deficiency in diploid Solanum tuberosum by means of trisomic analysis

Banks, W.; Evers, A.D.; Muir, D.D., 1972:
The location of alpha-amylase in developing cereal grains

Mandell, P.I.; Tweeten, L.G., 1971:
The location of cotton production in the United States under competitive conditions: a study of crop location and comparative advantage

Andon, T.M.; Denisova, G.A., 1974:
The location of coumarin compounds in the secretory cavities of Ruta graveolens

Carrier, J.M., 1974:
The location of herbicide missions and Hickey's informants in South Vietnam: an appraisal

Sovershaev, P.F., 1972:
The location of nucleic acids and the morphogenesis of the reproductive organs of Pinus sylvestris

Evers, A.D.; Redman, D.G., 1973:
The location of proteolytic enzymes in developing grains of wheat

Green, C.D.; Greet, D.N., 1972:
The location of the secretions that attract male Heterodera schachtii and H. rostochiensis to their females

Graefe, G.; Burkert, D.G., 1972:
The locomotory action of cercariae of Diplostomatidae and Echinostomatidae (Trematoda)

Toye, S.A., 1971:
The locomotory activity of Zonocerus variegatus (L.) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) under natural light, temperature, and humidity conditions

May, I.R., 1973:
The locust threat to Africa

Clayton, W.D., 1974:
The logarithmic distribution of Angiosperm families

Rouveyran, J.C., 1972:
The logic of transitional farming systems: the example of Malagasy peasant societies

Honcariv, R., 1971:
The logical structure of Mendel's idea

Sharapa, G.S., 1972:
The logical time for first insemination of heifers

Nemeti, M.; Nagy, Z., 1974:
The long range development of egg production

Kadlec, J.E., 1973:
The long range outlook for swine production in Indiana (next five years)

Proni, G., 1972 :
The long road towards reform of farm structures in the EEC countries

Borole, E.D.; Patel, R.M.; Patel, J.R., 1972:
The long term effect of ploughing treatments under no manure practice - a statistical assessment

Low, A.J.; Sharpe, A.L., 1973:
The long term effects of organic and inorganic fertiliser regimes at Teindland nursery

Kempff, P.G.; Pitout, M.J.; Watt, J.J.V.n der, 1973:
The long-term influence of sterigmatocystin on mouse and rat liver nuclear deoxyribonucleases

Jurko, D., 1972:
The long term programme for agricultural development in Yugoslavia by 1985, and its implementation

Anonymous, 1972:
The long wait is over

Kolesnikov, V.A.; Sidorov, V.I.; Chkhetiani, V.R., 1973:
The long-term application of herbicides to vegetable/fodder rotations in Moscow Province

Bachthaler, G., 1974:
The long-term development of cereal yields in an old three-field rotation with different treatment intensities

Jaumien, F., 1973:
The long-term effects of chlormequat on 'Doyenne du Comice' pear

Scaife, M.A., 1971:
The long-term effects of fertilizers, farmyard manure and leys at Mwanhala, Western Tanzania

Robinson, D.W.; Vohra, P.; Peterson, D.W., 1973:
The long-term effects of periodic malnutrition on cellular development in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix Japonica)

Carr, T.E.; Harrison, G.E.; Nolan, J., 1973:
The long-term excretion and retention of an intravenous dose of 45Ca in two healthy men

Ursino, D.J.; Paul, J., 1973:
The long-term fate and distribution of 14C photoassimilated by young White Pines in late summer

O.C.llaghan, J.R.; Dodd, V.A.; Pollock, K.A., 1973:
The long-term management of animal manures

Boddy, K.; Adams, J.F., 1972:
The long-term relationship between serum vitamin B12 and total body vitamin B12

Ivanov, Y.M., 1972:
The long-term strength of wood

Roche, J.F.; Crowley, J.P., 1973:
The long-term suppression of heat with implants of melengestrol acetate in cattle

Purchase, I.F.H.; Watt, J.J.V.n der, 1971:
The long-term toxicity of ochratoxin A to rats

Tusa, G., 1974:
The long-term trends in the African tropical roundwood market and the Hungarian veneer supply

Gurchenko, R.N., 1970:
The longevity of Ascaridia galli larvae in earthworms

Kirkwood, A.C.; Peirce, M.A., 1971:
The longevity of Dicrocoelium dendriticum in sheep

Ellis, C.; Williams, I.C., 1973:
The longevity of some species of helminth parasites in naturally acquired infections of the lesser black-backed gull, Larus fuscus L., in Britain

Bochno, R.; Rak, B., 1969:
The longissimus dorsi muscle as an indicator of the meat content of the pig carcass

Field, R.J.; Peel, A.J., 1972:
The longitudinal mobility of growth regulators and herbicides in sieve tubes of Willow

Baker, S.; Dill, W.J., 1971:
The look of our land-an airphoto atlas of the rural United States: the plains and prairies

Ingram, G.C.; Roberts, T.A., 1974:
The loop-tile method of bacterial counting: a minimal apparatus method suitable for field work

Costilla, M.A.; Basco, H.J.; Levi, C.A.; Osores, V.M., 1973:
The looper Mocis latipes (Guen.) and its importance as a pest of sugar-cane. Biology, damage and control

Mimura, K., 1971:
The loose housing free barn system for intensive dairy production in Japan

Randhawa, G.S.; Singh, R.K.N., 1970:
The loquat in India

Anonymous, 1975:
The loquat variety Tengusawase

Hargrove, R.S.; Merkle, M.G., 1971:
The loss of alachlor from soil

Nadir, M., 1974:
The loss of fertilizing elements in the pruning of citrus trees

Gekhaev, T.Y.; Ostrikov, N.V., 1974:
The loss of ions by transpiration of vegetable and other crops

Kudela, V., 1974:
The loss of plants in lucerne stands and the attack of vascular wilt

Nassery, H., 1972:
The loss of potassium and sodium from excised barley and bean roots

Benda, G.T.A.; Irvine, J.E., 1974:
The loss of sugar from stalk tissue of hot-water treated sugarcane

Caseley, J.C., 1968:
The loss of three chloronitrobenzene fungicides from the soil

Vermaas, H.F.; Pound, J.; Borgin, K.B., 1974:
The loss tangent of wood and its importance in dielectric heating

Hackman, W., 1972:
The louse fly, an eastern immigrant in Finland

Wiersum, L.K., 1974:
The low calcium content of cellular systems adapted to flow

Twigg, G.I.; Hughes, D.M.; McDiarmid, A., 1973:
The low incidence of leptospirosis in British deer

Killick Kendrick, R., 1971:
The low pathogenicity of Trypanosoma brucei to cattle

Pepelyankov, G.; Tsanev, T., 1974:
The low temperature resistance of fruit buds in some peach cultivars

Franken, A.A.; Hamersma, J., 1974:
The low-temperature treatment of chicory roots for extra-early forcing

Campbell, M.D., 1973:
The lower limit of soil water potential for potato growth

Krotil, V., 1973:
The lowering of production costs in agricultural enterprises

Smith, P.E., 1974:
The lowfat milk situation in New York State and the standards issue

Fox, J.E.D., 1973:
The lowland Dipterocarp forest of Sabah viewed in the context of management

Aberg, E.; Rosio, G.; Tuvesson, M., 1975:
The lucerne crop rotation at Altuna 1956-1966

Ghoshal, N.G.; Getty, R., 1971:
The lumbosacral plexus (plexus lumbosacralis) of the sheep (Ovis aries)

Shain, S.S.; Shirshov, V.A., 1971:
The luminescent method of testing dominance in hybrids and the uniformity of pulse crops

Zumpe, N.; Blake, M.; Wilson, C.A., 1974:
The luteotrophic and lactogenic activities of prolactin, human chorionic somatomammotrophin and mouse placental extract on mice treated with an ergocornine derivative

Tanudimadja, K.; Ghoshal, N.G., 1973:
The lymph nodes and lymph vessels of the neck and thoracic limb of the goat (Capra hircus)

Tanudimadja, K.; Ghoshal, N.G., 1973:
The lymph nodes and lymph vessels of the thoracic viscera of the goat (Capra hircus)

Hampl, A.; Jelinek, P., 1971:
The lymphatic capillaries of the skin of the teat of the cow.

Tandon, R.S., 1971:
The lymphatic system of the amphistome, Pseudochiorchis stunkardi Tandon. 1970, a parasite of chelonians at Lucknow

Gehrke, E.; Verter, W.; Schmalz, G.; Kaulitzke, E., 1971:
The lymphocyte key for diagnosing bovine leucosis when eradicating the disease from affected herds.

Cole, G.J.; Morris, B., 1973:
The lymphoid apparatus of the sheep: its growth, development and significance in immunologic reactions

Eiberle, K., 1972:
The lynx, its behaviour and importance in settled areas, discussed by reference to the history of its extermination in Switzerland

Fritschen, L.J., 1972:
The lysimeter installation on the Cedar River Watershed

Platikanov, N.; Angelov, A.; Kanev, M.; Panajotov, P.; Angelova, L., 1970:
The lysine and methionine plus cystine requirements of fattening pigs

Chung, E.; Griminger, P.; Fisher, H., 1973:
The lysine and sulfur amino acid requirements at two stages of growth in chicks

Waldroup, P.W.; Morrow, H.D., 1973:
The lysine needs of finishing turkey poults

Boomgaardi, J.; Baker, D.H., 1973:
The lysine requirement of growing chicks fed sesame meal-gelatin diets at three protein levels

Smith, D.G., 1973:
The lysozyme sensitivity of Streptococcus equinus

Frank, J.; Lendvai, Z., 1973:
The macro- and microelement content of the flower

Jenicek, V.; Kraus, J., 1972:
The macroeconomic characteristics of agricultural forecasting

Johnson, M.H., 1975:
The macromolecular organization of membranes and its bearing on events leading up to fertilization

Carr, I., 1973:
The macrophage. A review of ultrastructure and function

Winstanley, E.W., 1975:
The macroscopical appearance of the healing full-thickness excised skin wound in the thoracic and metatarsal regions of the dog

Freeman, R.N.; Bing, A., 1972:
The magic of water

Wernery, H.; Heeschen, W.; Reichmuth, J.; Tolle, A., 1973:
The magnesium content of cow's milk

B"chvarova, I., 1972 :
The magnesium status of Bulgarian soils

Czuba, R., 1973:
The magnesium status of Polish soils

Reimann, B.; Maszner, P.; Mocek, A., 1973:
The magnesium status of soils in the Wielkopolska-Kujawska Lowlands

Gunhold, P., 1974:
The magnesium supply of Austrian soils and its importance for cattle

Vadyunina, A.F.; Babanin, V.F.; Kovtun, V.Y., 1974:
The magnetic susceptibility of mechanical fractions of soils

Vadyunina, A.F.; Babanin, V.F., 1974:
The magnetic susceptibility of soils

Kudzin, Y.K.; Sykhobrus, S.V.; Stepanenko, A.Y., 1975:
The magnitude and variations in yield of crops in a rotation to which fertilizers have been applied for a long time

Reynolds, J.F.; Knight, D.H., 1973:
The magnitude of snowmelt and rainfall interception by litter in Lodgepole Pine and Spruce-Fir forests in Wyoming

Gur' yanov, A.I., 1973:
The magnitude of the load during pressing of coagulum

Cozzi, P., 1973:
The main African breeds of cattle

Egger, E.; Gosen, O.; Roncador, I., 1973:
The main and side effects of the systemic fungicide benomyl, as compared to zineb, on the grapevine. Results of two years of trials

Bakiev, I.S., 1975:
The main breeding places of synanthropic flies in rural areas of the Aktyubinsk region of the Kazakh SSR

Cozzi, P., 1973:
The main cattle breeds in Africa

Ikonnikov, P.A., 1971:
The main causes of decreases in yield of sunflower subjected to periodic soil moisture stress during organogenesis

Garkavyi, P.F., 1971:
The main conclusions, problems and methods of barley breeding in the USSR

Aleshina, O.A.; Il' icheva, S.N.; Kononova, E.V.; Kolyada, N.A., 1972:
The main criteria for breeding strains of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. for industrial purposes

Gawlowski, K., 1973:
The main directions of the development of (Polish) state farms

Timbal, J., 1974:
The main ecological and floristic characteristics of the Beech stands of NE France

Fekete, F., 1974:
The main economic characteristics of the structural reorganization of agriculture in Hungary as expressed in a mathematical form

Daskalov, I.T., 1974:
The main factors in erosion and their prediction

Britton, D.K., 1972:
The main features of EEC agriculture

Poptean, I., 1973:
The main indexes expressing the economic efficiency of Rumanian viticulture and methods of calculating them

Bennani, A.S., 1972:
The main injuries and pests of sugar-cane and methods for their control

Asparukhov, K.; Mladenov, D., 1973:
The main logging systems for optimum mechanized logging in Bulgaria

Bannikov, N.A., 1973:
The main methodological problems in elaborating parameters of livestock farms

Mansour, M., 1973:
The main obstacles to a faster agricultural economic development in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Kabasinskaite, M.; Zajanckauskas, P., 1973:
The main orchard pests in the Lithuanian SSR and their entomopathogenic microorganisms

Halupane Grosz, Z.; Szonyi, L.; Ujvari, F., 1975:
The main paper-making characteristics of healthy young trees of Pinus sylvestris and P. nigra and of those damaged by Rhyacionia buoliana

Tucovic, A., 1971:
The main phenological phases of Populus nigra and their importance in forest tree breeding

Azimov, Kh, 1972:
The main plant communities of shrub and semi-shrub type of vegetation in the lower reaches of Kashkadar'e river

Bonchev, D.; Kostov, P., 1975:
The main points in optimizing wood consumption

Ivanov, Y.M., 1974:
The main principles in testing glued wooden structures

Stanyukovich, K.V.; Stanyukovich, M.B., 1972:
The main principles of defining the types of zonation for the mountain vegetation of Tadzhik SSR

Starzycki, S., 1970:
The main problems connected with mutagenesis in plants

Gulyaev, G.V., 1972:
The main problems of breeding and the applied genetics of crop plants

Obminski, Z., 1973:
The main problems of defining natural forest regions in the light of the present state of geographical and ecological sciences

Pontiatowski, J., 1974:
The main problems of mass agricultural education

Deenen, B. van, 1974:
The main problems of urban and industrial pressure on rural societies

Pristupa, A.A., 1973:
The main raw material plants and their utilization

Belikov, I.F., 1973:
The main regularities in transport and distribution of assimilates in agricultural plants

Udovenko, G.V., 1974:
The main results and prospectus of studying physiology of plant resistance, based on the world collection of plant resources at the All-Union Research Institute of Plant Husbandry

Liventsov, S.M., 1972:
The main results of maize breeding

Sokolov, B.P.; Domashnev, P.P., 1972:
The main results of maize breeding work in the Soviet Union

Burdina, V.M., 1971:
The main results of red-clover breeding work

Shpil' kov, I.F., 1971:
The main results of scientific research work at the Kirgiz Sugar Beet Experimental Breeding Station during 1948-1968

Gulbrandsen, O., 1973:
The main streams of the world economy

Alendorf, E.V., 1972:
The main techniques of mechanized application of fillers to wood

Lyubavskaya, A.Ya, 1972:
The main trends in breeding of Karelian Birch

Shapiro, I.D., 1973:
The main trends in research on plant immunity to pests

Smolyar, V.I.; Rudenko, A.K.; Popik, S.Y.; Mazaeva, L.L., 1973:
The main trends in the nutrition of the Ukrainian population

Kalinina, A.V., 1974:
The main types of grasslands in the Mongolian People's Republic (their structure and productivity)

Allayarov, I., 1974:
The main types of vegetation on sands in North-West Uzbekistan

Brown, A.H.; Marshall, D.R.; Albrecht, L., 1974:
The maintenance of alcohol dehydrogenase polymorphism in Bromus mollis L

Boyer, H., 1972:
The maintenance of circular saws

Bulmer, M.G., 1974:
The maintenance of heterozygosity under the diffusion model

Boorman, J., 1974:
The maintenance of laboratory colonies of Culicoides variipennis (Coq.), C. nubeculosus (Mg.) and C. riethi Kieff. (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae)

Domsch, K.H., 1974:
The maintenance of soil fertility and the application of pesticides

Bulmer, M.G., 1973:
The maintenance of the genetic variability of polygenic characters by heterozygous advantage

Abou Raya, A.K.; E.S.mman, S.; Raafat, M.A.; Solinan, I.M., 1971:
The maintenance requirement of energy (SV or TDN) for mature sheep in prolonged feeding trials

Murbach, R.; Hachler, M.; Goy, G., 1973:
The maize Pyralid (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.) in French Switzerland

Janus, C.; Stengel, M., 1973:
The maize Pyralid on hop: observations and questions

Bjarnason, M.; Pollmer, W.G., 1972:
The maize germ: its role as a contributing factor to protein quantity and quality

Knupfer, H.; Kappel, W., 1972:
The maize hybrid BEKE270, the first joint hybrid from the cooperative work of the maize breeders of the German Democratic Republic and the Hungarian People's Republic

Kobelev, Y.K.; Smetanko, A.G., 1974:
The maize hybrid Zherebkovskii 86MV

Tapia Barquero, H., 1971:
The maize situation in Nicaragua

Angelova, R., 1970:
The maize stem borer - a pest of hemp in Bulgaria

Wheatley, P.E., 1973:
The maize storage problem in the less developed countries of Africa

Nieuwoudt, W.L., 1973:
The maize/meat price gap

Shillingford, J.D., 1972:
The major agricultural land types in Dominica, W.I. and their potential for development

Nartey, F.; Moeller, B.L.; Andersen, M.R., 1973:
The major constituents of cassava seeds

Sharples, D.; Spring, M.S.; Stoker, J.R., 1972:
The major cyanogenic glycoside in Thalietrum aquilegifolium

Oni, S.A.; Olatunbosun, D., 1973:
The major determinants of groundnut production in Nigeria

Debazac, E.F.; Mavrommatis, G., 1971 :
The major ecological divisions of the forest vegetation of continental Greece

Moore, H.E.Jr, 1973:
The major groups of palms and their distribution

Vaiman, M., 1974:
The major histocompatibility complex SL-A in the pig

Pazderka, F.; Longenecker, B.M.; Law, G.R.J.; Ruth, R.F., 1975:
The major histocompatibility complex of the chicken

Akanbi, M.O., 1973:
The major insect borers of Mahogany - a review towards their control - what step next?

Jung, H.F.; Iwaya, K., 1972:
The major insect pests of tropical and subtropical rice, and their control

Andrews, L.G., 1972:
The major non-infectious causes of reproductive wastage in beef cattle in the Northern Territory

Pardos Jacques, F., 1973:
The major outlets for packaging in France in 1972

Pajot, F.X., 1972:
The major potential vectors of yellow fever virus in the Central African Republic

Fekete, F., 1973:
The major social and economic features of co-operative farming in Hungary

Anonymous, 1975:
The making of forest maps and the interpretation of aerial photos

Jaouen, J.C. le, 1974:
The making of goats' cheese on the farm

Weber, A.; Roy, C.C., 1972:
The malabsorption associated with chronic liver disease in children

Heslop, B.F., 1973:
The male antigen in the rat

Simpson, J., 1970:
The male genitalia of Apis dorsata(F) (Hymenoptera : Apidae)

Saxena, A.; Nama, H.S., 1974:
The male reproductive system of Aspiculuris pakistanica Akhtar, 1955 (Nematoda: Oxyuridae), a common parasite of the house rat, Rattus rattus

Retnakaran, A., 1972:
The male reproductive system of the spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana. 3. Incorporation into seminal components of leucine released during apolysis

Mani, E.; Wildbolz, T.; Riggenbach, W., 1972:
The male trap, a new forecasting method for the codling moth; results for 1969-1971

Waslien, C.I.; Farid, Z.; Darby, W.J., 1973:
The malnutrition of parasitism in Egypt

Howe, A., 1973:
The mammalian pars intermedia: a review of its structure and function

Fawcett, D.W., 1975:
The mammalian spermatozoon

Bryden, M.M.; Tedman, R., 1974 :
The mammary gland of the elephant seal, Mirounga leonina

Outteridge, P.M.; Osebold, J.W.; Zee, Y.C., 1971:
The mammary gland of the ewe as a source of neutrophils and macrophages for repeated collections

Macpherson, E.E.; Montagna, W., 1974:
The mammary glands of rhesus monkeys

Vereshchagin, N.K., 1975:
The mammoth from the Shandrin river

Anonymous, 1974:
The man servicing agricultural machinery. Development of the occupation from the population and employment censuses of 1950 and 61 and newer structural data (including the micro-census of 1970)

Wallach, J.D., 1972:
The management and medical care of pinnipeds

Marden, R.H., 1973:
The management challenge of land and water resources planning

Haslam, S.M., 1973:
The management of British wetlands. 1. Economic and amenity use

Ritchie, R.B.; Bishop, A.H., 1974:
The management of a grazing property in southern Australia

Bates, P.C.; Bigger, T.R.; Hulse, E.V.; Palmer, A., 1972:
The management of a small colony of the marsupial Potorous tridactylus, and a record of its breeding in captivity

Coulter, J.K., 1973:
The management of acid sulphate and other pseudo-acid sulphate soils for agriculture and other uses

Anonymous, 1973:
The management of administrative accounts of the woodland-pastoral real estate of representative mountain communes of Lombardy

Anonymous, 1972:
The management of administrative accounts of the woodland-pastoral real estate of representative mountainous communes in Piedmont

Robins, G.M.; Lane, J.G., 1973:
The management of anal furunculosis

Anonymous, 1974:
The management of broadleaved woodlands. Report of the Fourteenth Discussion Meeting, Reading, 5 to 7 April 1974

Garlick, N.L., 1975:
The management of canine dirofilariais

Way, J.M., 1974:
The management of grass

Biolchev, A.; Onchev, N.; Spassov, T.; Petrov, P., 1972:
The management of gray forest soils in sloping orchards

Levine, G.; Capener, H.; Gore, P., 1973:
The management of irrigation systems for the farm. An interpretive summary of the ADC/RTN Irrigation Seminar held at Cornell University, Oct. 16-18, 1972

Anonymous, 1974:
The management of land under the conditions of socialistic reconstruction of agriculture

Mead, H.; Carter, A.W., 1973:
The management of long grass as a bird repellent on airfields

Cameron, B.K., 1973:
The management of lucerne in a Canterbury low-rainfall sheep farming system

Scholz, E., 1972:
The management of seed stands, an important requirement for intensifying the renewal of the forest resource

Gerdes, G.; Hessland, F., 1972:
The management of sugar beet cultivation with little handwork in the DDR

Liu, Y.C., 1973:
The management of the clone bank of Luanta Fir

Descevres, F., 1973:
The management of the coast of Aquitaine

Aubert, P., 1972:
The management of the state forest of Harcourt

Markin, M.I., 1975:
The management of vineyards on sand

Gracio, A.M.T.M., 1975:
The management of vineyards on steep slopes. A critical analysis of various solutions

Meadowcroft, S.C.; Yule, A.H.; Michel, J.F., 1974:
The management of young beef cattle grazing pasture infected by stomach worms

Daniel, C.; Taffin, G. de, 1974:
The management of young oil palm plantations in dry zones in Dahomey

Merendi, A., 1972:
The management plan for the state forest of Vallombrosa

Zilahi Szabo, M.G., 1973:
The management, control and communication system within the enterprise

Ivanics, A., 1973:
The managerial structure in (Hungarian) crop producing farms

Yakovenko, A.V., 1972:
The mane in silver-black foxes

Aslanov, N.N.; Yatrudakis, S.M.; Ablaeva, R.A.; Tashkuziev, M.M., 1973:
The manganese content of granulometric fractions of a typical serozem

McKenzie, R.M., 1972:
The manganese oxides in soils - a review

Sirkar, S.; Amin, J.V., 1974:
The manganese toxicity of cotton

Woodruff, R.E., 1970:
The mango seed weevil, Sternochetus mangiferae (Fab.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Stroikov, Y.M., 1972:
The manifestation by potato of field resistance to Phytophthora in ontogeny

Pochanina, L., 1975:
The manifestation of Rhizoctonia in tubers

Lesnik, V.S., 1972:
The manifestation of heterosis after hybridization in tetraploid maize

Kalaidzhieva, S.; Kalinov, B., 1975:
The manifestation of heterosis and transgression for some yield components in the hybridization of peas

Bogomolov, A.J.; Grib, S.I., 1971:
The manifestation of heterosis in F1 hybrids of spring barley

Krasochkin, V.T., 1972:
The manifestation of heterosis in beet

Obersht, V.; Chalyk, T., 1970:
The manifestation of heterosis in maize at the tetraploid level

Vedeneev, G.I., 1973:
The manifestation of heterosis in the development of the grain and its components in F0 maize hybrids

Stepanov, G.S., 1974:
The manifestation of heterosis in unisexual hemp hybrids

Orlik, A.P., 1974:
The manifestation of mutant characters by winter wheat in different genotypical environments

Gun' kov, Y.P., 1972:
The manifestation of pseudo-self-compatibility in rye plants on pollinating florets possessing young stigmas

Gulkanyan, V.O.; Oganesyan, S.G.; Nikogosyan, E.E.; Grigoryan, A.A., 1973:
The manifestation of some quantitative and qualitative characters in the F1 during complex hybridization of wheat

Serebrenikov, V.S., 1973:
The manifestation of the biological effect of irradiation as affected by growing conditions

Kodaneva, R.P., 1971 :
The manifestation of the effect of mutagens on barley in the first generation

Popova, D.; Mikhailov, L.; Moinova, K., 1973:
The manifestation of the heterotic effect in hybrid combinations of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) according to some chemical indices

Chalyk, T.S.; Belous, M.I., 1973:
The manifestation of viability in maize pollen under the influence of sterile cytoplasm of the Moldavian type and genes restoring fertility

Pereira, S.M.; Begum, A., 1974:
The manifestations and management of severe protein-calorie malnutrition (kwashiorkor)

Johnson, D.M., 1972:
The manpower situation

Tsai, C.M.; Chang, L.P., 1972:
The manufacture and physical properties of heat-cured wood/plastic combinations

Deppe, H.J., 1973:
The manufacture and use of particle board with cement binder

Peters, K.H.; Knoop, A.M., 1975:
The manufacture of Camembert from mixtures of fresh milk and dried milks

Dixon, B.D.; Black, R.G., 1974:
The manufacture of butter of controlled firmness using fractionated milkfat

Minifie, B.W., 1974:
The manufacture of crumb milk chocolate and other methods of incorporation of milk in chocolate

Kreula, M.; Nordlund, J., 1974:
The manufacture of cultured butter from milk obtained by feeding cows with encapsulated oil

Kamada, S.; Goshu, T.; Kawashima, H., 1974:
The manufacture of lumber from imported sawlogs (Report 3). The conversion of Western Hemlock logs into dimension lumber

Kawashima, H.; Goshu, T.; Kamada, S., 1974:
The manufacture of lumber from imported sawlogs. Report 2. The conversion of Radiata Pine logs into dimension lumber

Niemeyer, H., 1975:
The manufacture of milk with a certain fat content

Kanno, H.; Kosugi, T.; Kamada, S.; Kawashima, H., 1975:
The manufacture of panel and embossed boards from Larch wood (1). Sawing process

Roffael, E.; Schaller, K.; Rauch, W., 1972:
The manufacture of phenol-resin-bonded particle boards. I. The effect of pressing temperature on some physical and technological properties

Roffael, E.; Rauch, W.; Schaller, K., 1973:
The manufacture of phenol-resin-bonded particle boards. II. The effect of thermal aftertreatments in high-density boards and its development in time

Roffael, E.; Rauch, W.; Schaller, K., 1973:
The manufacture of phenol-resin-bonded particle boards. Part 3. Thermal after-treatment of medium- or low-density boards

Roffael, E.; Rauch, W., 1974:
The manufacture of phenol-resin-bonded particle boards. V. The use of Oak to improve board quality, notwithstanding its gluing difficulties

Thomas, M.A., 1973:
The manufacture of processed cheese. Scientific principles

Batchelor, B.K., 1974:
The manufacture of refined wood pulp from P. radiata at Wesley Vale

Anonymous, 1975:
The manufacture of stick confectionery

Takahashi, H.; Moriyama, M.; Osawa, K.; Endo, H., 1974:
The manufacture of three-layer medium density fibreboards from pulp waste

Kawakami, H.; Taneda, K., 1974:
The manufacture of wood-plastic composites using polyethylene glycol bath

Hocombe, S.D., 1973:
The manufacturer's development problems

Terelak, H., 1974:
The manurial value of brown coal ash and waste dust from cement factories

Harrod, M.F.; Johnson, E.W.; Wilkinson, B., 1974:
The manuring of maincrop carrots: I. Sandy soils

Harrod, M.F., 1974:
The manuring of maincrop carrots: II. Peat soils

Green, A.H., 1972:
The manuring of oil palms in the field. Past results

Sels, J., 1974:
The manuring of tomatoes under glass

Evans, H., 1974:
The many uses of the rotary engine in forestry

Karegeannes, C., 1974:
The maple-leaved South African begonias

Hilbig, W.; Mahn, E.G., 1971:
The mapping of arable weeds as a basis for the objective use of herbicides

Ellenberg, H.; Ruthsatz, B.; Ellenberg, C.; Oskarsson, M., 1971:
The mapping of bare patch damage in cultivated grassland in Iceland in 1969

Midriak, R.; Zachar, D., 1973:
The mapping of soil destruction and conservation as an important part of landscape planning

Dietl, W.; Jaggli, F., 1972:
The mapping of vegetation and soil as a basis for planning a comprehensive improvement of the Alps

Gribova, S.A.; Isachenko, T.I., 1972:
The mapping of vegetation on survey scales

Vardar, I., 1972:
The margarine industry and its problems in Turkey

Schwartz, F.J., 1974:
The marine leech Ozobranchus margoi (Hirudinea: Piscicolidae) epizootic on Chelonia and Caretta sea turtles from North Carolina

Pietrewicz, M., 1973:
The market equilibrium as the main problem of the year 1973

Roberts, I.M.; Cuthbertson, A.G., 1972:
The market for Australian apples in the United Kingdom

King, P., 1975:
The market for French beans in selected Western European countries

Grieve, A.J., 1974:
The market for Scotch tomatoes

Mantau, R., 1973:
The market for agricultural and forestry land in North Rhine Westphalia

Prosser, P.B., 1973:
The market for beef in Japan

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for beer in Switzerland 1973

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for boneless beef in the German Federal Republic (cut pieces for the butchery, meat for processing)

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for bread in Switzerland 1973

Haka, I.; Drews, M.; Moore, R.E.; Nygaard, J.; Silver, A.; Tobiasen, P., 1974:
The market for butter

Wilson, R.J., 1975:
The market for cashew-nut kernels and cashew-nut shell liquid

Adamson, A.D.; Robbins, S.R.J., 1975:
The market for cloves and clove products in the United Kingdom

Stother, J., 1971:
The market for dehydrated vegetables with particular reference to selected Western European countries

Anonymous, 1972:
The market for dried skim-milk in 1971

Winter, J.D.; King, P., 1973:
The market for exotic and out-of-season fruits and vegetables in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for flowers, ornamental plants and tree nursery products in Austria

Dress, M.G. van, 1972:
The market for food consumed away from home: dollar value statistics

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for food in Belgium 1973

Herr, M., 1973:
The market for food products in Switzerland 1973. The basic report for Switzerland on the marketing conditions for German food products

Schupp, A.R., 1974:
The market for forage fed beef in Louisiana

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for frozen foods in Greece in 1972

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for fruit and forest trees and ornamental plants in Spain and Portugal. Volume I - Spain, Volume II - Portugal

Anonymous, 1974:
The market for fruit and vegetables

Lenormand, C., 1972 :
The market for fruit in Mauritania

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for fruit juices and lemonades in Austria 1972

Prillevitz, F.C., 1972:
The market for land and rural leases. Effects of measures to reform agricultural structures. III. The Netherlands

Metzdorf, H.J., 1974:
The market for milk in the German Federal Republic

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for pears in Great Britain

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for plums in Europe. Importing countries

Anonymous, 1974:
The market for plums in Europe: the exporting countries

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for poultry and poultry products in Austria 1972

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for products for deep freezing in Austria 1973

Uhlmann, F., 1975:
The market for protein fodder

Anonymous, 1972:
The market for rice in selected European countries. Part one: USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Switzerland. Part two: Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Denmark

Anonymous, 1974:
The market for strawberries in Europe and prospects for its development

Anonymous, 1972:
The market for sucrose-based chemicals with special reference to citric acid, sorbitol and sugar esters

Anonymous, 1974:
The market for table grapes in Federal Germany

Anonymous, 1973:
The market for vegetables and fruit for processing in Switzerland 1973

Mackel, C., 1975:
The market for vegetables in North-East Scotland, with particular reference to Brassicas

Anonymous, 1972:
The market for wine in the United States (champagne and sparkling wines)

Kmonitzek, E., 1972:
The market for wooden sleepers

Schafer, W., 1974:
The market for wool, mutton and lamb. Relations between world markets and the GFR domestic market

Cumberland, J.H., 1973:
The market for yellow skinned chickens

Mantau, R.W., 1972:
The market in agricultural and forestry land in North-Rhine-Westphalia

Anonymous, 1974:
The market in alcoholic products for human consumption in Italy and in the EEC

Jones, H.B.Jr, 1972:
The market potential for further processed poultry products

Kleijn, E.H.J.M. de, 1973:
The market situation and prospects for iris flowers

Vlieger, J.J. de, 1973:
The market structure for calves and veal in 1970

Ward, R.W.; Smoleny, C., 1973:
The market structure of Florida fresh grapefruit packers: an application of Markov chain analyses

Thompson, R.D., 1974:
The marketability of Aspen studs

McBurney, S.A., 1974:
The marketing channels for eggs produced in Northern Ireland

Mahendran, C., 1973:
The marketing of Sarawak pepper

Schubert, B., 1970:
The marketing of basic foodstuffs at the beginning of urbanization and industrialization. The case of Jinja in Uganda

O.D.yer, T.; O.N.ill, F.K.; Bowbrick, P.; Cowan, C., 1973:
The marketing of fruit and vegetables

Moxon, D., 1973:
The marketing of liquid milk in the European Community

Aubry, M.L.; Guellec, A., 1974:
The marketing of pigs in Brittany: the example of Lamballe

Farcy, H. de, 1973:
The marketing principle and agricultural co-operation

Palmer, C.M., 1975:
The marketing system for fat cattle and beef in Great Britain

Misono, Y., 1974:
The marketing system for fruit and vegetables and problems of reorganizing it

Anonymous, 1973:
The marketing system for fruit and vegetables in Ibadan - a case study

Sass, B., 1972:
The mass appearance of a new black currant pest, Dasyneura tetensi in Hungary

Wentzel, P.C., 1970:
The mass-rearing of red scale, Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell)

Popov, P., 1971:
The massive reproduction of the common beet weevil and its chemical control

Grigorov, Y.G.; Sineok, L.L., 1972:
The masticatory apparatus and nutrition of elderly and aged people

Neill, D.J.; Phillips, H.I., 1972:
The masticatory performance and dietary intake of elderly edentulous patients

Kurek, C.; Preis, E., 1972:
The mastitis eradication programme for large herds in Gdansk province in the light of recent views on the pathogenesis of the disease and of our studies

Kiss, G., 1973:
The material interest system in the bread grain industry

Kitamura, C.; Takahashi, S., 1973:
The mating behavior and evidence for a sex stimulant of the Japanese cockroach, Periplaneta japonica Karny (Orthoptera: Blattidae)

Little, M.D.; Orihel, T.C., 1972:
The mating behavior of Anatrichosoma (Nematoda: Trichuroidea)

Jasinski, Z., 1972:
The mating of honeybee queens at a mating station with a large number of drones

Lewis, K.R.; John, B., 1972:
The matter of Mendelian heredity

Unnithan, R.R., 1974:
The maturation in vitro of mouse oocytes collected at various times after an injection of PMSG

Moureaux, T.; Landry, J.; Bacle, M., 1972:
The maturation of maize grain. Qualitative and quantitative changes of different N forms

Aziz, A.B.A., 1970:
The maturation, storage and ripening of pears

Protsenko, A.G., 1972:
The maximum concentration of negative air ions during incubation of fowl eggs

Thompson, R., 1972:
The maximum likelihood approach to the estimate of liability

Bennett, J.W., 1972:
The maximum metabolic response of sheep to cold: effects of rectal temperature, shearing, feed consumption, body posture, and body weight

Golebiowska, Z.; Romankow, W., 1971:
The meadow foxtail midge - Contarinia merceri Barnes (Diptera, Cecidomyidae) - morphology, biology, injuriousness and control

Luckwill, L.C.; Child, R.D., 1973:
The meadow orchard - a new concept of apple production based on growth regulators

Artemchuk, I.V.; Yakimchuk, M.K., 1974:
The meadows of Carpathian Pokut'e and methods for their improvement

Petrov, A.F., 1972:
The mean rate of vibration conveying of chips

Strecker, A., 1974:
The mean value principle is successful. EEC regulations for packaging of liquid products by volume, and use of bottles as graduated containers

Miller, R.M., 1972:
The meaning of development and its educational implications

Saint Come, R., 1974:
The meaning of the Coleus blumei inflorescence

Spencer, T.; Spencer, M.; Venters, D., 1973:
The meaning of the entomological indices in the malaria control programme

Vujacic, V., 1973:
The meaning of the patriarchal family continuum in Montenegro

Gajewski, J., 1974:
The means of realizing optimal plans in agricultural enterprises

Fushimi, T., 1972:
The measured values of a chainsaw handle's vibration and their changes by measuring conditions

Fushimi, T.; Shigaki, H., 1973:
The measured values of an electro-motor chainsaw handle's vibration and their changes by conditions of the sawchain's tension

Alford, M.; Hailstone, E.; Hailstone, J.; Tuley, P., 1974:
The measurement and mapping of land-resource data by point sampling on aerial photographs

Pidgeon, J.D., 1972:
The measurement and prediction of available water capacity of ferrallitic soils in Uganda

Ryle, G.J.A.; Brockington, N.R.; Powell, C.E.; Cross, B., 1973:
The measurement and prediction of organ growth in a uniculm barley

Walz, O.P.; Ford, J.E., 1973:
The measurement of available lysine in protein foods. A comparison of chemical, biological and microbiological methods

O.Connell, D.J., 1975:
The measurement of apparent specific gravity of soils and its relationship to mechanical composition and plant root growth

Love, A.H.; Rohde, J.E.; Abrams, M.E.; Veall, N., 1973:
The measurement of bidirectional sodium fluxes across the intestinal wall in man using whole gut perfusion

Anderson, E.E., 1974:
The measurement of buyer brand preference and indifference under changing terms of trade

Pappenheimer, J.R.; Setchell, B.P., 1972:
The measurement of cerebral blood flow in the rabbit and sheep

Jankovsky, J., 1973:
The measurement of dimensions with the aid of a television camera

Kiraly, E.; Peter, D., 1973:
The measurement of dimensions with the aid of fibre optics

Wu, S.C.; Huang, Y.S.; Kao, C.C., 1974:
The measurement of dynamic modulus of elasticity of wood by forced vibration

Muir, R.M.; Richter, E.W., 1972:
The measurement of ethylene from plant tissues and its relation to auxin effect

E.H.sseiny, F.; Page, D.H., 1973:
The measurement of fibril angle of wood fibres using polarized light

Mogensen, G.V.; Moerkeberg, H., 1973:
The measurement of independent farmers' material standard of living. Some experience from a Danish investigation

Jansen, A.A.; Swanepoel, G.H.; Groenewald, J.A., 1972:
The measurement of managerial inputs in agriculture. IV Application with business results

Jones, R.J.A., 1972:
The measurement of mean temperatures by the sucrose inversion method

Campion, T.H.; Dilley, S., 1973:
The measurement of nanogram quantities of vitamin D3

Bryant, D.G., 1973:
The measurement of population density of the Balsam woolly aphid, Adelges piceae (Ratz.), (Homoptera: Phylloxeridae), a highly aggregate species

Whittlestone, W.G., 1974:
The measurement of rate of change of negative pressure in mechanical milking systems

Novakova, E.; Prugar, J., 1973:
The measurement of riboflavin in cereals and legumes

Bonilla, J.A.; Petrini, L.E., 1972:
The measurement of seasonal height growth of Salicaceae in Uruguay

Ramsay, W.N., 1973:
The measurement of serum transferrin by iron-binding capacity

James, P.A., 1971:
The measurement of soil frost-heave in the field

Foster, R.H.; Evans, J.S., 1974:
The measurement of soil microstructure

Harvey, D.G., 1973:
The measurement of specific gravities in dog urine by refractometry

Shinde, Y.; Kamio, T., 1974:
The measurement of the changes in teat motor activity of cow by means of a copper-sulfate solution-in-rubber strain gauge

Manly, B.F.J., 1975:
The measurement of the characteristics of natural selection

Symonds, H.W.; Sansom, B.F.; Twardock, A.R., 1972:
The measurement of the transfer of calcium and phosphorus from foetus to dam in the sheep using a whole body counter

Houseman, R.A.; McDonald, I.; Pennie, K., 1973:
The measurement of total body water in living pigs by deuterium oxide dilution and its relation to body composition

Stenvert, N.L., 1972:
The measurement of wheat hardness and its effect on milling characteristics

Sato, M.; Imura, S.; Hongo, M., 1974:
The measuring of the adhesive strength of a film

Mazenc, L., 1972:
The meat market

Anonymous, 1972:
The meat marketing scheme and abattoir provision

Goldstein, C.L., 1971:
The meat problem

Guhne, W., 1972:
The meat yield of heavy turkeys in relation to sex, weight and age

Ravina, I., 1973:
The mechanical and physical behaviour of Ca-clay soil and K-clay soil

Rocafort, J.E., 1973:
The mechanical and related properties of Dangkalan

Keith, C.T., 1972:
The mechanical behaviour of wood in longitudinal compression

Akritidis, C.B., 1974:
The mechanical characteristics of maize stalks in relation to the characteristics of cutting blade

Anonymous, 1972:
The mechanical harvesting of apples (1967-1971)

Scotti, P., 1974:
The mechanical harvesting of berry and stone fruits

Anonymous, 1972:
The mechanical harvesting of berry fruits (1964-1971)

Anonymous, 1973:
The mechanical harvesting of cherries (1967-1972)

Fiorino, P.; Vitagliano, C.; Magherini, R., 1971:
The mechanical harvesting of olives. II. Observations on the effect of the position and length of branch on the yield obtained by shaking

Bennekom, J.L. van, 1974:
The mechanical harvesting of onions

Anonymous, 1973:
The mechanical harvesting of plums, prunes and mirabelles (1968-1972)

Ciolo, S. di; Sansavini, S., 1972:
The mechanical harvesting of strawberries: preliminary studies and research in Italy

Scaramuzzi, F., 1974:
The mechanical harvesting of the grape

Baldini, E.; Intrieri, C., 1972:
The mechanical harvesting of vines

Bolza, E.; Kloot, N.H., 1972:
The mechanical properties of 56 Fijian timbers

Clauna, M.S., 1973:
The mechanical properties of Narig

Cruz, R.Z. de la; Lauricio, F.M., 1971:
The mechanical properties of Tangile (Shorea polysperma (Blanco) Merr.)

Rocafort, J.E., 1972:
The mechanical properties of White Lauan (Pentacme contorta (Vid.) Merr. & Rolfe)

Nisperos Medrano, R.; Miciano, R.J., 1973:
The mechanical properties of Yakal-gisok from Infanta, Quezon

Boyd, J.V.; Mitchell, J.R.; Irons, L.; Musselwhite, P.R.; Sherman, P., 1973:
The mechanical properties of milk protein films spread at the air-water interface

Floyd, K.; Morrison, J.F., 1975:
The mechanical properties of oesophageal striated muscle in the cat and sheep

Reynolds, S.E., 1975:
The mechanical properties of the abdominal cuticle of Rhodnius larvae

Keller, R., 1972:
The mechanical properties of wood and density components

Francia, E., 1972:
The mechanical pruning of fruit trees

Morettini, A.; Bellini, E.; Ciatti, B., 1973:
The mechanical pruning of olives trained by a new system of lowered goblets

Towner, G.D.; Childs, E.C., 1972:
The mechanical strength of unsaturated porous granular material

Vieitez, E., 1974:
The mechanical tissues of cuttings as possible regulators of their capacity to root

Subikova, V., 1973:
The mechanical transmission of Euonymus mosaic virus, Maple leaf perforation by leaf extract or leaf nucleic acid to herbaceous plants

Bishop, B.E., 1974:
The mechanics of control

Shoemaker, E.M.; Srivastava, L.M., 1973:
The mechanics of stomatal opening in corn (Zea mays L.) leaves

Kaushal, M.P., 1972:
The mechanisation of agriculture and its effect on the Jajmani system in the Punjab

Karizumi, N., 1973:
The mechanism and function of tree root in the process of forest production I. Method of investigation and estimation of the root biomass

Karizumi, N., 1974:
The mechanism and function of tree root in the process of forest production II. Root biomass and distribution in stands

Iwasaki, T., 1974:
The mechanism and significance of the outflow of the rural labour force

Nierenberg, L., 1972:
The mechanism for the maintenance of species integrity in sympatrically occurring equitant oncidiums in the Caribbean

Takizawa, Y.; Torii, T., 1974:
The mechanism governing the emergence of the sugi spider mite in Japanese cedar plantations

Comings, D.E.; Avelino, E.; Okada, T.A.; Wyandt, H.E., 1973:
The mechanism of C- and G-banding of chromosomes

McKay, R.D.G., 1973:
The mechanism of G and C banding in mammalian metaphase chromosomes

Leonovich, A.A., 1973:
The mechanism of action of a fire-retardant compound

Garvican, L.; Cajone, F.; Rees, K.R., 1973:
The mechanism of action of aflatoxin B1 on protein synthesis; observations on malignant, viral transformed and untransformed cells in culture

Crook, L.E.; Harley, E.H.; Cohen, A.; Rees, K.R., 1972:
The mechanism of action of aflatoxin B1; observations on virus-infected cells

Hasman, M.; Onder, N., 1972:
The mechanism of action of different plant growth regulators with special emphasis on water relations

Olson, J.S.; Ballou, D.P.; Palmer, G.; Massey, V., 1974:
The mechanism of action of xanthine oxidase

Mine, A., 1974:
The mechanism of bentazone selectivity

Ganev, S., 1972:
The mechanism of bonding between humic fractions of the absorption complex in podzolized soils

Sharobaiko, V.I.; Korban, N.V.; Ivanov, I.I., 1973:
The mechanism of changes in the nucleotide composition of DNA in cells in semen stored in vitro

Noma, Y.; Ohno, M.; Nagasawa, K., 1972:
The mechanism of chemical thinning in satsumas. III. The fruit thinning effect of NAA in relation to shoot environment and C/N ratio of leaves

Dalu, M., 1973:
The mechanism of chromosome pairing

Popovich, E.B., 1972:
The mechanism of decreased resistance of the body due to migrating ascarids

Aristarkhova, S.A.; Burlakova, E.B.; Khrapova, N.G.; Kukhtina, E.N.; Sarycheva, I.K.; Evstigneeva, R.P., 1974:
The mechanism of difference in biological activity of alpha - and gamma -tocopherols

Sidorenkov, I.V.; Sharaev, P.N., 1972:
The mechanism of disturbance of mucopolysaccharide and collagen metabolism in experimental atherosclerosis

Solomos, T.; Laties, G.G., 1975:
The mechanism of ethylene and cyanide action in triggering the rise in respiration in potato tubers

Alumot, E., 1972:
The mechanism of ethylene dibromide action on laying hens

Rasmussen, F., 1972:
The mechanism of excretion of drugs into milk from untreated glands after intramammary application

Smith, D.R.N.; Banks, W.B., 1971:
The mechanism of flow of gases through coniferous wood

Quamme, H.; Weiser, C.J.; Stushnoff, C., 1973:
The mechanism of freezing injury in xylem of winter apple twigs

Noma, Y., 1971:
The mechanism of fruit abscission in satsuma orange as affected by NAA application. I. The absorption and translocation of 14C carboxyl-labelled NAA in leaves, shoots and fruit

Puhalla, J.E.; Mayfield, J.E., 1974:
The Mechanism of Heterokaryotic Growth in VERTICILLIUM DAHLIAE

Strey, A.; Lusky, K.; Stellmacher, W.; Trolldenier, H., 1972:
The mechanism of immunization by oral administration of dead antigens. II. Type-specific and non-specific elimination of Salmonella whole antigen from the blood and its distribution in liver and spleen

Toujas, L.; Sabolovic, D.; Dazord, L.; L.G.rrec, Y.; Toujas, J.P.; Guelfi, J.; Pilet, C., 1972:
The mechanism of immunostimulation induced by inactivated Brucella abortus

Burgess, J.; Motoyoshi, F.; Fleming, E.N., 1973:
The mechanism of infection of plant protoplasts by viruses

Krupnova, G.F.; Seitkhozhaev, A.I., 1974:
The mechanism of inhibition of postradiational recovery in cells. III. Increase in the frequency of chromosome aberrations after postradiational treatment of buckwheat cells with caffeine

Liggins, G.C.; Fairclough, R.J.; Grieves, S.A.; Kendall, J.Z.; Knox, B.S., 1973:
The mechanism of initiation of parturition in the ewe

Fischer, U.; Hommel, H.; Ziegler, M.; Michael, R., 1972:
The mechanism of insulin secretion after oral glucose administration. 1. Multiphasic course of insulin mobilization after oral administration of glucose in conscious dogs. Differences to the behaviour after intravenous administration

Hommel, H.; Fischer, U.; Retzlaff, K.; Knofler, H., 1972:
The mechanism of insulin secretion after oral glucose administration. 2. Reflex insulin secretion in conscious dogs bearing fistulas of the digestive tract by sham-feeding of glucose or tap water

Parthasarathy, S.; Subbaiah, P.V.; Ganguly, J., 1974:
The mechanism of intestinal absorption of phosphatidylcholine in rats

Stadler, D.R., 1973:
The mechanism of intragenic recombination

Junttila, O., 1973:
The mechanism of low temperature dormancy in mature seeds of Syringa species

Takai, Y., 1970:
The mechanism of methane fermentation in flooded paddy soil

Wehner, R., 1969:
The mechanism of optical measurement of angles by the honeybee

Madziara Borusiewicz, K.; Lysenko, O., 1971:
The mechanism of pathogenicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. VII. The influence of toxic proteinase on hemocytes of Galleria mellonella

Kucera, M.; Lysenko, O., 1971:
The mechanism of pathogenicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. VIII. Isolation of hemolymph proteins from Galleria mellonella larvae and their digestibility by the toxic protease

Jackson, D.K., 1972 :
The mechanism of plant response to irrigation

Reynolds, S.E., 1975:
The mechanism of plasticization of the abdominal cuticle in Rhodnius

Zdarek, J.; Fraenkel, G., 1972:
The mechanism of puparium formation in flies

Hannon, N.J.; Barber, H.N., 1972:
The mechanism of salt tolerance in naturally selected populations of grasses

Wooding, F.B., 1971:
The mechanism of secretion of the milk fat globule

Yang, A.F.; Hamilton, R.I., 1974:
The mechanism of seed transmission of tobacco ringspot virus in soybean

Lynch, M.R., 1972:
The mechanism of selectivity of diphenamid (N,N-dimethyl-2,2-diphenylacetamide)

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The mechanism of stratification in the seed of Pinus radiata D. Don

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The mechanism of the process of induced mutation. I. Structural chromosome mutations

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The mechanism of the transmission of plant-pathogenic viruses by aphids

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The mechanisms of biological control of plant diseases

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The mechanisms of genetic isolation in the complex of Anopheles gambiae Giles

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The mechanisms of inbreeding

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The mechanisms of movement in stomata: a critical study of the principal classical and modern theories and an analysis of the effects of carbon dioxide on the movement of Pelargonium X hortorum stomata in darkness

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The mechanisms of neutralization of sensitized equine arteritis virus by complement components

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The mechanization of fruit picking

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The mechanization of garlic harvesting and drying

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The mechanization of rice production in southern Taiwan

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The mechanization of soil sampling for nematode cyst investigations, especially cysts of the potato nematode (Heterodera rostochiensis Wollenweber)

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The mechanization of the harvest

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The mechanized harvesting of Brussels sprouts

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The mechanized harvesting of cauliflowers

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The medial ligament of elbow joint of buffalo (Bos bubalis L.)

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The medical management of hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus and Erinaceus europaeus roumanicus)

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The membrane of recombined fat globules

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The menace of lethal yellowing to Florida palms

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The mensuration of coniferous smallwood from cleanings

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The merits of the high strain bandmill

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The metabolic background of disease resistance

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The metabolic pathways of atherogenesis

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The metabolism of IgG(T) in the newborn foal

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The metabolism of antio in the organism of hens

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The metabolism of aromatic compounds

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The metabolism of maltose after intravenous injection in normal and diabetic subjects

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The metabolism of nucleic acid and protein in organs of the albino rats

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The metabolism of pentobarbitone in sheep

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The metabolism of roots of Pisum sativum in the presence of NaCl. 1. Proteins and lipids labelled from 14C-proline and 3H-hydroxyproline

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The metabolizable energy content of rapeseed oils and rapeseed oil foots and the effect of blending with other fats

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The metabolizable energy of linear paraffins for the chick

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The metallic defect in pelts from Finnish dark mink

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The metallic sheen fur defect

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The metazoan parasite-fauna of fish from Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex in relation to features of the habitat and host populations

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The method of calculating heritability of economic traits in dairy cattle

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The method of calculating internal and production costs for joint farming enterprises

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The method of complex hybrid populations for breeding perennial herbage crops

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The method of complex populations in breeding winter rye

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The method of evaluating the heritability of leucosis in cattle

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The method of fluorescent analysis of hybrids of vetch (Vicia sativa L.)

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The method of genetically controlled heterosis in breeding sunflower

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The method of inbreeding in breeding carrots

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The method of interspecific hybridization in cotton breeding

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The method of making a prognosis of ascariasis

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The method of methacrylate-embedding of corpuscular antigen in the immunofluorescent diagnosis of filariasis

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The method of minimum evolution

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The method of parallel back crossing in breeding tobacco for resistance to disease

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The method of pot culture of grasses and lucerne using a system of controlled water supply

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The method of producing forms of carrots with cytoplasmic male sterility

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The method of purification of Trichinella larvae from microorganisms

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The method of thermal disinfection of seeds

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The method of tissue culture of higher plants in vitro as applied to genetic investigations exemplified by carrots

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The method of variety testing in the Federal German Republic

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The methode du controle developed in Postojna, Slovenia

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The methodology and mechanism of the phenol reaction in cereals

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The methodology of calculating pollen fertility

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The methodology of estimating heritability of non sex-limited traits in livestock

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The methodology of evaluating inbred maize lines for combining ability

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The methodology of evaluating winter-wheat varieties for resistance to bacterial diseases

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The methodology of genetic analysis of Pinus sylvestris populations

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The methodology of obtaining tetraploids of red clover

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The methodology of planning of socialist agriculture in Czechoslovakia

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The methodology of selecting pears for winter hardiness

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The methodology of using ionizing radiation in the clonal selection of apple

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The methodology of village studies in less developed countries

Anonymous, 1971:
The methods for determining plant associations

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The methods for fractionation of proteins in leaves and tubers of potatoes

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The methods of action of chemosterilants on insects

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The methods of testing for resistance characters under artificial conditions used in wheat breeding at Weihenstephan

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The methods of working used by medical epidemiologists in natural foci of diseases. Communication 2. Epidemiological reconnaissance of a territory for the presence of helminthiases with a natural focal distribution

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The methylation of humic substances

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The methylene blue reduction test for the determination of the microbiological quality of milk

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The metric system in New Zealand forestry

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The micellar size of sodium-caseinate globules in the presence of different Ca2+/Mg2+/concentrations determined by light scattering method

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The micro-anatomy of the lymph node of germ-free piglets

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The micro-distribution of copper-chrome-arsenate in Acer pseudoplatanus and Eucalyptus maculata

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The micro-fauna of Californian-system poultry houses in Britain

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The micro-meteorology of an extended area of tea before and after rain

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The microautoradiographic technique in physiological studies of plants

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The microbial colonization of some woods of small dimensions buried in soil

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The microbial composition of South African commercial butter before and after keeping quality storage

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The microbial flora of broiler-house litter and dust

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The microbial metabolism of Di-n-butyl phthalate and related dialkyl phthalates

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The microbiologic determination of serum folic acid activity. 1. Study of the assay system

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The microbiological method for the control of the leopard moth

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The microbiology of hydrocarbon impregnated soils. Changes in respiratory activity

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The microbiology of yoghurt

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The microbiomethod in the control of fusariosis of melon

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The microbiotopes of Gymnophallus fossarum P. Bartoli, 1965 (Trematoda, Gymnophallidae) metacercariae in Tapes decussatus L

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The microclimate among irrigated grapevines trained by different methods

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The microclimate and soil moisture on levelled open-cast rock-phosphate workings at Maardu

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The microclimate in isolation cages and hybrid seed production

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The microclimate in woodland and scrub in Haukadalur and Vaglaskogur

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The microclimate of grass communities

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The microclimate of sand dune tracks: the relative contribution of vegetation removal and soil compression

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The microclimate of strip fellings in the forest of Epinal (Vosges) : comparison with clear felling

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The microfauna of activated sludge. Part II. Assemblages of microfauna in block aeration tanks

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The microfibrillar orientation in cell-wall layers of Virginia Pine tracheids

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The microfilaria of Brugia: a first stage nematode larva

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The microflora and aflatoxin B1 content of groundnut samples

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The microflora and concentrations of volatile fatty acids in the rumen of cattle fed on single component rations

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The microflora and the structural stability of soils

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The microflora of Serbian ewes' milk cheese

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The microflora of bulk collected milk

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The microflora of grassland

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The microflora of moist maize grains: composition and evolution in relation to various methods of storage

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The microflora of Southern Ohio poultry litter

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The microflora of the cervix of the thoroughbred mare: a clinical and bacteriological survey in a large-animal practice in Hastings

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The microflora of the face and acne lesions

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The microflora of vegetable seeds

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The micromorphology and clay mineralogy of sandy paleosoils from the coastal plain of Israel

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The micromorphology and mineralogical composition of warpland soils of the Kolkhid lowland

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The micromorphology of Czechoslovakian illimerized soils

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The micromorphology of chestnut carbonate soils of Turgai in relation to some characteristics of their genesis

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The micromorphology of fossil soils in the Cypress Hills, Alberta, Canada

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The micromorphology of silica-cemented soil horizons in western North America

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The micromorphology of soil organic matter - a synthesis of recent research

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The micromorphology, chemical and mineralogical composition, and properties of bottomland soils of the river Seim

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The micronutrients - their importance for grapevine nutrition with particular reference to symptoms of deficiency and excess

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The microorganisms associated with the sclerotia of Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in soil and their effects on the viability of the pathogens

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The microscopic feature of some wood defects

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The microscopy of foreign fruits. VII. Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims)

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The microstructure of the elementary microbial ecosystems

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The mode of action of some selected herbicide groups

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The mode of attachment of the larval tapeworm to the mucosa of the chicken intestine

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The mode of infection of the insect pathogenic fungus Culicinomyces in larvae of the mosquito Culex fatigans

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The mode of origin of a leaf primordium in the shoot apex of the pea (Pisum sativum)

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The mode of penetration of benomyl into Cucumis sativus and Phaseolus vulgaris after seed treatment

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The mode of transmission of Tipula iridescent virus. II. Route of infection

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The model of plant productivity

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