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Chapter 239

The mutagenic effect of thio-TEPA in laboratory mice. 4. The effect of genotype and sex on the frequency of induced chromosome aberrations in bone marrow cells

Surkova, N.I.; Malashenko, A.M.

Genetika, USSR 11(1): 66-72


Accession: 000238260

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Five male and 5 female mice from each of 9 inbred strains and 2 strain crosses were injected with 5 mg/kg of thio-TEPA, and 100 bone marrow cells from each mouse were examined 24 h after injection of the mutagen. The same numbers of untreated mice from each genetic group served as controls. In controls, the proportion of cells showing spontaneous chromosome aberrations ranged from 0.6% in the C3H X 101 cross to 4.2% in 101/H mice. The corresponding figures for induced aberrations in treated mice were 14.0% (CBA X C57BL/6) and 53.4% (101/H). In both treated and control mice, many of the differences between genetic groups were significant.

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