Section 1
Chapter 239

The nutrition of the veal calf. 6. The effect of ultra-high (68 per cent) fat milk powders added to liquid skim milk, and a comparison with spray-dried skim milk powder containing 20 per cent margarine fat

Roy, J.H.B.; Stobo, I.J.F.; Gaston, H.J.; Shotton, S.M.; Ganderton, P.

Animal Production 17(2): 109-127


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3561
DOI: 10.1017/s0003356100016858
Accession: 000238855

6. Fifty-one male Jersey, Ayrshire and British Friesian calves were reared from birth to veal weights on one of three liquid diets. Two high-fat milk powders containing beef tallow (T) or a mixture of coconut oil and beef tallow (CT) 680 g/kg DM were mixed with liquid skimmed milk (35 g powder/kg) to give diets TLS and CTLS, containing 200 g fat/kg DM. The third diet was of reconstituted spray-dried skimmed milk containing 200 g margarine fat/kg (MDS).

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