The nutrition of the veal calf. III. A comparison of liquid skim-milk with a diet of reconstituted spray-dried skim-milk powder containing 20% margarine fat

Roy, J.H.B.; Stobo, I.J.F.; Gaston, H.J.

British Journal of Nutrition 24: 459-475


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-1145
Accession: 000238856

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15 Friesian and 9 Ayrshire bull calves were fed 1 of the following 3 diets ad lib. after each had received 7 kg whole colostrum: (i) fresh liquid skim-milk (SM) containing 0.1% milk fat; (ii) reconstituted spray-dried SM containing 2.8% margarine fat; and (iii) as (ii) for 14 days from birth, followed by (i). (Fat content of DM in (i) and (ii) was 1.3 and 20.5% respectively). Tabulated data include values for apparent digestibility of lactose, DM, protein and fat from diets (i)-(iii). Apparent digestibility of lactose and apparent absorption of ash and Ca were greater with (ii) than with (i). Friesian calves were less susceptible to the adverse effects of (i) (having a lower incidence of diarrhoea) compared with the Ayrshires.