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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 243

Chapter 243 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Manuel, M.F.; Morales, E.G., 1974:
The prophylactic effect of sulfamonomethoxine against leucocytozoonosis in chickens under field conditions

Roy Smith, F., 1971:
The prophylactic effects of imidocarb against Babesia argentina and Babesia bigemina infections of cattle

Schipper, I.A.; Kelling, C.L., 1974:
The prophylactic use of antibiotics in the prevention of bovine respiratory disease complex

Vasil' ev, A.A.; Selikhova, O.V., 1975:
The prophylaxis of ascariasis in piglets

Armour, J.; Corba, J.; Bruce, R.G., 1973:
The prophylaxis of ovine fascioliasis by the strategic use of rafoxanide

Gonzalez Fernandez, M.A.; Gimenez Martin, G.; Torre, C. de la, 1971:
The proportion of G1, S and G2 at different temperatures in meristematic cells

Hume, I.D., 1974:
The proportion of dietary protein escaping degradation in the rumen of sheep fed on various protein concentrates

Verderevskaya, N.D.; Gamayunova, M.S.; Ostrovskaya, L.K., 1972:
The proportion of different forms of iron in leaves and isolated chloroplasts of peas under conditions of iron deficiency

Garina, K.P., 1974:
The proportion of gene and chromosome mutations in barley seeds treated with ethyleneimine at different stages of the cell cycle

Overstijns, A.; Bockstaele, L., 1973:
The proportion of spawn in mushroom growing

Kovacik, A.; Skaloud, V., 1972:
The proportion of the variability component caused by the environment and the correlations of economically important properties and characters of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Bicanin, M., 1975:
The proportions of manganese excreted in faeces and urine with different concentrations in the diet

Crimella, C.; Carenzi, C.; Cerutti, F., 1973:
The proportions of the back cut and abdominal fat related to month of the year and carcass weight

Westphal, E., 1975:
The proposed retypification of Dolichos L. a review

Chapman, H.D.; Wilson, R.A., 1973:
The propulsion of the cercariae of Himasthla secunda (Nicoll) and Cryptocotyle lingua

Petric, S., 1973:
The pros and cons of initial fertilization of conifer plantations

Corke, A.T.K., 1974:
The prospect for biotherapy in trees infected by silver leaf

Efremenko, V.P.; Klimakova, E.T., 1973:
The prospect of using potato hybrids as a biological control of Heterodera rostochiensis

Bunnies, H., 1974:
The prospective development of grain production in the Federal Republic of Germany up to 1980

Paulian, F., 1972:
The prospective use of organophosphorus preparations for the control of the weevil Tanymecus dilaticollis Gyll

Korva, T., 1974:
The prospects for agriculture in northern Lapland

Jones, P.A., 1973:
The prospects for avocado production in Swaziland

Baker, H.K., 1972:
The prospects for beef, sheep and veal

Galeski, B., 1973:
The prospects for collective farming

Maharaj, D.; Strauss, J., 1970:
The prospects for developing agriculture in the small Caribbean Commonwealth territories. The role of the small-scale farmer in the Caribbean economy. Proceedings of the fifth West Indian Agricultural Economics Conference held at Roseau, Dominica, April 5th-11th, 1970

Rai, K.S., 1971:
The prospects for genetic control of filariasis vectors

Lardinois, P., 1974:
The prospects for improvement of the CAP

Rod, J., 1974:
The prospects for intervarietal hybridization of Italian ryegrass

Empson, J.D., 1972:
The prospects for milk and dairy products

Homola, I., 1972:
The prospects for new trends in breeding beans (Vicia faba L.) in relation to the biology of flowering

Spensley, P.C.; Halliday, D.; Orr, E., 1972:
The prospects for non-conventional protein resources

Behan, M.J., 1972:
The prospects for pigs

Boardall, K., 1972:
The prospects for poultrymeat and eggs

Swiezynski, K.M., 1973:
The prospects for shortening the breeding cycle in potatoes

Stegmann, G.; Storck, D.W., 1972:
The prospects for small wood. I. Development to date and future development of industries using small wood. II. Consumption of wood for products made from small wood. III. Supply position in the face of rising demand in the future

Rusanovschi, V., 1971:
The prospects for the introduction of single maize hybrids into production

Arbuthnott, Viscount, 1972:
The prospects for the upland land user

Davey, B.H., 1972:
The prospects of EEC entry for farming systems in Britain

Sturgess, I., 1973:
The prospects of UK cereal surpluses

Ivanova, R.M., 1970:
The prospects of breeding oil poppy for increased codeine content in the capsules

Vitkovskii, V.L.; Berestova, G.N.; Bocharnikova, N.M.; Neronova, N.L.; Belyaeva, T.G.; Koval' , G.K., 1972:
The prospects of cultivating cranberry, blueberry, cornus and other less common crops

Rakhimzhanov, A.G., 1973:
The prospects of distant crossing for the development of wilt-resistant cotton varieties

Rybalko, K.S.; Pakaln, D.A.; Evstratova, R.I.; Shreter, A.I., 1975:
The prospects of finding plants containing sesquiterpene lactones. Plants of the subtribe Centaureinae, fam. Asteraceae

Hagner, S.; Fahlroth, S., 1974:
The prospects of growing Pinus contorta in North Sweden

Vereshchako, F.A.; Gevko, V.A., 1973:
The prospects of growing inter-specific highly productive peppermint hybrids in Podol'e

Andonov, I., 1974:
The prospects of interspecific hybridization in spring fodder barley

Leeuw, P.N. de, 1971:
The prospects of livestock production in the Northern Guinea zone savannas

Sanikidze, V.I., 1972:
The prospects of propagating tea commercially by softwood cuttings

Konovalova, O.A.; Rybalko, K.S.; Shreter, A.I.; Pakaln, D.A., 1975:
The prospects of searches for plants containing sesquiterpenic lactones. Part 2. Subtribe Inulinae fam. Asteraceae

Grigor' ev, M.F., 1974:
The prospects of singling out from the winter-wheat collection varieties resistant to root rots

Novozhilov, K.V.; Smirnova, I.M.; Smirnova, G.V., 1970:
The prospects of the use of methylnitrofos for the control of pests of wheat

Luk' yanenko, D.D., 1972:
The prospects of utilizing heterosis in tomatoes

Cierniewski, C., 1973:
The prostaglandins

Knecht, M.; Hagenmaier, H.E.; Zebe, E., 1974:
The proteases in the gut of the locust, Locusta migratoria

Vel' yaminov Zernov, V.N., 1974:
The protecting reactions of potatoes under drought conditions

Guariento, M.; Ravelli, V., 1972:
The protection and semi-forcing of carrots with plastic materials

Nogueira, C.D.S., 1971:
The protection of Cork Oak and Holm Oak groves-a problem of the Iberian peninsula

Balazs, K.; Vajna, L., 1971:
The protection of berry fruits

Delattre, R., 1972:
The protection of cotton crops in French-speaking Africa and Madagascar

Kutsenin, B.A., 1970:
The protection of cruciferous crops in the Kola peninsula

Eeckhoutte, M., 1972:
The protection of foods of animal origin from environmental pollution

Anonymous, 1972:
The protection of forest from pests and diseases

Ribal, M.; Toufar, J., 1974:
The protection of forest plantations with W. German HT repellents

Petrlik, Z., 1972:
The protection of hops from downy mildew

Mahieu, N.; Grill, D., 1973:
The protection of market-garden crops in the Nantes region

Müller, H.E., 1974:
The protection of mice by a specific anti-Erysipelothrix insidiosa-neuraminidase-antiserum against Erysipelothrix insidiosa infection

Khmelevskaya, M.A.; Bugaenko, V.F., 1974:
The protection of own-rooted vineyards from phylloxera

Langbridge, D.M., 1970:
The protection of packaged foods from insect attack (trials using pyrethrum, synergised pyrethrins and carbaryl as paper coatings)

Uhl, N.W.; Moore, H.E.J., 1973:
The protection of pollen and ovules in palms

Polyakov, V.A.; Silikov, A.M., 1973:
The protection of reindeer from harmful insects

Proctor, D.L., 1972:
The protection of smoke-dried freshwater fish from insect damage during storage in Zambia

Odintsova, O.V., 1972:
The protection of tea plantations from the tea moth in Dagomysskii sovkhoz

Bjarnason, H., 1971:
The protection of the land and soil fertility

Baillod, M.; Guignard, E.; Antonin, P., 1974:
The protection of vines against the red spider (Panonychus ulmi Koch) and common yellow spider (Tetranychus urticae Koch)

Vasil' ev, K.A., 1971:
The protection of wheat against the grey grain moth

Moulales, D., 1973:
The protection of young forest plants during transplanting

Chandler, H.M.; Gulasekharam, J., 1974:
The protective antigen of a highly immunogenic strain of clostridium chauvoei including an evaluation of its flagella as a protective antigen

Chandler, H.M.; Hamilton, R.C., 1975:
The protective antigenicity of protoplasts and sphaeroplasts of a highly protective strain of Clostridium chauvoei

Papp Vid, G., 1975:
The protective antigens of equine rhinopneumonitis virus

Gorshin, S.N.; Krapivina, I.G., 1973:
The protective capability of PCP solutions in various petroleum products

Wichmann, R.W.; Stoner, J.H., 1974:
The protective effect conferred by Pasteurella multocida bacterin administered intranasally

Miler, I.; Cerna, J.; Travnicek, J.; Rejnek, J., 1975:
The protective effect of antibodies to Escherichia coli in newborn germfree piglets

Troitskaya, A.I., 1973:
The protective effect of calcium on germinating wheat seeds irradiated with gamma rays

Airapetyan, R.B.; Babayan, R.S., 1974:
The protective effect of heating on onion-seedling chromosomes during X irradiation

Buban, T.; Jenser, G.; Bartha, J., 1974:
The protective effectiveness and side effects of fungicides used for plant protection of pome fruits

Skatula, L., 1971:
The protective function of the forest in the vicinity of water-supply reservoirs

Kazankin, A.P., 1973:
The protective properties of forest on different soils and parent rocks in the Northern Caucasus

Telle, R., 1972:
The protective properties of glycerol in the deep-freezing and thawing of pelleted bull semen

Berg, P.J., 1972:
The protective role of Cupressus macrocarpa in coastal plantings at Woodhill Forest

Richard, C.; Fontin, J.A., 1975:
The protective role of Suillus granulatus against Mycelium radicis atrovirens in seedlings of Pinus resinosa

Ghosh, R.C., 1975:
The protective role of forestry to the land

Klintsov, A.P., 1973:
The protective role of forests on Sakhalin

Ferrari, J.P., 1972:
The protein and amino acid contents of Capsicum acuminatum var. cayennense

Hurwitz, S.; Bornstein, S., 1973:
The protein and amino acid requirements of laying hens: suggested models for calculation

Solovskoi, V.L., 1974:
The protein and fat content of milk in grade Russian Brown cattle in Turkmen

Mayo, M.A.; Jones, A.T., 1973:
The protein and nucleic acid components of elderberry latent virus

Sirotin, E.G.; Kholyrev, N.G., 1971:
The protein and tryptophan content of the grain of hybrids and varieties of first-generation winter bread wheats

Cigliano, G.; Bono, A. de, 1973:
The protein bait method proves itself in the control of olive fly

Sokolov, O.A.; Semikhov, V.F., 1969:
The protein complex of buckwheat seeds in relation to ploidy and nutrient conditions

Klochkova, V.I.; Vykhrestyuk, N.P., 1972:
The protein composition of the nematode Mecistocirrus digitatus, a parasite of the abomasum of cattle

Yunuskhanov, S.; Ibragimkhodzhaeva, M.P.; Ibragimov, A.P., 1975:
The protein composition of the seeds in the cotton variety Tashkent 1 and its parents

Haikerwal, M.; Mathieson, A.R., 1971:
The protein content and amino acid composition of sorghum grain

Klad' ko, V.M., 1974:
The protein content in apple shoots in relation to frost resistance and productivity

Brej, S., 1973:
The protein content of F2 hybrid seeds of spring wheat

Taira, H.; Taira, H., 1972:
The protein content of brown rice from Hotitiaido

Luck, H., 1973:
The protein content of condensed milk as determined by the amido black dye-binding method

Munro, G.L.; Bailey, L.F.; Feagan, J.T., 1974:
The protein content of cows milk: variation through lactation and its significance for protein testing services

Ashworth, U.S., 1972:
The protein content of milks, imitation milks and dairy products

Hunnius, Z.; Scheidt, M.; Munzert, M., 1973:
The protein content of potato in relation to yield and quality characters and to varietal behaviour

Anikanova, Z.F., 1974:
The protein content of recommended pea varieties

Timofeeva, A.A., 1971:
The protein content of the leaf cell organelles of maize, pea and barley plants in relation to the action of atrazine

Menezo, Y.J.R., 1974:
The protein content of the tubal and uterine secretions in the oestrous sheep. Comparison with the seminal and blood plasmas

Strbac, V.D.; Ayers, G.S.; Ries, S.K., 1974:
The protein fractions in chemically induced high-protein wheat seed

Watt, D.D.; Babin, D.R.; Mlejnek, R.V., 1974:
The protein neurotoxins in scorpion and elapid snake venoms

Ladinskaya, S.I.; Khudasheva, G.S.; Gratsianova, 0 V.; Mednikov, F.A., 1974:
The protein of Pine and Spruce needles, and the possibility of extracting it

Rohrlich, M.; Friedel, K., 1972:
The protein of wheat aleurone cells

Sukhatme, P.V., 1974:
The protein problem, its size and nature

Bruns, W., 1974:
The protein requirement in diabetes mellitus

Stobo, I.J.; Roy, J.H., 1973:
The protein requirement of the ruminant calf. 4. Nitrogen balance studies on rapidly growing calves given diets of different protein content

Tsonev, D.; Markova, M.; Ancheva, M.; Vodenicharova, M., 1974:
The protein spectra of hybrid combinations of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) and their corresponding parental varieties in relation to heterosis

Bird, D., 1974:
The protein supply situation

Annegers, J.F., 1973:
The protein-calorie ratio of West African diets and their relationship to protein calorie malnutrition

Alexander, D.J.; Reeve, P., 1972:
The proteins of Newcastle disease virus. 2. Virus-induced proteins

Croizier, G.; Meynadier, G., 1972:
The proteins of the inclusion bodies of Baculovirus. 1.-Study of their solubilisation

Mountcastle, W.E.; Harter, D.H.; Choppin, P.W., 1972:
The proteins of visna virus

Jacobsen, J.V.; Knox, R.B., 1974:
The proteins released by isolated barley aleurone layers before and after gibberellic-acid treatment

Gueguen, M.; Lenoir, J., 1974:
The proteolytic acitivty of Geotrichum candidum

Tourneur, C., 1974:
The proteolytic activity of lactobacilli

Carini, S.; Todesco, R., 1974:
The proteolytic and curd-forming properties of microbial rennets and their use in the manufacture of cheese

Madl, R.L.; Tsen, C.C., 1974:
The proteolytic enzyme system of triticale

Gripon, J.C.; Bergere, J.L., 1972 :
The proteolytic system of Penicillium roqueforti. I. Cultural conditions and nature of the proteolytic system

Misra, S.K.; Das, P.K.; Mohanty, G.P., 1972:
The protozoan fauna of the rumen and reticulum of Indian cattle

Tamberg, T.G., 1972:
The provenance and selection of the cultivated gladioli

Nanson, A., 1972:
The provenance seedling seed orchard

Crkva, F., 1972:
The provision of circulation funds to (Czechoslovak) agricultural enterprises

Jebson, R.S., 1974:
The provision of fine salt for continuous buttermaking

Luit, B.Van, 1972:
The provision of trace elements for lettuce and tomato on oligotrophic peat

Hundgeburt, H.J., 1972:
The provision of young apple trees with minerals and trace elements by various fertilization measures

Mba, A.U.; Njike, M.C.; Oyenuga, V.A., 1974:
The proximate chemical composition and the amino acid content of some Nigerian oil seeds

Lemmens, J.J., 1975:
The pruning of Karmijn (de Sonnaville)

Brown, G.E., 1972:
The pruning of trees, shrubs and conifers

Orleanu, C.; Papadopol, C.; Cicotti, M.; Popescu, F.; Dulvara, E.; Vasilescu, P., 1972:
The pseudogleyed podzolic soils (planosols) of the Tirnava Mare river terraces

Levinson, H.Z.; Zlotkin, E., 1972:
The pseudojuvenilizing effect of protein denaturants on the integument of Tenebrio molitor

Simmonds, M.B., 1973:
The psychological control of dietary behaviour

Laudani, U.; Contini, C., 1970:
The pterines of Cnephia tredecimata (Edwards, 1920) (Diptera, Simuliidae)

Macdonald, G.; Farooq, M., 1973:
The public health and economic importance of schistosomiasis - its assessment

Davey, J.T., 1972:
The public health aspects of a larval roundworm from the herring

Papay, D.; Szabo, J.B.; Tarjanyi, I., 1971:
The public health consequences of the mass swarming of black flies (Boophthora erythrocephala (DeGeer)) in Szolnok county during the floods of 1970

Thornton, H., 1972:
The public health danger of unsterilised pet foods

Larkin, E.P., 1973:
The public health significance of viral infections of food animals

Vail, D.J., 1972:
The public sector as stimulus of innovation adoption in African smallholder agriculture: a case study in Teso district, Uganda

Bein, O., 1974:
The publications of the Forstliche Bundesversuchsanstalt 1874-1973

Lillie, L.E.; Thomson, R.G., 1972:
The pulmonary clearance of bacteria by calves and mice

Palmer, E.R.; Gibbs, J.A., 1972:
The pulping characteristics of Pinus caribaea from the main growing areas in Fiji, 1971

Gomez, C.H.; Mondragon, I., 1974:
The pulping of tropical hardwoods for linerboard

Petri, V.N.; Zel' din, Y.M.; Potapov, A.I., 1972:
The pulsed acoustic method of monitoring the modulus of elasticity of wood-based sheet materials made without binders

Golubov, I.A., 1972:
The pulsed ultrasonic method of monitoring the strength of particle boards

Sabov, V.V., 1973:
The pulsed-impact method of pushing a tree off the stump

Yee, W.Y.J., 1974:
The pummelo in Hawaii

Anonymous, 1973:
The pumpkin beetle (Aulacophora hilaris)

Lafontaine, J.D., 1974:
The punctigera group of the genus Euxoa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) with descriptions of two new species

Lane, J., 1972 :
The pupae of species of Malaya Leicester from Asia and Australasia (Diptera: Culicidae)

Evenhuis, H.H.; Jong, D.J. de; Vlug, H.J., 1973:
The pupae of the leaf-rollers (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) on apple in the Netherlands

Olsen, K.W., 1973:
The purification and mechanism of lactose synthetase

Distler, J.J.; Jourdian, G.W., 1973:
The purification and properties of beta -galactosidase from bovine testes

Longworth, J.F.; Robertson, J.S.; Payne, C.C., 1972:
The purification and properties of inclusion body protein of the granulosis virus of Pieris brassicae

Kenten, R.H., 1972:
The purification and some properties of cocoa necrosis virus, a serotype of tomato black ring virus

Egelrud, T.; Olivecrona, T., 1972:
The purification of a lipoprotein lipase from bovine skim milk

Hwang, P.; Robertson, M.; Guyda, H.; Friesen, H., 1973:
The purification of human prolactin from frozen pituitary glands

Christensen, P., 1971:
The purple-crowned lorikeet and Eucalypt pollination

Kunc, J., 1974:
The purpose and development of agricultural co-operatives in the process of further development of agriculture and socialist society

Holubcik, M., 1971:
The purpose and importance of plant collection for research

Gooday, D.O.M., 1973:
The purpose of agricultural education with particular reference to small developing countries

Gouttin, P., 1974:
The purposes and role of a forestry group

Ngo, V.L., 1973:
The pursuit of growth and stability through taxation of agricultural exports: Thailand's experience. A comment

Burt, P.E.; Elliott, M.; Farnham, A.W.; Janes, N.F.; Needham, P.H.; Pulman, D.A., 1974:
The pyrethrins and related compounds. XIX. Geometrical and optical isomers of 2,2-dimethyl-3-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)-cyclopropanecarboxylic acid and insecticidal esters with 5-benzyl-3-furylmethyl and 3-phenoxybenzyl alcohols

Que Hee, S.S.; Sutherland, R.G., 1974:
The pyrolysis of some amine salts of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

Philpot, C.W., 1971:
The pyrolysis products and thermal characteristics of Cottonwood and its components

Atal, C.K.; Sawhney, R.S., 1973:
The pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Indian crotalarias

Predel, Fl, 1972:
The qualitative composition of humus in the main soils of the Siret-Moldova interfluve

Dorofeeva, N.A.; Kaurichev, I.S., 1974:
The qualitative composition of the humus of mountain chernozems of the Tuvin ASSR

Dorofeeva, N.A.; Kaurichev, I.S., 1974 :
The qualitative composition of the humus of mountain chestnut soils of the Tuvin ASSR

Lukovnikova, G.A.; Lizgunova, T.V., 1972:
The qualitative composition of the proteins of different Brassica species

Zrazhevskii, A.I.; Seryi, A.I., 1974:
The qualitative evaluation (rating) of soils on an agroecological basis

Beckers, J.L.; Everaerts, F.M.; Houtermans, W.J.M., 1973:
The qualitative separation of fatty acids by isotachophoresis

Kurata, H.; Nagahara, Y.; Kudo, O.; Konno, H., 1974:
The qualities of glued laminated wood made from thinned Larch

Kirton, A.H.; Paterson, D.J., 1972:
The qualities of ram carcasses

Evdokimov, B.P.; Shilovskii, V.N.; Bek, K.G., 1972:
The qualities of the TDT-55 skidding tractor as regards range of vision

Kuminova, P.I., 1973:
The quality and chemical composition of berries of Siberian black currant cultivars

Kozhanova, N.I., 1972:
The quality and chemical composition of frozen grapes

O.Connor, C.B., 1973:
The quality and composition of Cheddar cheese. Effect of various rates of salt addition. II

O.Connor, C.B., 1974:
The quality and composition of Cheddar cheese. Effect of various rates of salt addition. III

Demin, Yu; Smagin, B., 1974:
The quality and methods of sowing of Kochia prostrata seed

Kolev, E., 1974:
The quality and resilience of vegetable seeds

Furuno, T.; Sakuno, T.; Goto, T., 1974:
The quality of Alstonia sp. from Celebes I

Parsa Pajouh, D., 1974:
The quality of Fagus orientalis wood from the Elburz (Iran)

Karas, Z., 1971:
The quality of Pine wood used in the manufacture of Polish pulp

Loof, B., 1972:
The quality of Swedish oilseeds

Bhatnagar, R.S.; Solberg, P.; Oterholm, B., 1974:
The quality of UHT-treated coffee cream as influenced by variations in fat content, homogenization pressure and storage temperature

Anonymous, 1973:
The quality of animal products

Franchuk, E.P.; Strakhova, Z.S., 1971:
The quality of apple fruits in relation to the age and pruning of the trees

Draghici, L.; Bude, A., 1974:
The quality of barley for malting and for fodder from the aspect of genetics and methods of breeding

Zaharia, T.; Sutescu, P.; Popescu, F.; Gontea, I., 1973:
The quality of bread supplemented with maize flour and other ingredients

Pevna, V.; Simunekova, M., 1973:
The quality of capsicum seedlings grown under polyethylene covers and in frames

Tyrnov, V.S., 1970:
The quality of catalase in haploids of maize

Lein, K.A.; Schon, W.J.; Brunckhorst, K., 1973:
The quality of cereal proteins from the plant breeder's point of view

Edberg, U.; Engstrom, L.; Hartley, N., 1973:
The quality of chips from chipper headrigs compared with that of chips from other machines

Radu, I.F.; Armean, E.; Enachescu, M., 1971:
The quality of dehydrated plums - 1969 harvest

Wilkinson, B.G., 1975:
The quality of dessert apples during transport and distribution

Ruckemann, H.; Kummer, H.; Polheim, P. von, 1973:
The quality of dried whey

Doesburg, J. van, 1973:
The quality of floricultural products and the influence of cultural measures

Ezrokhina, A.S.; Shibaev, P.N., 1970:
The quality of grain from first-generation hybrids of spring wheat

Davidescu, N., 1972:
The quality of maize grain harvested with a Gloria combine at a moisture content of 28-30% and treated for storage with Luprosil (pure propionic acid)

Spiridonov, Y.Y.; Lebedeva, E.P.; Spiridonova, G.S., 1973:
The quality of maize grain with the continual use of symmetrical triazines

Rakhimova, R.S.; Rzhevskaya, F.Y., 1973:
The quality of melon seeds in relation to the time of fruit ripening, position on the placenta and duration of storage

Nakae, T., 1971:
The quality of milk and its testing

Viteri, F.E.; Bressani, R., 1972:
The quality of new sources of protein and their suitability for weanlings and young children

Bondarev, V.Y.; Polyakov, P.P.; Razdrogina, L.A., 1972:
The quality of oleoresin and products produced from it, in relation to tapping technology

Yahata, S.; Nakui, T.; Iwasaki, K.; Abe, A., 1973:
The quality of orchard grass hay influenced by harvesting time and cutting frequency

Sims, E.T.J.; McClary, J.T.J.; Gambrell, C.E.J.; Stembridge, G.E., 1973:
The quality of peaches as influenced by the plant growth regulators SADH, ethephon, 3-CPA, and KGA

Pridorogin, V.K.; Savin, E.Z., 1973:
The quality of planted material and economic effectiveness of planting apple transplants with a hydro-drill

Zhukov, O.S.; Kolotova, N.I., 1972:
The quality of pollen from the seedlings of stone fruits obtained from hybridization with the use of gibberellin

Egorov, E.A.; Valiev, R.G.; Bukharina, T.M., 1973:
The quality of progeny of naturally mated and artificially inseminated ewes

Balandina, I.D.; Shvetsova, L.P.; Voronkov, L.A., 1975:
The quality of proteins in strains of Verticillium dahliae and Fusarium oxysporum f. vasinfectum differing in pathogenicity

Haukka, J., 1973:
The quality of raw milk with emphasis on the dairy industry

Myhre, H.I.; Saue, O., 1974:
The quality of roughage in 1974

Okhotnikova, T.V., 1973:
The quality of short-strawed wheats from Mexico and the USA under the conditions of the Volga basin

Goyal, G.K.; Srinivasan, M.R., 1973:
The quality of soft-serve ice cream as influenced by the levels of fat, emulsifier, sucrose substitutes and processing conditions

Ene, F., 1971:
The quality of some autumn wheat hybrids grown on the Banu-Maracine farm, Craiova

Nedelea, G., 1970:
The quality of some winter wheat cv. as initial material in the west of the country

Ene, F., 1971:
The quality of some winter-wheat hybrids grown at the Craiova Banu-Maracine farm

Rybak, V.N., 1973:
The quality of sugar-beet roots with single and split application of fertilizers

Krezdorn, A.H.; Guillen, A., 1972:
The quality of sweet oranges in a hot, wet tropical region of Nicaragua

Maddens, K., 1973:
The quality of the West Flanders malting barley crop 1973

Maddens, K., 1974:
The quality of the West Flanders spring barley crop 1974 and results of variety investigations

Dolgushev, I.A., 1973:
The quality of the water and suspended matter of the rivers Baksan and Malka

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The quality of top fruit and berries at different nitrogen and potassium rates

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The quality of triploid sugar-beet hybrids in relation to density of stand

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The quality of various animal and vegetable proteins with a note on the endogenous and fecal nitrogen excretion of children

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The quality of winter wheat grain under a combined application of urea and organo-phosphorus insecticides

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The quality of wood from arbaricides in relation to its possible utilization

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The quality requirements for industrial milk

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The quantitation of antibody in farmer's lung syndrome using a radioimmunoassay. Results of a clinical survey and comparison of three serological methods

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The quantitative analysis of free fatty acids in dairy products by gas chromatography of their potassium salts

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The quantitative analysis of oil-borne wood preservatives

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The quantitative and qualitative carbohydrate content in vine shoots in relation to the minor element nutrition of the rootstocks

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The quantitative and qualitative changes in proteins and amino acids in plants of perennial lupin during growth and development

Jolliot, C.; Come, D., 1972:
The quantitative and qualitative changes in the phenolic acids in the periderm of potato tubers during development in the soil

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The quantitative and qualitative composition of protein in the chemical mutants of the pea cultivar Torsdag III

Beck, T., 1972:
The quantitative and qualitative composition of the lactic acid bacteria population in silage

Shevtsova, I.I.; Ukrainskii, V.V., 1974:
The quantitative and qualitative composition of the microflora of soils containing different amounts of organic matter and moisture

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The quantitative and qualitative determination of flavonols in vines

Cegiel, E.; Hruzik, G., 1974:
The quantitative and qualitative yield of Beech blanks for manufacturing bentwood furniture

Protsenko, D.F.; Nauryzbaev, O., 1972:
The quantitative changes in carbohydrate contents in fresh matter of lucerne in ontogenesis

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The quantitative determination of diquat in biological material

Weber, A.M.; Chartrand, L.; Doyon, G.; Gordon, S.; Roy, C.C., 1972:
The quantitative determination of fecal bile acids in children by the enzymatic method

Ek, N., 1972:
The quantitative determination of fibrinogen in normal bovine plasma and in cows with inflammatory conditions

Monica, E.S.D.lla; Calhoun, M.J.; McDowell, P.E., 1974:
The quantitative determination of glucose, fructose and sucrose in fruits and potatoes

Lein, K.A., 1972:
The quantitative determination of the glucosinolate content of Brassica seeds. I. Recovery and purification of myrosinase

Jansen, B.C., 1971:
The quantitative determination of the toxic factors produced by Clostridium botulinum (Van Ermengem, 1896) types C and D

Piskun, B., 1972:
The quantitative development of Norway Spruce stands and the density of plantations

Lomas, J.; Mandel, M., 1973:
The quantitative effects of two methods of sprinkler irrigation on the microclimate of a mature avocado plantation

Schafer, K., 1971:
The quantitative estimation of respiration in grass roots

Lein, K.A., 1973:
The quantitative estimation of the glucosinolate content in Brassica seeds. 2. Photometric determination of the total glucosinolate, the thio-oxazolidone and isothiocyanate contents in a single test

Chalmers, R.A.; Watts, R.W.E., 1972:
The quantitative extraction and gas-liquid chromatographic determination of organic acids in urine

Casley Smith, J.R.; Green, H.S.; Harris, J.L.; Wadey, P.J., 1975:
The quantitative morphology of skeletal muscle capillaries in relation to permeability

Davies, D.T., 1974:
The quantitative partition of milk serum proteins by gel chromatography

Davies, D.T., 1974:
The quantitative partition of the albumin fraction of milk serum proteins by gel chromatography

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The quantitative relation between plant and bacterial cells involved in the hypersensitive reaction

James, W.C.; Shih, C.S.; Hodgson, W.A.; Callbeck, L.C., 1972:
The quantitative relationship between late blight of potato and loss in tuber yield

Neumann, D.; Neumann, U., 1973:
The quantitative structural analysis of a system of shoot- and yield development of apple trees

Papworth, D.S.; Rudge, A.J.B., 1971:
The quantities of pesticides used for the protection of stored grain and the control of harmful mammals on British farms

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The quantity and estrogenic activity of F-2 toxin produced on different substrates

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The quantity and properties of pectic substances from kumquat and yuzu and the characteristics of their jelly

Okada, M.; Okawa, K., 1974:
The quantity of aluminium and phosphorus in Hydrangea macrophylla plants and its influence on sepal colour

Sauer, J.R.; Hair, J.A., 1972:
The quantity of blood ingested by the lone star tick (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Shterental' , M.I.; Sudit, Z.M.; Nagirnyi, Y.P., 1971:
The quantity of droplets recorded in investigating the distribution of spray streams

Cozzo, D., 1974:
The quantity of organic matter deposited on the soil by a plantation of Robinia pseudoacacia

Mellema, J.E.; van den Berg, H.J., 1974:
The quaternary structure of alfalfa mosaic virus

Butler, C.G., 1973:
The queen and the spirit of the hive

Roger, B., 1971:
The queen bee's influence on the food intake of the attendant worker bees

Aulenbach, B.B.; Worthington, J.T., 1973:
The quest for a good cantaloup

Kolbe, W.; Plughan, A.; Vagt, W., 1973:
The question of a complete fertilizer applied via the leaves in fruit growing

Glushenkov, N.A., 1971:
The question of a generation of the cotton bollworm not developing on cotton

Thimm, B., 1973:
The question of a higher natural resistance of the East African Shorthorn Zebu (Bos indicus) breed to brucellosis

Tantsyura, D.F., 1972:
The question of a scheme for producing hybrid wheat

Zobenko, L.P., 1972:
The question of breeding Salvia sclarea

Buyauskas, A.V., 1971:
The question of choosing crossing components for breeding virus-resistant potato varieties

Kobylyanskii, V.D.; Nesterenko, S.A., 1973:
The question of grain quality in winter rye

Baumann, H., 1973:
The question of humidification in cold stores for fruit and vegetables at low temperature

Nielsen, R.A.; Cantwell, G.E., 1973:
The question of parthenogenesis in the greater wax moth

Barmann, C., 1971:
The question of phosphate washing from pastures on sloping sites

Ruposhev, A.R., 1973:
The question of producing plant hybrids displaying heterosis

Maugeri, G., 1974:
The question of protection of the citrus sector

Kleinschmit, J., 1973:
The question of provenance in Douglas Fir

Olberg, R., 1973:
The question of residue levels after using 2,4,5-T salt for the control of raspberries in forest plantings (preliminary report)

Dietz, O.; Mill, J.; Richter, W.; Wilsdorf, G., 1971:
The question of so-called shin disease in the Thoroughbred racehorse

Maminaishvili, D.S., 1973:
The question of specialization of Cercoseptoria theae (Cav.) Curzi

Esyunina, A.I.; Lukovnikova, G.A.; Aizina, M.I., 1972:
The question of the biochemical study of beet cultivars

Tuz, A.S., 1972:
The question of the classification of the genus Pyrus L

Krasheninnik, N.V.; Gavrilyuk, I.P., 1973:
The question of the hybrid nature of Solanum sambucinum

Orlov, V.N., 1971 :
The question of the possibility of carrying out early sowing of maize owing to its increased resistance to cold and frost

Rubes, L., 1974:
The question of the practical use of molybdenum in peas

Zemskaya, A.A.; Pchelkina, A.A., 1974:
The question of the role of Gamasid mites in foci of tick-borne encephalitis

Saltykova, N.N., 1973:
The question of the winter hardiness of winter forms of macaroni wheat

Kolt, W., 1972:
The question of unused land

Welte, E., 1974:
The question of water pollution

Peiffer, R.A.; McKee, G.W.; Ditmer, W.P., 1972:
The quick swell test as an indicator of potential germination in crownvetch seed

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The quiet revolution. Social change in a Sussex village 1871-1971

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The quinacrine fluorescence karyotype of Mus musculus and demonstration of strain differences in secondary constrictions

Angelov, T., 1972:
The quince variety Triumf

Gellert, M.; Novak, I.; Szendrei, K.; Reisch, J.; Minker, E., 1971:
The quinoline alkaloids of Dictamnus albus L

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The rabbit as friend and assistant of the orchid grower

Goretm, P.; Andral, L.; Toma, B., 1974:
The rabies control campaign in France

Suzdal' skaya, M.V.; Zhemchuzhina, A.I., 1973:
The race composition of crown rust of oats in the USSR

Anonymous, 1973:
The race to preserve germ plasm

Kavatss, G.E.; Dishler, V.Y.; Zolotarev, M.; Rozenberg, P.S.; Filipeka, V.F., 1974:
The racial composition of Erysiphe graminis DC f.sp. hordei March. in the Latvian SSR

Shirko, V.N., 1971:
The racial composition of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) d By. on samples from a tomato collection

Kvasnikov, B.; Antonov, Yu, 1974:
The racial composition of Plasmodiophora brassicae

Matveenko, A.N., 1973:
The racial composition of the casual organism of yellow rust of wheat in the North Caucasus

Nix, L.E.; Wodzicki, T.J., 1974:
The radial distribution and metabolism of IAA-C14 in Pinus echinata stems in relation to wood formation

Tajchman, S.J., 1972:
The radiation and energy balances of coniferous and deciduous forests

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The radiation balance and total evaporation of cotton and a cereals/beans mixture

Stanhill, G.; Fuchs, M.; Bakker, J.; Moreshet, S., 1973:
The radiation balance of a glasshouse rose crop

Kalma, J.D.; Badham, R., 1972:
The radiation balance of a tropical pasture. 1. The reflection of short-wave radiation

Kalma, J.D., 1972:
The radiation balance of a tropical pasture. 2. Net all-wave radiation

Proctor, J.T.A.; Kyle, W.J.; Davies, J.A., 1972:
The radiation balance of an apple tree

Shipchanov, I., 1975:
The radiation regime and photosynthesis of young Beech stands

Nil' son, T., 1972:
The radiation regime in a plant canopy

Glazurina, A.N.; Chemagin, N.G., 1974:
The radiation resistance of the vegetative organs of certain flower crops

Slama, O., 1971:
The radio-communication system in the Krtiny training forest enterprise

Chang, D.S.; Jun, J.N., 1970:
The radioactive contamination of marine products.

Luca, I.; Matei, V., 1972 :
The radioactivity of some plants in the Iassy district

Boyd, J.S., 1971:
The radiographic identification of the various stages of pregnancy in the domestic cat

Milne, F.J., 1972:
The radiographic status of the left fore fetlock of winning thoroughbreds at Ontario racetracks in 1970

Grandage, J., 1974:
The radiological appearance of stomach gas in the dog

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The radiological diagnosis in canine and feline emergencies. An atlas of thoracic and abdominal changes

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The radiological diagnosis of gastrointestinal obstruction in the dog

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The radiological dimensions of the skull, cephalic index and modulus index in the first four years of life

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The radiology corner. Esophageal moniliasis

Grandage, J., 1974:
The radiology of the dog's diaphragm

Araratyan, L.A.; Azatyan, R.A., 1974:
The radioprotective effect of indole-3-acetic acid and its stimulatory effect on DNA synthesis in cells of Crepis capillaris seeds

Rukmanski, G., 1974:
The radiosensitivity of rye (Secale cereale L.) after gamma irradiation of its seeds

Olimpienko, G.S.; Kirillovskaya, N.A.; Mitrofanov, Y.A.; Volkova, R.I., 1972:
The radiosensitivity of the seeds of some natural and experimental autopolyploids of potato

Hammond, J.J.; Reinsel, E.I., 1975:
The railcar situation and grain carrying capacity

Dimitrov, I., 1973:
The rainfall deficit and the consumptive use of water by Roussalka wheat variety under Dobrudzha conditions

Wilde, J.De, 1974:
The raising of plants in a growing room

Didus' , B.I., 1971:
The raising of winter-hardy and medium winter-hardy, high-yielding varieties of winter wheat

Syvajarvi, J.; Varo, M., 1972:
The ram circle as a progeny testing method

Lessley, J.W.W., 1973:
The rancher and the law

Birnbaum, A., 1972:
The random phenotype concept, with applications

Vonk Noordegraaf, C., 1974:
The range and quality of flowers as affected by rising energy costs

Korenberg, E.I.; Dzyuba, M.I.; Zhukov, V.I., 1971:
The range of Ixodes ricinus in the USSR

Hoffmann, G.M., 1974:
The range of application and limitations of systemic fungicides

Gillies, M.T.; Wilkes, T.J., 1974:
The range of attraction of birds as baits for some West African mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae)

Caudwell, A.; Schvester, D.; Moutous, G., 1973:
The range of damage caused by leafhoppers to grapevines-control methods

Schreck, C.E.; Gouck, H.K.; Posey, K.H., 1972:
The range of effectiveness and trapping efficiency of a plexiglass mosquito trap baited with carbon dioxide

Beczner, L., 1973:
The range of host plants of alfalfa mosaic virus

Hensen, K.J.W., 1974:
The range of lavender varieties (1)

Jandura, B.; Lenikus, A., 1974:
The range of nonhereditary variability of individual potato plants

Rubanik, V.G., 1972:
The range of some conifer species in nature and in cultivation

Timian, R.G., 1974:
The range of symbiosis of barley and barley stripe mosaic virus

Suzuki, S., 1973:
The range of the genus Sasa Makino et Shibata (6)

Komanich, I.G., 1974:
The range of variation in characters of walnut (Juglans regia L.) in Moldavia under semicultivation

Constantinescu, G.; Banita, P.; Vladoianu, E., 1972:
The range of vine varieties suitable for the Oltenian sands

Rennels, R.G., 1973:
The ranges of six species of pine sawflies in Illinois

Maslakov, V.V., 1973:
The ranking of Red Steppe bulls under different levels of herd productivity

Chiu, W.K., 1974:
The ranking of means of normal populations for a generalized selection goal

Szczepanski, H., 1972:
The rape Pteromalid - Trichomalus perfectus (Walk.) (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae) in forest biocoenosis and the problem of the biological protection of rape

Feder, E., 1971:
The rape of the peasantry: Latin America's landholding system

Randell, A.W.; Linklater, P.M., 1972:
The rapid analysis of Cheddar cheese. I. The determination of salt content using an electrode specific for chloride ion

Randell, A.W.; Linklater, P.M., 1972:
The rapid analysis of Cheddar cheese. II. The determination of fat content using the Milko-Tester

Quin, B.F.; Brooks, R.R., 1975:
The rapid colorimetric determination of molybdenum with dithiol in biological, geochemical and steel samples

Machin, A.F.; Quick, M.P.; Waddell, D.F., 1973:
The rapid determination of the organophosphorus pesticides diazinon and dichlorvos in blood by gas chromatography

Usher, C.D.; Green, C.J.; Smith, C.A., 1973:
The rapid estimation of fat in various foods using the Foss-Let density apparatus

McConnell, J.L., 1971:
The rapid expansion of 14 selected Cottonwood clones

Wilcockson, J.; Hull, R., 1974:
The rapid isolation of plant virus RNAs using sodium perchlorate

Goldsmith, M.H.; Cataldo, D.A.; Karn, J.; Brenneman, T.; Trip, P., 1974:
The rapid non-polar transport of auxin in the phloem of intact Coleus plants

Pickrell, J.A.; Schluter, S.J., 1973:
The rapid processing of canine blood gas tension and pH measurements

Kelly, J.C.; Bowbrick, P., .:
The rapid production of ericas, callunas and daboecias

Landenmark, O., 1973:
The rapid size grader as an aid in the quantitative determination of impurities in seed samples of oats

Mel' nikova, V., 1972:
The raspberry Nagrada

Taylor, C.E., 1971:
The raspberry beetle (Byturus tomentosus) and its control with alternative chemicals to DDT

Bowerman, P.; Harris, P.B., 1974:
The rate and time of application of nitrogen on continuous spring barley

Das, T.K.; Waterlow, J.C., 1974:
The rate of adaptation of urea cycle enzymes, aminotransferases and glutamic dehydrogenase to changes in dietary protein intake

Glover, J., 1974:
The rate of apparent photosynthesis of whole sugarcane plants

Nerpetin, G.I.; Panov, N.P., 1973:
The rate of application of amendments for improving solonetzes low in sodium

Forche, E., 1972:
The rate of basipetal transport of 32P in the stem of apple rootstock clones grafted with an interstock or ungrafted. A contribution to breeding research on fruit rootstocks

Goodman, R.D., 1974:
The rate of brood rearing in the effect of pollen trapping on honeybee colonies

Miyashita, K.; Nakamura, K.; Ito, Y., 1972:
The rate of catch of the male of Spodoptera litura F. (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae) by virgin female traps

McCarthy, B.J.; Farquhar, M.N., 1972:
The rate of change of DNA in evolution

Maruyama, T., 1972:
The rate of decay of genetic variability in a geographically structural finite population

Yasuhara, M.; Inoi, T., 1970:
The rate of decomposition and mineralization of crotonylidene-diurea (CDU) in soil (1.)

Suzuki, H.; Yasuhara, M., 1971:
The rate of decomposition and mineralization of crotonylidene-diurea (CDU) in soil. 2. The incorporation of CDU-nitrogen into soil organic nitrogen and re-mineralization

E.R.fie, M.S.; Abo, E.G.ar, M.R.; Metwally, F.A., 1969:
The rate of degradation of certain grain protectants under common methods of storage in Egypt

Hyzak, D.L., 1973:
The rate of degradation of metribuzin and two analogs in soil

Medvedev, V.A.; Davydov, V.D., 1974:
The rate of degradation of phenols and quinones in chernozemic soil according to data relating to oxidation-reduction potential and infra-red spectroscopy

Shereverya, N.I.; Aseeva, I.B., 1971:
The rate of development of hybrid maize seeds

Hromov, P.A., 1974:
The rate of development of industry and agriculture

Stamenkovic, V.; Miscevic, V., 1975:
The rate of diameter and height increment during the growing season, and the volume increment of pure Silver Fir on Mt. Goc

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The rate of early fetal growth in the human subject

Jones, R., 1974:
The rate of elimination of food from the stomachs of haddock Melanogrammus aeglefinus, cod Gadus morhua and whiting Merlangius merlangus

Hiron, R.W.P.; Wright, S.T.C., 1973:
The rate of endogenous abscisic acid in the response of plants to stress

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The rate of epithelial renewal in the duodenum of chickens during their early postembryonal development (an autoradiographic study)

Zlatev, S.; Balinova Tsvetkova, A., 1974:
The rate of essential oil accumulation in dill (Anethum graveolens)

Schafer, K., 1971:
The rate of flow in measuring CO2 gas exchange of grass plants in shoot cuvettes

Ninkovski, I., 1972:
The rate of fruit growth in certain peach cultivars

Matveenko, A.N., 1974:
The rate of germination of urediospores of Puccinia striiformis West

Chaturvedi, M.L., 1972:
The rate of growth and attainment of maturity in Haryana heifers as affected by system of feeding

Panait, T.; Ghiuru, E., 1972:
The rate of growth and development of carrots (Daucus carota)

Prince, A.J., 1973:
The rate of growth of Greenheart (Ocotea rodiaei) Schomb

Close, W.H.; Mount, L.E., 1975:
The rate of heat loss during fasting in the growing pig

Zurawski, H.; Gonetowa, I., 1973:
The rate of inactivation of herbicides in a light soil in relation to clay application and to the type of crop plant grown

Seta, K.; Sansur, M.; Lajtha, A., 1973:
The rate of incorporation of amino acids into brain proteins during infusion in the rat

Atwal, A.S.; Dhaliwal, G.S., 1971:
The rate of increase in numbers of Trogoderma granarium Everts on different varieties of wheat

Skripina, A.A.; Tarasova, F.A., 1972:
The rate of infection of clover seeds by diseases in the Perm region and the results of trials of seed protectants

Ewusi, K., 1973:
The rate of inflation, variation in local food prices and the effect of transport facilities on local food prices in Ghana in the sixties

Portyanko, V.V.; Obraztsova, V.I., 1973:
The rate of iodine accumulation in the fruits of various plants

Wellers, G.; Chevan, J., 1973:
The rate of irreversible degradation of free L-isoleucine in vivo. The effect of growth hormone

Wellers, G.; Chevan, J., 1973:
The rate of irreversible degradation of free L-leucine in vivo. The effect of somatotropic hormone

Wellers, G.; Chevan, J., 1973:
The rate of irreversible degradation of free L-phenylalanine in vivo. The effect of growth hormone

Wellers, G.; Chevan, J., 1972:
The rate of irreversible degradation of free isoleucine in vivo

Stewart, W.W.A., 1974:
The rate of larval development of Aedes implicatus Vockeroth in field and laboratory

Schnitzerling, H.J.; Roulston, W.J.; Stone, B.F.; Wilson, J.T.; Thompson, P.G., 1972:
The rate of loss of DDT on cattle in relation to protection from reinfestation by the cattle tick Boophilus microplus

Felsenstein, J., 1971:
The rate of loss of multiple alleles in finite haploid populations

Winstanley, E.W., 1975:
The rate of mitotic division in regenerating epithelium in the dog

Kondratiev, I.A.; Gritsenko, T.T.; Tarady, A.K.; Chernyaeva, V.B., 1974:
The rate of multiplication and survival of Sh. sonnei in milk with different amounts of bacterial contamination

Pristavko, V.P.; Yanishevskaya, L.V., 1971:
The rate of oxygen consumption by larvae of Laspeyresia pomonella (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Makhan' ko, E.V., 1973:
The rate of parasitism and the structure of oral teeth in synanthropic flies of the genera Hydrotaea R.-D. and Musca L. (Diptera, Muscidae)

Semin, V.S.; Nekrasov, Y.I.; Rybchenko, O.I.; Kiliyanchuk, V.I., 1973:
The rate of phosphorus transport in the ascending sap of grapevine

Patarava, B.D., 1974:
The rate of photosynthesis in the leaves of different tea cultivars

Tanaka, M.; Inoue, K., 1970:
The rate of population increase of the citrus red mite, Panonychus citri (McG.), at various seasons

Parkes, M.E.; Greig, D.J., 1974:
The rate of respiration of wilted rye grass

Huntington, H.G., 1972 :
The rate of return from Basseri's livestock investment

Bogosevich, A.I.; Kharitonov, A.F., 1973:
The rate of rut formation with the movement of a wheeled tractor

Strang, R.M., 1973:
The rate of silt accumulation in the lower Peel River, Northwest Territories

Usanov, M., 1973:
The rate of the fertilization processes in the ovules in relation to their position in the ovary in varieties of the species Gossypium hirsutum differing in earliness

Ben Aziz, A.; Aharonson, N., 1973:
The rate of uptake and distribution of MBC and TBZ in tomato and pepper plants

E.R.fie, M.S.; Zidan, Z.H.A., 1971:
The rate of uptake of certain insecticides on cotton seed

Richardson, K.S.; Kamp, B.J. van der, 1972:
The rate of upward advance and intensification of dwarf mistletoe on immature Western Hemlock

Biberstein, E.L.; Kirkham, C., 1972:
The rate of urea hydrolysis as a diagnostic criterion for Corynebacterium renale

Grisez, T.J.; Mendel, J.J., 1972:
The rate of value increase for Black Cherry, Red Maple, and White Ash

Mendel, J.J.; Grisez, T.J.; Trimble, G.R.J., 1973:
The rate of value increase for Sugar Maple

Ristevski, B., 1970:
The rate of vegetative growth in apples regrafted by different methods

Morris, R.M., 1972:
The rate of water loss from grass samples during hay-type conservation

Mansfield, J.W.; Deverall, B.J., 1974:
The rates of fungal development and lesion formation in leaves of Vicia faba during infection by Botrytis cinerea and Botrytis fabae

Hedlund, R.T.; Youngson, C.R., 1972:
The rates of photodecomposition of picloram in aqueous systems

Baranov, N., 1974:
The rates of urea and the root system of herbage plants

Klopotovskii, A.P., 1974:
The rating and agricultural productivity grouping of ordinary and southern chernozems of the Orenburg cis- Urals

Klimovitskaya, Z.M.; Lobanova, Z.I.; Prokopivnyuk, L.M., 1973:
The ratio between low-molecular and high-molecular RNA in plants affected by manganese chlorosis

Vucetic, S.; Bacvanski, S.; Cobic, T., 1972:
The ratio of bulky and concentrate feeds in complete mixtures for fattening cattle

Gikic, M., 1973:
The ratio of estimated to actual seed yields of varieties and ecotypes of red clover (Trifolium pratense var. sativum)

Petruzelli, G.; Guidi, G.; Sequi, P., 1973:
The ratio of humic to fulvic acids

Spaldon, E.; Ferik, M., 1972:
The ratio of mass formed above ground to the mass below ground in winter wheat

Alikin, G.P.; Lysenko, N.S., 1974:
The ratio of solid volume to bulk volume of industrial chips of Far Eastern conifers

Herzog, A., 1971:
The ratio of still to live births in calves with central nervous system anomalies, and mortality during the first six months of life.

Stoffert, G., 1972:
The rational design of work motion

Kochkin, M.A.; Ivanov, V.F.; Molchanov, E.F., 1971:
The rational distribution of perennial crops in the Crimea

Kosev, K., 1974:
The rational exploitation of farms of the type DZS

Bryushinin, I.G.; Mysik, A.T., 1973:
The rational feeding of pigs

Newall, W., 1974:
The rational use of Ethrel latex stimulant

Stoica, G., 1973:
The rational use of fields in hill areas

Bud Gusaim, J., 1974:
The rational use of state land funds - a condition for accelerated growth of agricultural production (in Poland)

Kwaak, J. van de, 1974:
The rational use of the tulip container for roses

Kochkin, M.A.; Shubina, L.S., 1971:
The rational utilization of soils for essential oil-bearing rose and lavender growing in the Crimea

Rush, D.; Stein, Z.; Susser, M., 1973:
The rationale for, and design of, a randomized controlled trial of nutritional supplementation in pregnancy

Hahtola, K., 1973:
The rationale of decision-making by forest owners

Kimber, G., 1971:
The rationale of measuring chromosomes

Vieira, F.C., 1970:
The rationalization of the production of mate

Benda, G.T.A., 1972:
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The ravine forests of the Hruby Jesenik range

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The raw-material resources of broadleaved stands and their utilization

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The raw-materials function within the framework of a plan of forest functions

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The re-allocation of land on sloping fields

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The re-isolation of Neoaplectana bibionis Bovien (Nematodea) from Danish Bibionids (Diptera) and their possible use as biological control agents

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The re-organization of Soviet villages

Anonymous, 1974:
The re-settlement of Pied-noir farmers in Southern France

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The reaction mechanism of S-adenosyl-L-methionine:magnesium protoporphyrin IX methyltransferase of wheat

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The reaction of A.R. Wallace to the work of Gregor Mendel

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The reaction of Abies alba advance growth to removal of the tree layer

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The reaction of Anopheles annulipes larvae to infection by Aeromonas punctata

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The reaction of Beech and Spruce stands to rain

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The reaction of Douglas Fir to mechanical pruning

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The reaction of Friesian cows to a subtropical environment

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The reaction of Mentha piperita to soil pH

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The reaction of Natal oranges to mineral and organic fertilizers in the planting hole

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The reaction of Picea abies to application of NPK on tilled and untilled soil. Interaction

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The reaction of Scots Pine and Norway Spruce seedlings to soil compaction

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The reaction of Vitis vinifera L. varieties to certain environmental factors

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The reaction of an autotetraploid population to various forms of selection

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The reaction of annual plants to increase in population density

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The reaction of apple trees to different concentrations of pesticides in low volume spraying

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The reaction of apricot trees to the readily soluble salt content of the soil

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The reaction of apricots and peaches to growth substance applications

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The reaction of cereal varieties to new herbicides

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The reaction of different apple varieties to damage to the fruits by the San Jose scale

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The reaction of different flax varieties to the Chwastoks 30% (MCPA)

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The reaction of dwarf apple trees to changes in water supply

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The reaction of eleven genotypes of Lolium perenne to British and New Zealand strains of Gloeotinia temulenta

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The reaction of farmers to the measures to help investment by individual farms and the extended social measures

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The reaction of ferrous ascaris perienteric fluid hemoglobin with hydrogen peroxide

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The reaction of fibre-flax and weed plants to MCPA at different mineral fertilizer levels

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The reaction of fibre-flax and weeds to MCPA at different mineral fertilizer levels

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The reaction of four barley cultivars to fertilization with nitrogen. 1. Application time of nitrate nitrogen. 2. Spraying with urea

Bengtsson, A., 1973:
The reaction of four barley cultivars to fertilization with nitrogen. I. Time of application of nitate nitrogen. II. Spraying with urea

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The reaction of grapevine shoots to an electromagnetic field

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The reaction of grapevine varieties to training and pruning

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The reaction of kappa -casein with pyro-carbonic acid diethylester and substrate specificity towards chymosin

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The reaction of laboratory animals to repeated bites of mosquitos (Anopheles labranchiae atroparvus). (Preliminary note)

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The reaction of lucerne varieties to day length

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The reaction of maize hybrids to different sowing dates in Tunisia

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The reaction of maize to simazine and 2,4-D butyl ester in relation to the rate of fertilizers

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The reaction of maize, Zea mays L., to the induction of polyploidy by colchicine

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The reaction of near-isogenic lines of flax to the rust fungus Melampsora lini. II. Biochemical studies

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The reaction of pea trees to soil acidity during active growth

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The reaction of pea varieties to top yellows disease in New South Wales

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The reaction of potato leaves to deposits of eggs of the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say.)

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The reaction of potato varieties to herbicides

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The reaction of potato varieties to late blight

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The reaction of rootstocks to simazine

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The reaction of schistosome vector snails to direct current

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The reaction of seedlings of Citrus spp. and related genera to Phytophthora citrophthora

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The reaction of seven Cenchrus ciliaris L. cultivars to flooding

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The reaction of some French-bean varieties to common bean mosaic virus

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The reaction of some outdoor rose cultivars to the most important foliar diseases

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The reaction of some sweet and sour cherry cultivars to the properties of steppe solonetsic soils

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The reaction of some winter wheat cv. to treatment with chlorocholine chloride

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The reaction of spring barley varieties to liming on acid soils

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The reaction of spring-wheat varieties to pinching in different years

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The reaction of the cv. Kokur Belyi to chlormequat application

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The reaction of the cockroach Periplaneta americana to the injection of foreign particulate material

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The reaction of the soil microflora to treatment with propanil

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The reaction of three tomato cultivars to an aggressive isolate of tobacco mosaic virus

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The reaction of tomato to corky root in relation to pot volume

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The reaction of varieties to agronomic factors

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The reaction of various varieties of cereal crops to chlorocholine chloride

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The reaction of various vegetable crops to organic or mineral fertilization based on experimental results in the years 1922-1969

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The reaction of walnut trees to soil conditions

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The reaction of wheat cv. to gamma-irradiation

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The reaction of wheat species to different pollination methods

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The reaction of wheat varieties, potatoes, beets and cabbage grown on light soils to irrigation and high fertilization

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The reaction of winter wheat varieties to ten physiological races of brown rust (Puccinia triticina) which appeared in Poland in 1970

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The reaction of wood to fire

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The reaction of xanthine oxidase with molecular oxygen

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The reaction of young apple trees to chlormequat

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The reactions of Dysdercus intermedius Dist. (Heteroptera, Pyrrhocoridae) to contact stimuli and light with particular reference to aggregation

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The reactions of ducks when exposed to solar radiation

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The reactions of grain-sorghum hybrids to different sowing dates in Tunisia

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The reactions of picloram and 2,4-D with montmorillonite clays and soils

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The reactions of plants to excess water

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The reactions of soluble aluminium with montmorillonite

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The reactions of soya bean and radish cotyledons to the external application of cytokinin

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The reactions of spring wheat and spring barley to various levels of soil moisture content and rates of nitrogen fertilizer application

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The reactions of the components of a double-cross maize hybrid in respect of catalase activity in early stages of development

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The reactions of various forms of wheat to physiological races of leaf rust (Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici)

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The readiness of Greek peasants for co-operative working

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The readiness of agriculture for integration as an educational problem

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The real amounts of dried milk formulas given by mothers

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The real cost of Belgian agricultural policy

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The real estate of sixty million people. Town and country in a modern industrial society

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The real evapotranspiration of four forest stands in eastern France

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The real food value of dairy products

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The realisation of pasture potential in the hills of Wales

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The reality of farming in 1973

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The reappearance of common wilt of peas in eastern Washington

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The reappearance of scabies

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The rearing in the laboratory of Glossina palpalis palpalis and Glossina fuscipes quanzensis

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The rearing in the laboratory on a substitute host of Phanerotoma flavitestacea (Hym.Braconidae) collected in a natural environment : the effects on the biotic potential of the species

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The rearing of Apanteles flavipes Cameron (Hym. Braconidae) in the laboratory on two species of the genus Diatraea Guild. (Lep. Pyralidae)

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The rearing of Chrysomela decemlineata Say in the laboratory and the importance of relative environmental and nutritional factors

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The rearing of Opius longicaudatus Ash. taiensis Full., Hym. Braconidae, a parasite of Trypetidae

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The rearing of Prays citri Mill. (citrus moth) in the laboratory (note I)

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The rearing of Syrphids (Diptera, Syrphidae) in the laboratory

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The rearing of aphids on artificial media

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The rearing of germ-free individuals of the cotton stainer Dysdercus fasciatus Sign. (Hemiptera, Pyrrhocoridae)

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The rearing of the oriental fruit moth (Grapholitha molesta Busck) under artifical conditions

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The rearing of young female cattle on slatted floors

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The rearing on a simple artificial diet of two Noctuid pest of cotton, Earias insulana and Spodoptera littoralis

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The reason for milk recording in goats

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The reason for the degeneration of winter vetch

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The reasons for and economic results of specialization of cow holdings

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The reasons for apomixis in Poa and its evolutionary aspects

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The reasons for delayed pruning of mature apple trees

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The reasons for the booming prices in the world market for protein feeding stuff

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The reasons for the decrease in resistance of winter wheat to brown rust

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The reasons for the occurrence of cytoplasmic male sterility and its differing expression in carrots

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The recent Newcastle disease epidemic in Belgium. A. Isolation and identification of the virus. B. Immunization trials.

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The recent achievements in studies on biological fixation of nitrogen

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The recent botanical taxonomic system of peanut cultivars

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The recently developed pipeline milking installation M 622

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The reception of the daylength by potato plants

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The reciprocal transfer of radiocarbon between a developing tiller and its parent shoot in vegetative plants of Lolium multiflorum Lam

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The reciprocating flow hypothesis of translocation in plants

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The reclamation effect of fertilizers applied to a sandy brown podzolic soil on the growth of Robinia pseudoacacia and on the form of the humus

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The reclamation of abandoned sugar cane land. A new technique from Africa

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The reclamation of an old salt marsh at Domaine de Prieres, Billiers (Morbihan)

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The reclamation of land affected by the opencast mining of brown coal by means of legumes and grass-legume mixtures

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The reclamation of land after coal mining

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The reclamation of mountain soils and attendant profile and land use changes

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The reclamation of slate waste

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The reclamation of solonetz soils by treatment of the genetic horizons

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The reclamation of some problem soils in Thailand

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The recognition of viruses of the avian leucosis-sarcoma group and other viruses that interfere with Marek's disease research

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The recognition of wheat grains pierced by Pentatomid bugs by means of radiography

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The reconstitution and recombination of conserved products for extending milk supply for liquid consumption

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The reconstruction of medium-sized sawmills

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The reconversion of apple cultivation

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The recovery after oral infection of immature Fasciola hepatica from the peritoneal cavity of two strains of mice

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The recovery of Fasciola hepatica adolescariae in conditions similar to natural ones

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The recovery of Pasteurella haemolytica from the tonsils of adult sheep

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The recovery of Phytophthora cinnamomi Rands from Ourimbah State Forest (Wyong, Newcastle district, New South Wales, Australia) and its pathogenicity to Eucalypt seedlings under controlled conditions

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The recovery of autumn and winter applied potassium by a warm-season grass from Leon fine sand

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The recovery of gamma-irradiated salmonellae from horsemeat using liquid culture media

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The recovery of hurricane-bent Loblolly Pine

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The recovery of intravenously administered radiolabeled gastrin in gastric juice of dogs

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The recovery of mineral nitrogen by field beam with different times of application

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The recovery of salmonellae from the environment by means of an enrichment medium containing magnesium

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The recovery of spermatozoa from the reproductive tract of the spayed ewe treated with progesterone and oestrogen

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The recovery, preservation and transfer of rabbit ova in connection with in vitro fertilisation experiments

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The recreation and amenity value of the countryside

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The recreation geography of South Asia

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The recreational carrying capacity of the countryside. A research report presenting the methodology and results of ecological and psychological surveys of Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

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The recreational exploitability of the forest and its aesthetic value. I and II

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The recreational potential of Forestry Commission holdings

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The recreational use of forest

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The rectum is not the site of water vapor uptake by Dermacentor variabilis Say (Acarina: Ixodidae)

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The red blood picture in cows in the last month of pregnancy, during parturition and in the period of puerperium

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The red cell hydrogen peroxide hemolysis test and vitamin E absorption in the differential diagnosis of jaundice in infancy

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The red false spider mite of apple Cenopalpus pulcher (Can.& Fanz.) (Acari.-Tenuipalpidae)

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The red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta; distribution and habitat in Mato Grosso, Brazil

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The red photoresponse of the spider mite Tetranychus urticae (Acarina:Tetranychidae)

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The red pumpkin beetle Raphidopalpa foveicollis (Lucas), as a pest of the Japanese mint

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The red rice problem in Guyana

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The red ring of coconut in the State of Ceara, Brazil

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The red soils in the north of the Wabi Shebelle basin (Ethiopia)

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The red spider mite and the scarlet mite of tea and their control

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The red spider mite in northern Afghanistan

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The red-banded thrips, Selenothrips rubrocinctus (Giard) in Florida (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

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The red-leaved dwarf peach Red Dwarf

Anonymous, 1972:
The redemption of the campesinos: main objective of agrarian reform

Millier, W.F.; Pellerin, R.A.; Throop, J.A.; Bradley, R.B., 1974:
The redesign of the multilevel harvester for fresh market fruit

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The rediscovery in Kenya of two introduced Coccinellids (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Muls. and Rodolia cardinalis (Muls.))

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The redistribution of body sodium in women on long-term oestrogen therapy

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The redistribution of consumption in socialist Cuba

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The redistribution of income in Chile and its impact on the pattern of consumption of essential foods (1970-1971)

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The redistribution of surface salts by transient and steady infiltration of water into dry soils

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The redox characteristics of four peat profiles

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The redox properties and the determination of the normal potential of the peat-water system

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The redox regime in leaves and shoots of grape varieties differing in frost resistance

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The redox state of the free nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide couple in the cytoplasm and mitochondria of muscle tissue from Ascaris lumbricoides (Nematoda)

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The redox state of the liver in symptomatic porphyria

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The reduced glucose permeability of the isolated Malpighian tubules of the blowfly Calliphora vomitoria

Petrov, A.A., 1973 :
The reduction in growth of peach trees brought about by fruiting

Polegaev, V.I., 1974:
The reduction in infection of cabbage by ring-spot necrosis during storage

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The reduction of depression due to prolonged inbreeding in maize

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The reduction of losses due to mastitis on large farms

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The reduction of nitro and azo compounds by housefly microsomes

Kantsaliev, V.T., 1973:
The reduction of soil tillage for sweet sorghum

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The reduction of triphenyltetrazolium chloride by the mouse uterus during the oestrous cycle

Hanson, R.P., 1974:
The reemergence of Newcastle disease

Anonymous, 1973:
The reform of agricultural policy in the EEC, report of the scientific advisory council of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry

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The reform of commodity marketing boards in Nigeria: an analysis of new producer price policy

Misseri, S.C., 1973:
The reform of the EEC agricultural structure

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The reform of the land act. The outline land policy for the new town building law and its effects on rural areas

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The refractive hood and epiplasmic cap of asci of the annular type

Khan, A.R., 1974:
The refractive index as a basis for assessing fatty acid composition in segregating populations derived from infraspecific crosses of cultivated peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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The refrigerated transport by road of food products

Sarsenbaev, K.N., 1975:
The regeneration after mechanical injury of winter-wheat varieties differing in hardiness

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The regeneration condition of the forest in Austria

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The regeneration of Rubus idaeus shoot apices in vitro in relation to the presence of growth substances in the nutrient medium.IBA and IAA activated

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The regeneration of central Appalachian hardwoods with emphasis on the effects of site quality and harvesting practice

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The regeneration of field bindweed root fragments

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The regeneration of old grapevines in the north western region of the Azov Sea

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The regeneration of our native Pinewoods

Yanin, G.I., 1972:
The regeneration of vines by means of root grafting

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The regenerative capacity of Quercus rubra

Khrolinskii, L., 1974:
The regenerative capacity of potato damaged by Colorado beetle

Kostin, I.S., 1974:
The regime and effectiveness of spring wheat irrigation in the Volga river area

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The relation between food consumption, body weight and the stage of development in Gastroidea viridula Deg. (Col. Chrysomelidae)

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The relation between living and working-place communities and the status of agricultural occupations

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The relation between monosodium glutamate inducing brain damage, and body weight, food intake, semen production and endocrine criteria in the fowl

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The relation between nitrogen supply and nitrogen uptake in Italian ryegrass and in grass stands

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The relation between percentage infection of plants and of ears as criteria for assessing the susceptibility of barley to Ustilago nuda (Jens.) Rostr

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The relation between phosphatic fertilization and CaCO3 content in highly calcareous soils of Egypt

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The relation between photosynthesis and stomatal resistance of each leaf surface in cotton leaves

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The relation between phytotoxins produced by the blast fungus and germination and growth of Pyricularia oryzae

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The relation between prime costs per production phase and the profitability of pig fattening

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The relation between productivity and personal incomes in agriculture

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The relation between properties of soil structure and the distribution of roots of mandarin orange. The close-up photographic observation of aggregates and pores in soils

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The relation between research and practice in vegetable production

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The relation between residual stresses and factors of the drying process

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The relation between site condition and circulation of nutrients in forest ecosystem (I). Litter fall and nutrient contents

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The relation between soil properties and Silver Fir site class in the foothills of the Bohemian-Moravian uplands

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The relation between sprinkler irrigation, nitrogen fertilization and utilization of grassland

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The relation between stand and yield in machine-planted culture of monogerm sugar beet

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The relation between state and non-state activities in the development of rural areas

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The relation between the concentration of calcium salts in the urine and renal stone composition in patients with calcium-containing renal stones

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The relation between the content of catechins in the bark of Larix sibirica and ecological and age factors

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The relation between the contents of acid detergent fibre and crude fibre in the formula feeds of cattle

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The relation between the dimensions and weight of Beech seed and various characteristics of the parent stand

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The relation between the electric impedance of apple-tree tissues and the proliferation disease

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The relation between the growth of Pinus merkusii seedlings and mycorrhiza

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The relation between the intensity of cellulose decomposition by myxobacteria and fungi

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The relation between the level of paratypical variation and the mean value of some characters in grape vine

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The relation between the nutritional value and the requirement of food for roe deer in the Dealul Cetatii game reserve

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The relation between the occurrence of plants and soil pH

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The relation between the particle size of pesticide formulation and drift

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The relation between the quality of peeled veneers and the quality of gluing

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The relation between the rabbit potency test and the response of sheep to sheep clostridial vaccines

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The relation between the radius of a root and its nutrient-absorbing power . Some theoretical considerations

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The relation between the rate of nitrogen application and the contents of nitrate, carbohydrate and pigment in pasture grasses

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The relation between the torsional strength of water-saturated wood and temperature

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The relation between the wall strength of paper and peat pots and the initial development of seedlings in northern Finland

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The relation between tolerance and the production of pinwheel inclusions in plants infected with ryegrass mosaic virus

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The relation between tree height and diameter as dependent upon various stand factors and characteristics

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The relation between urban and rural populations: empirics and implications

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The relation between viability of pollen and style and the time and amount of pollination

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The relation between volume increment and tree volume in Beech stands

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The relation between yield and grain protein content in lines and single interline hybrids of maize

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The relation of Pinus sibirica to light intensity

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The relation of animal and pasture production to stocking rate on legume based and nitrogen fertilized subtropical pastures

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The relation of apple scion and rootstock to longitudinal trunk bark cracking

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The relation of auxin-induced pea stem growth to cyclic AMP treatment

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The relation of cellulase activity to endogenous abscisic acid and ethylene in four citrus fruit cultivars during maturation

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The relation of cover to the distribution of Armillaria mellea in a Ponderosa Pine forest

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The relation of endogenous abscisic acid to the dwarfing capability of East Malling apple rootstocks

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The relation of erythrocyte porphyrins to haemoglobin, haematocrit, transferrin and serum iron

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The relation of genotype and carcass quality to the distribution of meat quality grades in pig carcasses and selected cuts

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The relation of growth hormone to altered carbohydrate metabolism in women taking oral contraceptives

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The relation of growth to climate and water dynamics in a Eucalyptus plantation

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The relation of hybrid vigour, intensity of photosynthesis and leaf area to grain yield in maize

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The relation of infection to infertility in the mare and stallion

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The relation of insect defoliation to mortality in Connecticut forests

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The relation of lax ear in tetraploid maize to reversions

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The relation of leaf moisture content and certain chemical changes during curing of burley tobacco

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The relation of mechanical injuries to the number of resin canals in the needles of Pinus sylvestris

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The relation of microclimate to thermal stress of man in two forest types on Mt. Carmel

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The relation of nutrient uptake in spring barley to precipitation at three localities

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The relation of nutrition to the clinical picture of the genitalia of cows

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The relation of oocyte maturation to ovulation in mammals

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The relation of plasma gastrin to the circadian rhythm of gastric acid secretion in man

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The relation of ray spacing to cambial growth

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The relation of seed origin to growth of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. in Israel

Anonymous, 1974:
The relation of soil microorganisms to soilborne plant pathogens

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The relation of starlings to the spread of Heterodera rostochiensis

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The relation of starvation to hypoglycaemia and adrenocortical activity in newborn and six-week-old piglets

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The relation of temperature and leaf wetness to the development of leaf blight of wheat

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The relation of the E vitamin level in the liver of chicks to encephalomalacia of nutritional origin

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The relation of the concentration of macronutrients in the substrate and in the foliage to cell wall thickness and cellulose concentration in the xylem of Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii)

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The relation of the level of income of co-operative farms to that of some centrally managed state economic organizations in years 1967-1970

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The relation of the microflora to the flavour of some dairy products

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The relation of the natural infection rate of mosquitoes to microfilarial prevalence in inhabitants of villages endemic in bancroftian filariasis in Japan

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The relation of the physical chemistry of water and physiology of the snail vectors of bilharzia

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The relation of the size of the cauda epididymis to the production and quality of the ejaculate in bulls

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The relation of the synaptinemal complex to chiasma formation

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The relation of total body potassium to height, weight, and age in normal adults

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The relation of worm burden to passage of Schistosoma haematobium eggs in the urine of infected patients

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The relation of yeast and flour to the cannibalism of eggs by Tribolium larvae

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The relations among lines in the distribution of B blood group alleles of the chicken

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The relations between costs, yield and inputs in grain production

Dolezal, B., 1972:
The relations between extraction techniques and working systems under shelterwood group management

Yen, F.C., 1973:
The relations between foliage insect pests and yields of sweet potato, peanut and soybean

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The relations between genetic divergence, F1 yields and specific-combining-ability effects in inbred lines of maize

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The relations between growth and wood quality in Chamaecyparis obtusa

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The relations between sawing properties and some physical, mechanical and chemical characters of three tropical timbers

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The relations between site factors and the growth of Spruce

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The relations between soil and vegetation, under hydromorphic conditions, in a forest on the plain of Lorraine

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The relations between variation in edaphic factors and microdistribution of winter annuals

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The relations between young and old - peace time

Smocek, J., 1970:
The relations of some morpho-physiological characters to yield in winter wheat of normal height

L.Heritier, P., 1971:
The relations of the hereditary virus of Drosophila with its host

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The relationship among income, labour productivity, property taxes and migration, US agriculture 1957-1970

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The relationship and comparative resistance of some ornamental plants to sub-soil salinity in the Sivash region

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The relationship and origin of Tsuga heterophylla and Tsuga mertensiana based on phytochemical and morphological interpretations

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The relationship and ratio of the breeding population to the production population of cattle in the USSR

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The relationship between F2 and selected F3 progenies in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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The relationship between J.G. Mendel and C.W. Nageli, on the basis of new documents

Frank, J.A.; Webb, R.E.; Wilson, D.R., 1973:
The relationship between Verticillium wilt and the pinkeye disease on potatoes

Daniel, R.C.; Fielden, E.D., 1971:
The relationship between Wisconsin mastitis test scores on cow composite milk samples and milk production

Andrews, A.H., 1975:
The relationship between age and development of the anterior teeth in cattle as determined by the oral examination of 2900 animals between the ages of 12 and 60 months

Saleh, M., 1973:
The relationship between age and the mineral content of cacao leaves

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The relationship between agricultural practices and the occurrence of volunteer sugar-beets in Washington

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The relationship between air turbulence coefficients and soil temperatures

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The relationship between alpha -amylase synthesis and cereal seed germination

Janda, V.Jr, 1974 :
The relationship between amylolytic activity of haemolymph and midgut wall of Galleria mellonella larvae (Lepidoptera) in relation to development and food intake

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The relationship between an epiphyllous liverwort and host leaves

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The relationship between anomalies in the development of the embryo sac, the type of fruiting branch and the position of the flower in the inflorescence in some apple varieties

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The relationship between apparent retention time in the rumen, voluntary intake, and apparent digestibility of legume and grass diets in sheep

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The relationship between apple fruit growth and meteorological conditions

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The relationship between applied nitrogen and the concentration of nitrate-N in cotton petioles

Takahashi, T., 1972:
The relationship between available molybdenum in soils of volcanic ash origin and the molybdenum content in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) leaves

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The relationship between backfat and loin eye area measurements and the weight of the lean cuts in swine carcasses

Ziv, G.; Nachman, I., 1973:
The relationship between bacteriological and gross pathological findings in udders of culled dairy cows

Rundel, R.W., 1973:
The relationship between basal fire scars and crown damage in Giant Sequoia

Fallde, J.A., 1972:
The relationship between bicarbonate ion, pH and 59Fe uptake by plants

Dakwa, J.T., 1973:
The relationship between black pod incidence and the weather in Ghana

Halaj, M., 1973:
The relationship between body weight and some carcass parts in growing fowls

Rhodes, I., 1972:
The relationship between canopy structure and productivity in herbage grasses and its implications in plant breeding

Rhodes, I., 1972:
The relationship between canopy structure and productivity in ryegrass (Lolium spp.) and its plant breeding implications

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The relationship between carcase characteristics and the market prices of carcase halves in pigs

Goosen de Roo, L., 1973:
The relationship between cell organelles and cell wall thickenings in primary tracheary elements of the cucumber. I. Morphological aspects

Goosen de Roo, L., 1973:
The relationship between cell organelles and cell wall thickenings in primary tracheary elements of the cucumber. II. Quantitative aspects

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The relationship between certain bone measurements and cutability of beef carcasses

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The relationship between certain external characteristics and internal defect in Black Cherry

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The relationship between changes in the ultrastructure of the chloroplasts and differing leaf colour in the ontogeny of Nicotiana tabacum L

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The relationship between characteristics of milk production and those of fattening performance and carcass yield in the German Simmental

Tsizin, Y.S.; Vladimirova, V.V.; Luchkovskaya, O.N., 1972:
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