The role of concentration, locality and sprinkler irrigation in the intensification of french bean production

Schodel, S.

Gartenbau 20(9): 257-259


Accession: 000244342

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An analysis is made of yields from many farms in the GDR to determine the influences of production intensity, site, labour availability, costs, rainfall and the use of supplementary irrigation. Although a continuous supply of beans throughout the season is desirable sowings made later than 20 June yielded 15-30% less than sowings between 10 May and 20 June. Intensive fields yielded about 20% higher than the national average. There was a difference of about 39% between yields from poor and good sites and this relationship was constant despite annual fluctuations in absolute yields. On good sites supplementary irrigation increased yields by 10-20% in years with normal rainfall as well as in dry years.