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Chapter 252

Total bilirubin, free bilirubin, bilirubin monoglucoronide, and bilirubin diglucoronide in the bile of White Leghorn chicks during early post-incubation development.

Sova, Z.; Koudela, K.; Matejusova, D.; Vrbenska, A.; Nemec, Z.

Zentralblatt fur Veterinarmedizin 18A(heft 10): 835-841


Accession: 000251573

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Bilirubin and its fractions were determined in the bile of chicks killed at intervals from 1 to 20 days of age. Some of the chicks were starved on days 18-20. The results are presented in tables and graphs. The highest total bilirubin value was 68.2 mg% on day 2: most of this (53.3 mg%) consisted of the diglucuronide.

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